Laher People Attack and MKUltra Black Op

Some crazy shit going on all over:

first, on 12/12/12, the Laher People attacked the Andromedan Biosphere. They phased into this dimension/timeline untracked and kamikaze smashed their ship into the biosphere, to gain access. Their soliders, along with units of greys and reptoids, breached the interior and began killing hundreds. Good thing most of The Idylwild Group was on board, and we feel we have been the main target. Cmdr. McCollum suffered some laser burns but he is alive and well. I got hit in the knee.

I can’t say one side won over the other. It was a stalemate if anything. There were losses and both sides, and then the Laher and greys retreated and were extracted by a mantoid ship.

Why did they pick 12/12, and what of the mantoid invasion of earth set for 12/21?

Then there was the Oregon shooter and the horrendous Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and on the same day the stabbing of 22 children in a school in China, both obviously related and both the product of black ops mind control. We have a strong suspicion that Adam Lanza was handled and programmed by a certain Omega Unit. But is is not conclusive. Yet what other self-proclaimed assassin who has said he has trained other assassins could it be? What is the agenda? What is the end game?

The cleanup is in process, and we mourn those who lost their lives in the attack on the biosphere and the elementary school.

Posted by D.N.


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  1. Its so sad that 12-12-12 was not as big time full of light expected
    instead these nonsense murders
    the evil cabal must pay for all this
    GOD Bless the souls of the departed

    • 12-21-12 seems like another rains ind storm in nycity

  2. Thank you, Dominique. Things are crazy all over for sure. I am so very glad you guys are all right. I had a funny feeling you guys were “target practice” this past week. Always putting in energy for the Idylwild group. Thanks for the updates. I couldn’t even read about the shootings from yesterday. Too much of this shit keeps happening just to cause fear and take away our protection. I would love to make every one of tptb suffer for what they have done and are doing to people on and off planet.

    • Hi totally agree, but we must keep in mind, they want us to fall into hatred, that they have for all life. .. We must continue by operating thru our divine light, i know it isn’t easy, seen my own experiences in life, but Love and Light will conquer hatred and darkness.. I know that the darkest of souls dont fear God, as they know they will go to hell anyway,. But don’t let getting caught in their trapping what their Master Satan [or bt ant name] wants to fall for. Solong we operate from divine love or unconditional love,we cant be beaten by them. Love / light is a higher vibration than darknes / hatred etc, whats a lower vibration, dont give them what we want, as than they have won!!! I dont intend to give them what they want.

      For now love and light,

      Yours Truly,

  3. Relieved to know that the Group is still functioning, but feeling sad for all the losses. It’s very hard to watch the news right now. I so often catch myself taking things for granted and not taking my responsibilities seriously enough, in particular my inner commitment to make the world a better place. I may not have the capacities of the members of the Group, or of some of the individuals who visit this site, but I can still offer whatever Light, love and peace that I have to those who inhabit the world around me. I continue to maintain a strong sense of faith in humanity, especially with regards to our receptivity to our deepest Source, our highest Light. I feel that it is precisely this receptivity that separates us from these dark forces that seek to destroy this world.

    With Hope and Light for the future.

  4. Things are getting serious has we approach December,21!!
    And you guys have seen the public speech of Obama and the Reptilian Queen regarding the shooting of the elementary school??, WHAT A HYPOCRITES!!

    • Those two order the deaths of children all the time, and they put on a false public face. –DN

      • The Reason why you do not get the Truth from your Governments regarding the Extraterrestrials is because your very Governments have done Deals with the Malevolant ET Groups such as the GREYS and REPTILIANS for Technologies rather than Learning more about Spiritual Growth with the Andromedans, Pleadians, Tau Cetians, and other Human Groups.

        So the USA Government Send the Good Guys away and Embraced the Malevolant Greys and Reptilians, the Deal is Called the 1954 GREADA TREATY and the Juicy Details go like this.
        The Greys would get Humans as a Food supply for the Reptilians that live in the Bowels of Earth.
        The Reptilians would Rape and Eat Young Teens and Children, they would get off the tremendous Fear the Young Humans would endure to the bitter end.

        The Greys would be allowed to Abduct Cows and Humans alike for Genetic Material as a Food Source and to Propogate their Dying Race.
        The Greys are Dying because they have been Genetically Manipulated by the Reptilians after they were Conqoured by the Orion Reptilians in a Prevous War many Years ago.

        The USA Military Industrial Complex keep this Revelation Quiet from the Senate in Washington and basically Committed Treason against the People of the United States and the United States in General.

        The Bankers aquired this Technology for their Own Profits and their Own Greed. This is why you have I-Pads, Apple Tech Companies, Fibre Optics, High Tech Weapons, High Tech Computers Etc. These Folks are only interested in Power and Control and care not for Humanity or their Spirituality.

        It is a sad state of affairs but the sooner you know the Truth the Better.
        We are all Living with Lies, Treachery & Deciet. This is why I reiterate this again, DO NOT TRUST YOUR LEADERS, EVEN MUSLIM LEADERS OR JEWISH OR CHRISTIAN LEADERS.

        They are all Bought and Paid for by these Criminal Bankers who are basically Hybred Aliens some of them. Their Agenda is World Domination and Mass Murder of the Entire Human Population through AGENDA21.

      • Ya so the people don’t see there true horrific ugly nasty colors!

      • what kind of horrible souls these creatures have? To kill 6-7 yo children? I am in utter disgust and sadness for this kids. I hope they will go to Planet Hope. Mr. FWH would make sure they are well taking care of.
        Also,I am glad Dominique that you are not injured and that Commander McCollum is safe as well.
        Is there any relevance to the number 20-22 as it seems that both attacks on children were around those numbers?
        Thank You,

  5. Thank God you are ok! Seeing no new post for a while I thought you would either be busy or in trouble – so the Andromedan Biosphere is not the safe haven I envisioned it to be? Is there any place safe – on or offworld?

  6. i thought I felt something on the night of 12-12-12 at around 12ish big pull on sacral chakra and that sinking feeling. Sent out lots of love and light for what it was worth.

    • Its your figment of your imagination lol

      • I know what I felt

  7. Atlantis was a Crystal City , a city that was the Hub to other Star Systems, they did Commerce , they exchanged technologies and lifeforms, Atlantis was Spiritually tuned and was alot more Advanced then any other Civilization on this Planet, even now we are primitive compared to her.

    Ancient Egyptian Pyramids, the Mayan Pyramids, and the Many Pyramids under the Ocean and Antartica were Outposts of Atlantis, many Humans have the History wrong and messed up.
    These Outposts were part of her Power and Influence and when the Poleshift occured 12,000 years ago Atlantis and the whole World was beneath the Sea, the Atlantians were much larger then the conventional Human being, Once the destruction was over and with many Centuries the Oceans receeded to expose the Pyramids , the Mayan Pyramids and the other Outposts were beneath the sea.

    When the Surviving Humans came across these Large Monolithic Buildings they knew that these Structures were created by the Ancient Gods, because after the destruction the Humans that served the Gods were sent back to the Stone Age and these Human Colonies had to start over again they decided to live in these Atlantian Outposts , there the Humans created statues and belief systems and Gods. Atlantis has given alot to the Surviving Human Colonies and some of the Survivors kept the Story alive throughout the Centuries. Atlantis will never be forgotten.

    The Atlantians had Advanced Spacecrafts, they used these Spacecrafts to make it from Mars to Earth after the Great Destruction of Mars and Maldek which was blown up by the DRACO EMPIRE. Venus is not a Planet but a Large Plantoid Spacecraft of Reptilian Origin there are seven Different Reptilian Races living on Venus , they all represent Alpha Draconis and Earth was claimed by them , Lemuria was there Ancient City on Earth. Lemuria was created before Atlantis and it is beneath the Ocean of Japan now because of the Ancient Wars between the Atlantians and the Lemurians.

    They were always at odds because of their Genetics and Bloodlines, the Atlantians were Mammalian and the LLemurians were Reptilian, so these differences posed big problems for these two ET Groups, they spliced their Gene Pool to create a Worker Race that would be mutually beneficial to both that was the first Primitive Human the neanderthals , the humans cousins. This Peace Treaty didn’t last long and War ensued the Battles were brutal Dragon Armies vs Armies of Giant Atlantians Royal Guards, eventually Lemuria was destroyed and the Reptilians went into the Inner Earth and to this day live under your feet.

    Atlantis was Destroyed because of a dispute between Lyrans and Pleadians , Atlantis was being corrupted from within and a War ensued, It could be that a Graviton Bomb was dropped on Atlantis by the Pleadians and the Destruction was beyond words it caused an immediate poleshift and the sinking of Ahamentaa.

    The Primitive Humans that were supposed to be protected by the Pleadians were simply ignored and the Pleadians left Earth to Colonize the Pleadies Star Sytems.
    I have alot of beefs with these Pleadians because they ignored humanity and now we have these problems , problems from long ago.
    Now humanity was easy pickings for the Reptilians they Hybridized their Bloodlines with the Arstocratic Families and they are now trying to from the NWO ( Old World Disorder ), this Order wants to destroy humanity so they can repopulated the Earth with their Clones which are a smaller more feable humans that are brainless and that do as they are told with no Questions asked.

    So you humans are on the Chopping Block are you going to submit and Die? to the Globalists!, or will you finally wake up and defend your families and your Nations against the Globalists, they use the United Nations, the IMF Bank, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, all these Organizations are Frauds being used as tools to take over the Earth and to Ultimately Destroy Humanity, I say no way!, you do not deserve destruction you deserve Life and Liberty. As long as there is life in this Body I will do my best to wake you up, you exist and you are Divine defend your Families and your Nations do not let your Corrupt Politcans accept anymore Bailouts because when Nations do this your families become Slaves , it is all a game for the Reptiles.

    I am just one Soul , I know that the Creator will awaken others and we will turn this Spaceship Earth around for the People and not for the few Tyrants that Understand Little about Life.
    Love to all of you Peace forever.

    • thank you thank you for all you do and for helping, not in vain there are many of us who know the truth but do not know how to changeit, everyone I staart to talk to about all this look at me with that look, smile condenscendingly and laugh it off, this includes my family son and daughter intimate friends, etc….I think somwhere inside they know, but for some reason are afraid. the fear makes them deny. every day sometimes twice a day part of my meditation is seeing all humanity wake up.I see us ascending, on the spheres, committing to a better way. you know if I did something to get attention on the news, I would be arrested, put away as crazy.. it takes thousand upon thousands of us to go public, and until a craft appears, no one wil do that.

      what we do have is the Divine Source, everyday let this Source know you are ready to be enlightened, for too long humans have been controlled and for whatever reasons no race will intervene openly, my lord how long are we going to let the reptiles win? the andromedian said when the moon goes we will be free from the programming, so why can they not just blow it away?

      each of you I thank for your work and committment, and I am saddened by any loses, and I am saddened by the murder of our children, our world children.

      • also fwh had said before that peladians had left us here, seems to me the possibility of fwh being part of those that left us here, hence the lblog and info…

        so thenwe are part reptilian.. but where did we get our soul? that always confused me..

        if they sliced and diced us up, where did our soul comein? any light you could shed on this would be helpful

      • God is the true originator of the white and coloured and asian races of the Earth humans at the bequest of Creation. Over him and his celestial sons (whom we call angels but they are humans just like us) reigns on the omnipotence of all creation: Creation itself.
        The soul is a thought fragment of Creation so created thus by Creation.

  8. Man.. im doing meditations every night and last night i felt a pressure in the center of my sternum (heart chakra) .. ive never felt that before,it was as if someone was putting pressure on it with their thumb .. that,and the top of my head has been hurting too (crown chakra) .. the pressures and meditations arr getting much more intense .. i have this thing that I do where my body feels like it’s vibrating up down left rights like my energy is shifting in vibrating within.. it used to take me a while to acheive that.. i had to meditate and relax for sbout a good 30 min THEN i would feel my inner body vibrate violently (feels really cool tho) .. but now .. i close my eyes, focus on my breathe and bam, 5 min latrr im vabrating, not only faster but more “ferociously” .. this must be a good sign .. chenhua (did I spell that right?) .. is there a word to define what this is? .. and is anyone rlse ferling their meditations amplified?

    • I’m having really strange symptoms. Body vibrating, shaking and convulsing, neck stiff and too sore to touch. Vision extremely blurred. It’s called kundalini.

      • THIS is Kundalini? .. ive read that Kundalini felt like a lightning bolt surges through ur spine and stuff .. yes my body stiffens up, my eyes slightly roll back, my back arches a bit but it feels so GOOD lol.. wow .. the Level i have been trying to reach for years ive had acheived a few months back and didnt even know it. Thank you

      • lol Tell me about it. We don’t give ourselves much credit, do we. I’ll be right back. Just got a bowl loaded. 🙂

    • I am

  9. DN, Did the Plejarens have tech to give new body for the soul immediately after they lost their life?

    • no.

      • Can’t wait for Dec 21st 2012! i expect something interesting to come within this month time frame.

        And i’m sure everyone is waiting to hear the lastest news with our old pal Mr.FWH, what stuff he’s got to share with us all.

        Anyways to everyone think positive,bless everyone and everything. let go of this old World and allow Love to spread to your family,friends and neighbors,strangers and yes even your enemies. 🙂

        God bless ya and yes….its my fur and whiskers again and believe me i dare not tell a lie. 😛

      • DN

        If the moon is instrumental in total frequency control of all humans on earth,

        would it not be a tactical move to take it out, the tech that is operating on, in it…..

      • Dominique, what were you shot with?

  10. I am so very, very tired. They are so destructive and they get away with it time and time again. Being human is very difficult. Waking up to the lies, hungry for the truth. Isolated. Hard to start from the basics now. I had hopes for the end of 2012, but not now. If it comes fine. If not…why not? It’s about time humans had a real life.

    • do not get tired, then they win. I know ,sometimes it is so hard, Just wanted you to know you arenot alone

      • Gee, mary, that is very kind of you. Your comment was very touching. I’m glad you are still here. Thank you.

    • Be your Imortal Being, the internal Presence (beyond feelings, thoughts, sensations, names, any possible nomination)! Be a Divine Vehicle of Truth, Honesty and Responsability; Feel with Mind and Think with Heart…Don’t expect nothing because what will be WILL BE! Love to all!

      The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and
      unrealistic. – John F. Kennedy
      “TRUTH is still TRUTH even if no one believes it. A LIE is still a LIE even if everyone believes it.”
      “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” (Matthew 7:15 KJV)
      “And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” (2
      Corinthians 11:14 ESV)
      “The God’s People will be destroyed BECAUSE lack of knowledge” – (Spiritual, Discerned, Wisdom!)

      The Way of Truth is the Pathway to the Eternal Godhead. – Jesus Christ – (and the Pathway is through the knife edge…)

  11. The immortal 7D Arcturians and 9D Chenhua join this battle?
    How could a 5D Laher defeat immortal 7D beings?

    • battle between Laher and Procyonian and Plejarans. It was a surprise attack. –DN

    • Think about all the tragic flaws that we humans have. Think about how lesser beings (like bacteria, plants, animals, machines, etc.) catch us off-guard and kill us all the time. Using that logic, can you see the possibility of a lower density being killing a higher density being?

    • Can it be “5D” Laher from the Immense 4th Realms/Subdimensions, where resides the “Ascended” Masters of Synthetic Light (Light of 3&4D Frequencies/polarities)?… Not the Light of the LIGHT!!! Christic LIGHT!
      Are that 7D and 9D from the authentic Dimensions or from inside 4th?

      Doesn’t make sense a Cathedral inside a Church or a Church inside a chapel!…. Great Frequencies can see Dense ones and not the opposite! Like the Divine Power comes from the Higher Places to the Lower ones and from the Heart to outside World, not the opposite! Because every “Thing” that is lower/dense or outside comes from Higher/Quantic-Volatile and is only a reflex, ECO, of The Eternal BEING!

      Some recommendations that can bring “Light” to some of you; (if “theidylwildgroup” permits!)

      Veno – Structural Resonance – Part 1 Jul 11 2007
      Bernard Poolman – The Human as TV and Radio Stations as Structural Resonance Jul 15 2007
      The Design of the Mind System = The Design of the World System – Veno – Part 1
      Veno – The Design of the Mind System – Part 1 Dec 2 2007
      The Organic Robot: Part 1 by Jack
      Why Love and Light will Never change Reality May 19 2010
      Interviews from the Farm 28: Love is Mind-Control Oct 7 2009
      Interviews from the Farm 71: Illusionists use Love with Great Effect Mar 2 2010
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      Alice A Bailey – From Consciousness to Awareness – Part 3 Jan 3 2008
      Interviews from the Farm 81: One-‘Choice’ – The Only-‘Choice’ Apr 5 2010
      Jesus – Responsibility May 9 2007

  12. Where do you find a document applications for the biosphere? I need a job and you all need more help right. So beam me up scotty.

  13. Guess who’s Dad was scheduled to testify against cabal people? Lanzas father . Also, are we sure there ARE any bodies? Look at the pictures . Lousy actors. a known photographer for cabal events was in attendance . I have a pic of him, a Dad holding a child , and a Teacher . laughing !

    • This needs to go MSM, Dawnatilla. What bastards they are. Thanks for the info.

    • where did you see that?? about lanzas father.. I have been looking for a connection and if I can read that it is what I need to show some people who wil not believe this was mk ultra.. were you there? where did you get that picture?

  14. Thanks for the update and glad you’re all safe & sound.

    Here’s a good overview of what’s not being shown by the MSM:

    Also, interesting info re: Oregon shooting:

  15. i have a close friend who has asbergers syndrome, a beautiful soul who 90% of the time is like an “antenna” to other places and beings, of which he convulses out some (what ends up) prophetic words and information from otherD….he told me for the third day in a row
    “the annunaki have listened to you and are no longer going to take this”
    he told me he believes he may be related to them or dracos and is here as a 2d soul to repay karma as well as understand such things as compassion, etc plus allow them to view or learn through his life experiences, that in his words,
    “we want to learn the ways of the light rather than dividing and conquering, because we want to evolve”.
    he is so on the money with many things he says and does, so i believe him when i say this, he also told me this morning that i did a good job protecting that dome thing….that night i clearly remember helping with a forcefield over a huge blue dome shaped structure he had no idea i dreamt that….and i believe i have seen some form of annunaki in a vision but not entirely sure, this vision was benevolent and mutually cordial. there substance to what my good friend speaks.?? thanks

  16. Someone else on here earlier, mentioned enlisting to help out. I’ve been following this page and FWH’s for a while and place more stock and trust in it than anywhere else. Truly, if all that you folks say is true – and it seems likely to me, than you have nothing but my highest love and respect. So, how can I be of service? I have 5 years of active Army Intel experience, a compassionate and protective side and a burning desire to learn the truth – but find myself in a mindless job that benefits no one. I want to help. I want that more than anything, and that’s the truth. Thank you to all the posters and their questions and insight as well – you’re all highly appreciated in my book. John

  17. i am really pissed off at you guys-you knew what was going to happen at new town in connecticut- with those children- and do not try to say you did not-if that was FWH- he would have found a way to stop that!- where the fuck were you?

    • They moved the date up. They knew we were on to it and did it when we were stopping another event. No one was killed. –DN

    • Whoa!!! It is beginning to look like no one actually died. False flags are every where. Why blame Idylwild? Why not Americans for allowing things to reach this level? What did we do while our country was being dismantled from the inside out? Most americans sold out. Let me keep the life I am used to and you can do what ever you want to us. Don’t blame others for something you/we have done nothing to stop.

  18. This was the October surprise…America- stead fast

  19. *3D soul

  20. Hi, it will be interesting to see, what will happen on the 21st of december, my bet is that the cabal will try another mass sacrifice, as we have seen on the 12-12-12, and with the denver cinema shooting, what was again unfortunate mk-ultra program victim, who was brainwashed as a expendable. We can only hope that things will change in collective consciousness, not what i expect straight away, and certainly not to the extend of what the whole new age community thinks of like. That humans becomes fluffy duffy people and embrace eachother in unconditional love and pinky skies as alot of socalled new age teachings trying to sell to us. I do know that they [the cabal] will not win, no matter what they will try. Aswell when i start soon with my own deprogramming of my mk-ultra monarch programming of the past, i will use in the future everything they have put inside of me, when i intend to go into lecturing, but first i need to heal sufficiently without the risk being triggered by the least possible moment. Ok for now have a great week ahead, and continue by sending out our divine vibration of light, as the darkness/forces can’t handle the Christ light.

    For now take care,
    Robert xx.

  21. How is that nobody here is mentioning the huge fight that took 2 nights ago in Area 51? All the trapped souls from the Dolphins from 7 D were liberated, and an insectoid King was arrested.

    • what have you been smoking? That never happened, and insectoids do not have kinds, they have queens. –DN

    • Ahhh, Virginia!! Could you possibly share your source? Not questioning you, I would love the same info. Being out of the loop on some of this stuff is not good. 🙂 Thanks for the info!

      • I know. Learn to read ahead. My bad. Thanks, Domnique. So much disinfo. Oh wow! Freak blizzard here on top of almost flash frozen rain. Never seen anything like this. About the time the power went out xmas night, the entire sky rolled electric blue, then red, pink, purple, all sorts of colors.

  22. Dear Camaradas do you have any info on the death-sacrifice of Jenni Rivera, and who would benefit from it?

  23. This is totally off topic, but I wish we could have a stellar welcome back party for Mr. fwh!! It would be so awesome to finally meet everyone on this blog. How come we can’t do it on a spaceship somewhere? Seriously! 🙂

    Oh what a party that would be!! I know we all want to do it. Just pick up the good guys (since our space brothers and sisters know who they are) and leave the bad guys behind. We all party, and then bring us back. We will be on the other side of the galaxy by then, (Dec. 22) and everything will be different anyway so why not?

    It would be so fun!!

  24. Today is 20/12, the day before Ascension 21/12, you dont have any info to share, Idylwild group?

  25. why is this board so dead??? near the 12/21/12 zero pint???

  26. obama wants to disarm americans here we go!

  27. I am getting more and more annoyed with this blog…

    Can you please:

    – Update more often, and

    – Answer questions, with full sentences, not just “yes” or “no” or some other onomatopoeic nonsense…


    Any idea what/who these kids are? Please? 🙂 I had forgotten about them and ran across this article. Interesting. They are being called monsters.

    • They are children temporarily possessed by negative entities.

      • Thank you very much. Human speculation breeds infinite explanations. lol Love the truth.

  29. Hello Idylwyld group. I did not ascend. I thought my karma had been accomplished. I dreamed of going to a better world to strengthen myself and to increase my knowledge and wisdom. But it seems that I am left behind again on this soon to be hell on earth. I am full of emotions right now but one thing is for sure,…I AM OF THE LIGHT! And I am not afraid! I have come too far to act like a child feeling defeated or lost,..craving attention. I do not surrender. I will continue to be of the light. I know not whether I am a clone or aberration. But my essence is of the light. And I love,..Love,…. and Love loves me back. I will use my talents to help those I can,…to learn all that I can to help those I can. I wish with all my heart I could have went with the others. But if it is my destiny to stay and fight,..then so be it! I have no fear because on the path I walk in my world I am god. And the Source and AA Michael are my role models. I am alone most of the time. I am sorry if I am boring you. I’ve no one else to speak with. Thank you for your time or even reading this bit of ramblings from an old man. But I salute your effort and dedication to the freedom of those stil left behind. It was an honor to know you and FWH. You need not post this.

  30. Thank you (((((((((((((((((((((((FWH))))))))))))))))))))))))))). 🙂 So good to hear from you, sweetie. Thank you so very much for the updates. I know Idylwild is very busy and I do appreciate them so. We haven’t heard from them since the attack and wonder if everyone is okay?
    Chakras, or personal center sun? hehe

  31. Ahhh, geeze!! Just stuck jalapeno in my eye. 🙂 Happy Holidays to all my very loved friends, family, on planet and off. Love you all so very much. Stay safe.

    • And a happy post-Equinox day to you, too. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. Many times if I’m in a bit of a rush I’ll just do a quick-scroll through the posts but I always stop when I see the face of the noble Lion. God bless and be careful out there.

      • Thank you, Akranda. 🙂 You are a very kind and loving being. Gentle soul. I”m very scattered right now. I hope this makes sense. The kundalini awakening with its haha symptoms, I don’t know where I am, or who I am any more. lolol But, thank you, sweetie.

  32. In Belize, they are not only chemtrailing, but also “dumping”. My friend there is very ill from this as are many people. It is poisoning their rain water they depend on. Nothing works to help them get well. Any idea what they are dumping on them, please? I don’t know what to do to help.

  33. Yesterday, while I was at work, my sister stole my apple ipad and tested to see
    if it can survive a twenty five foot drop, just so she can
    be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views.
    I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

  34. Implant problems. My emails, anything I type online is being closely monitored. When I deal with certain topics the screaming in my ears gets so loud I nearly pass out. Anything i can do to combat this, please? Thanks.

    • They planted the screaming guy in you? Scream back! –AM

      • Should I scream anything in particular, or just anything will do? =) Trust me, they get their ears full.

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