Duncan O’Finioan Playing with Bow and Arrows

With his beer gut and bum knee cap, “super soldier” Duncan O’Finioan thinks a bow and arrow will save him from the New World Order army with .50 caliber guns and Tomahawk missiles.


10 Responses

  1. This dude again?… this is a joke.

  2. So, he’s running from daddy and company?

  3. What’s the deal with chopping off the long stringy blonde hair and growing the Village People moustache?

    • Radical changes in looks such as this usually means an alter has been activated or new programming has been put into place. Duncan has a lot of programming but he’s pretty washed up at this point. The funny thing is he used to threaten the life of anyone who mentioned my name alongside his. Ask Anthony Forewood. –A.M.

      • To Understand the Level of Tyranny we have here on this little Blue Ball humanity calls Earth one has to Understand how we became imeshed into this Mess in the First Place so I will give you the Story in a Crash Course Format so you can understand the Gravity of the Situation we live in here on Earth. One always wonders why do we suffer, why are there Rich and Poor, why others live a Paradise while others Work to Death.

        It all started Long ago in Star Systems Far, Far away. It started in Sirius a Star System called the Dog Star System. The Beings there look like Manwolves, like Anubis, these Cultures were Warrior Based and they Battled many who challenged them, they were great a Warriors , they were like Werewolves but were Wolfman Humaniod Beings.
        They got Sirius very Organized and Created some of the Most Powerful Planet Spacecrafts that ever existed called Nibiru AR1.

        When Nibiru was finally finished the Leader Passed away because of Old Age and Anu became the Leader of Sirrius. When the Annunaki became strong they encountered Orion.
        When the Wolfmen got to Orion they encountered the Reptilian Empire and Battles ensued with the Lizard Empire and the Wolf Empire. The Battles were done in Space and on Land, the battles were Ferocious and Lizards were being Massacred and the Wolfsoldiers were also becoming Puppy chow. There was a stalemate so the Sirian Kings and Serpent Queens created a truce so no Star System gets blown up.

        The Truce Allowed Mighty Zeus who is also a Sirian King to take control of Eridance Star System, Zeus became King of Mars, Tia Mat, & Venus.
        Zeus was all Powerful and he respected Humanity from Lyra, the Andromedans were part of the Olympian Empire and the Eridance Star System was Indeed Exotic & Beautiful.
        Then Zeus sent a Decree that he is King of all Star Systems , this really got One Sirian King very Angry King Anu went to the Serpent Queens to remove Zeus. The Serpent Queens didn’t want to remove Zeus because he was mining the Minerals and Resources the Serpent Queens needed. Then Zeus stopped paying the Serpent Queens Tribute, this made the Snake Queens extremely angry so they worked with King Anu to launch an Attack on Mighty Zeus , the Olympians and his Ikiki Warriors.

        Sirius & Orion needed to combine their Power to defeat Mighty Zeus, Zeus was not fearful of the Combined Attack on Eridanice Star System. The Ikiki Wolf warriors were ready for Battle, Zeus had a Planetoid Craft Called AR2 , King Anu had AR1, these legions had massive Space Crafts that followed these Planet Crafts.
        The Battle ensued and also on Land on those Planets that Zeus controlled. The Battles were brave and glorious, Wolves and Serpents , Legendary Battles, eventually Zeus was Defeated and Punished. He was sent back to Orion to be Executed. Even on Orion they Feared Zeus.
        Tia mat was destroyed and the leftovers were Terra Formed by King Anus Son Prince Enki.

        Enki worked hard at rebuilding the New Tia mat and called it Eredu. Prince Enki resupplied the Earth with Life Forms and eventually a New Species called Humanity.
        Then his Brother Enlil was also in Command to control the Humans , Enlil abused the Humans and worked them to the Bone. Prince Enki was pissed and then gave Humanity more Powers, Prince Enki gave Humanity Self Rule , Free Will, Pleasure and the ability to Reproduce.
        Lord Enlil was extremely pissed and banished the Humans that receieved these new Gifts from Eden. The Cat & Bird Warriors also helped King Anu.

        Then the Draconans came to Earth and Kicked the Annunaki out of Earth and to this Day control Earth. The Reptilians temporary control Earth, now being 2011, but the Draconans are a Rebel group from Orion.
        King Anu is now planning to remove them, so this scenario of battles in the heavens and on Earth might happen again.

        So you have all been brainwashed because the History you come to know is not the Real History of the Human Species. It hurts but now you have a brief glimpse.

        The Motherships are above the Earth , the Draconans live beneath the Earth and Humanity is Sandwiched in the Middle, humanity must not live in fear embrace your fate and live life with Love because you are truly unique , no other Species is like you out there in Space, you Terrans are truly unique and very special.

      • he looks pretty lethal with that bow!

  4. yeah well…you get with one of those arrows…. you gonna have some serious problems…. stay calm.

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