Bernard Mendez x2


A second Bernard Mendez from the past, from 1981 actually, appeared on the Andromeda biosphere yesterday after a Mars jump room accident back then, leading him to walk out of a former Montauk portal that was in Mr FWH’s old quarters. This Mendez is younger than the one who has been whistleblowing.

We are uncertain what to do. Send thuis younger Mendez back to 1981, or keep him here? The temporal mechanics of the paradox hurts the brain. Jgpatel is on this.

posted by D.N.


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  1. So the little (Jgpatel) spud is on move again…sweet. and Dominique tell the spud to not wake me up at 5 am needing tic tacs, seriously i get spooked easily especially when i’m sleeping and looking at those big black eyes doesn’t help much. (LOL!)

    My opinion is send him back to his original time, no need to add people who don’t belong in this time you know? unless the idy-idy-idy wild group need him for something important or that he can serve a better purpose instead of the older version of him.

    Like for example take the older version of him to the past and leave the younger version of Mendez here. (but so not to confuse everything, send the young one back,simple right?.)

  2. 🙂 Might help to have dyslexia with this one.

  3. What is Jgaptel’s solution to the grandfather paradox?

    • The grandfather paradox is not a paradox, it would simply break away another timeline. –A.M.

  4. Does what he say he experienced have merit? I see he has done a lot of interviews with Andrew Basaigo. I thought FWH said he (AB) was a clone or retelling memories of things that really didn’t happen.

  5. Keep him here! Have him come forward publicly as proof of all these allegations regarding time travel and Montauk. The public would open their eyes to this if there was real proof. I follow all this, and know it is all possible, but can’t say for sure that any of this is true unless there is concrete proof. I would like to see some proof and I am sure many others would as well.

    • according to FWH- andrew basiago did indeed go to the moon with barack obama and FWH also saw a timeline where andrew basiago was president of the usa!

  6. do a video with kerry cassidy interviewing him about montauk & obama
    get it on internet asap to spread the truth!

    • she has already done the interview- check her archives!

  7. Ask the older Bernard how, when, and why he was sent back when he was younger, assuming this younger Bernard isn’t from a separate timeline

  8. anybody that cares about why this country is screwed up should watch Eustice Mullins videos on the federal reserve system
    GOD blessed this man with incredible wisdom to simply explain complicated
    conspiracy in easy to understand historical facts
    he explains the mission of the zionist bankers is war for profit
    these parasitic bastards need to be wiped off this planet asap

    • Yes, everyone is working on it. 🙂

    • yes he does!- i have listened to many of his interviews!

  9. flouride is making americans pacificsts

    • Almost got into a knock down, drag out with a local pediatrician over flouride last week. We don’t have it in our water here, yet the doc wants it. I am so glad this shit is almost over. It is getting difficult to know where I am these days. Dreams are real life, real life is the nightmare. Harder to stay and live in 3-4d.

    • well you couldn’t tell with all the violence going on there- but i get your drift!- pacifist (pass this fist) lol

  10. What happend to Jenny Rivera? .. and also, how is it that no one can touch Mexican Drug lords? Are they part lizard?

  11. Lookin at that photo….

    there’s a transvestite wanting to mime that song ‘the two of us’

  12. Hi all and thank you (and Mr. FWH) for your writings.
    I recorded this video in Athens, Greece, some days ago, I would like some information regarding the identity of the ship(s). Thank you

  13. Just Saw This Article

    Is This True or another Ploy By The Draconis?

    Our Planet Is Surrounded With Multicoloured Lightships (PS. They Are Friendly) Sunday, December 9, 2012 20:41

    Our Planet Is Surrounded With Multicoloured Lightships (PS. They Are Friendly)

    Indian in the machine Before Its

    Dear world, there’s more than ample proof to suggest that our planet is surrounding by our friendly extraterrestrial family, who have come to guide us through some challenging times… keep raising your frequency even further, so that our planet can be peaceful enough for them to land… first we came to earth to experience “separation”… now we are here to experience “unity”…

    No one has come to take over our planet, that attempt is now being thowarted… as humans all over the world, put out a soul message to the universe, that we desire to be apart of the great dimensional shift… expect many miracles, and stay the course… we are in the jungle called duality, and soon the fog is lifting, and we will see the crystal cities of Light, and much more beyond our comprehension

    As a friendly reminder lest you be fooled in these last moments…. all beings of the Light will identify themselves in the Light for you, if they do not identify, they must depart your bubble of experience… if for example, a nice spaceship lands, and some beings want you to spend some time with them, DEMAND POLITELY OF COURSE, THAT THEY IDENTIFY THEMSELVES IN THE LIGHT….

    Question from me, Bill, Who put in this comment

    (( MY QUESTION – As a friendly reminder lest you be fooled in these last moments…. all beings of the Light will identify themselves in the Light for you, if they do not identify, they must depart your bubble of experience… if for example, a nice spaceship lands, and some beings want you to spend some time with them, DEMAND POLITELY OF COURSE, THAT THEY IDENTIFY THEMSELVES IN THE LIGHT…. —- WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? HOW DO THEY IDENTIFY THEMSELVES IN THE LIGHT? ..SIMPLE, CRYSTAL CLEAR EXAMPLES..SO WE DO NOT MAKE THE WRONG DECISIONS ..wesdancin ))

    continued from article

    Be assured that our planet is totally surrounded with ships from the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation of Light and many more under Project Transition Earth lead by Sananda the returned Christ Teacher… join with them and many others… how can they assist you to empower yourself to fuller realization of your infinite powers?

    Below, I’ve shown you a tiny glimpse of the vast amount of multicoloured rainbow Lightships seen all over the world, ultimately each will decide whether to return their loving presence with love and welcoming, or fear and loathing.

    Right now if you will say, “God… I’m grateful for this experience of separation, and now I want to unify and become whole once again, joining in with the Universe for a big grand upliftment… thanks for the earth experiences… I’m ready for something new in the fifth dimension of love, and I’m willing to shed all limiting belief, values and attiitudes, as you lead me into infinite creation. Thanks for sending your Heavenly Hosts who have been flying around our solar system for several decades, to show us earthlings the way… I join in with Heaven to help cleanse the earth, and do restore my memory, my DNA, my body, my connection to my divinity and the divinity of all that is… so be it!”

    Indian in the machine

    UFOS AROUND THE SUN – Yup… photos and vids courtesy of nasa soho sun observatory….LINK…..

    ** YOUTUBES **

    *) Rainbow Ship ~ UFO~TULSA, OK


    *) Rainbow UFO – Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA

    *) Indian in the machine – How to see 5 new colours (rays) in the sky (Part 2) CANADA


    *) “Disco Ball” UFO Sighting; Merced, CA; Jan 3, 2011 CALIFORNIA

    *) Three Waves of Ascension And Three Waves of The Photon Belt


    • Bill you have been misinformed . FWH posted on May 3rd, 2012 The Deceiver Called “Ashtar” Arrested!.

      The fraudulent light being, “Ashtar,” has been arrested and will await trial in the Galactic Court for crimes against 30 worlds of deceit, lies, murder, and sexual defilement of humans.

      Semjase and company knew where a portal would open and this being’s ship would emerge, down by the Antarctica, to rendezvous with members of the Bafath and Gizeh Intelligence.

      “Ashtar” is really “Asb’el,” a reptoid-human Archon shape-shifted who has been deceiving beings on 30 planets the past 250,000 years as a protector, a good guy, a light being — his greatest crimes include setting himself up as a God Messiah and having beings kill one another in his honor. This was something he and his companions were planning for earth as well.

      Asb’el is one of the 12 original fallen angels, a right-hand Archon of Lucifer. He has appeared to people as a divine being, he has intercepted channels, he has raped children and dined on their living and dead flesh, he has controlled politicians such as Ronald Reagan and James Madison, he has given false information to those who follow him to spread the Gizeh/Draco lies, presenting himself as a blonde tree-hugging hippie ET but really has pressed the superior-Aryan dogma the Nazis fell for.

      Take a look at the above illustration and the damning clue sticks out: the saucer is an old-model Gizeh/Vril ship, first manufactured on earth by the Nazis and 4th Reich, a design nearly 400,000 years old from when the Bafath broke off from the light and set out to control the human genetic descendants of Lyran-Plejarans on earth and other planets; the Zionist Cabal-Santanic pentagram on his chest; the hair curl that is one-half of the Nazi swastika.

      He now sits in a cell, as well as 45 of his followers, and will be transported to Andromeda to be tried for thousands of crimes spanning thousands of years.

      I hesitate to say that those who believed they were getting messages from “Ashtar” will be freed from the fraud, but any other Archon or reptoid or Bafath can easily masquerade as Ashtar and continue the con.

      I could not help it — when he as detained, I kicked him in the balls.

      But he has no testicles.

      And he laughed at my attempt and spat at me. “Weak aberration of Creation!” he yelled.

      Still, it was therapeutic for me, even though the Andromedans present looked at one another with confusion on their blue faces, wondering why I did that.

      “Chalk one up to the remnants of my barbarian Third Density self,” I said.

      • accept no clones..accept no channelers !

      • Wow! Thanks for posting this FWH piece. I need to get back to reading through them all. 🙂

    • do not agree with this person-what he says i feel is false- FWH- i believe mentioned ashtar as being a phoney!

      • FWH in fact said that all channels/channelers are false as they are 4d entities masquerading as masters and angels. If anyone wants to communicate with you they will do it in person.

    • BEWARE!!!

      GFL & especially Ashtar Command are wolves in sheeps clothing…..

      channels are never to be trusted

      • lol Yep! I am still a member there. Gets interesting when their channels are questioned/attacked. I hang around to see what is going to happen with the channel issue. People get mad enough to kill over their channels. You have those that are channelites and those with knowledge who know better.

  14. Hello Idylwild Group, thank you for your work. You are real heroes. Do you have any news about TimeQuake? Is wingmakers message genuine? thank you

    • if you go to FWH blog and look under Timequake- he goes in to it in detail!

    • wing makers are all disinfo!- as per FWH!- read his blog!

    • like no- do not believe the wingmakers- see FWH blog!

      • Yes, Fiona, he did not trust them. He also posted that he did not know what their agenda was.
        Blessings, dianehelen

  15. Can u give us any insight about the min-shuttle that was launched a bit ago?


    Is the only objective of this probes to map the lunar gravity field?

  17. A question for A.M.
    Hi, I am glad you are feeling better, if that is true. I saw your interviews W/Project Camalot and my heart went out for you.
    I am not one to believe anything other than what my heart tells me, so I am not in fact believing this blog. I am curious if you are happy now? I see alot of people wanting to see the truth which is very wonderful. And… I am grateful the truth lives within.

  18. I found this article and I was wondering if is any truth to it ? Can you let us know ? It seems quite interesting and maybe we could learn something more about ascension.
    Thank you ,

  19. What’s the most damning, revealing information you guys can release on this blog without causing serious damage to society? I’d like to see you push boundaries that don’t get crossed by other whistleblowers.

  20. what about this conn shooting of 18 school kids???
    another clone op ??

    • MKUltra.

      • but why????

    • Clone, or not, more mind control. Can’t have martial law if everyone has guns.

  21. question for the ones on this blog more evolved than myself,
    I have been remembering being on the astral plane, which is an awakening for me, but I cannot seem to be aware of it when I am there. I want to know I am there and control what I do….any suggestions,

    • Practice lucid dreaming first. That will teach you to be consciously present in your excursions.

      • thank you for answering

  22. still staying with this blog-but you guys suck at keeping us informed- tell us what”s going on out there- wtf!

  23. so with the connecticut slayings- it’s like watching a movie in two parts- only you have to tune in to watch part two another day- i watch the whole thing and know the ending-problem-reaction-solution-problem- need to implement gun control and take as many guns away from the public as possible- reaction-create the shootings in schools as many as needed to instil fear in the public and the parents demand tighter security in schools-solution- gun control laws- easy peasy!

  24. Your not serious. Where is the younger Mr Mendez at this time Mr Patel? Why don’t you contact me and we can have the real Mr Mendez meet up with his younger self. He’s a brilliant courageous man. I wish I knew a fraction of what he does.

    • We are always serious. –DN

      • If you would like, lets get together for the betterment of Science and have Bernie explain this to you so you get the truth. He is only in Staten Island. I would be happy to bring him to where ever you are and we can get this straight. I want the truth. This is why I spend so much time learning about what is real and what is not. Bernie has showed me where two underground bases are located in New Jersey. Feel free to contact me and lets get some real whistleblowing truths. Fondly, Helaine Camacho 908-309-9449

  25. I know the current Bernie Mendez. Does anyone know where the younger Bernie is or if he’s still around? I wrote a few days ago but my post was not put up. Does anyone have access to Tolek who speaks with the beings on the Andromidan biospheres? Lets get the younger and current Mr Mendez together. FYI- The current Bernie does not recall being in the Andromedan Biosphere from his youth. If we can get the two Bernie’s together we can prove time travel. Fascinating!

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