Bush Cloning Around

Do not buy this story about Bush Sr. being sick. That photo is a malfunctioning clone. The Cabal Elite have the best medical tech around. They need to keep up appearnces so people will not say, “Hey, this guy is really old, why is he still alive?”

Henry Kissinger, anyone?


posted by A.M.


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  1. Old pedo clone. He makes me sick! I can’t believe he has never been charged for his perverted abuse of children. Oh wait, that’s probably because all of the victims were eaten.

    • Hi I am Robert, I am an ex monarch slave myself and i have horrific memories that we were brought throughout the seventies and early eighties, to an boot camp in wyoming. Where people as G.H. W. bush and Dick [honor his first name, i can tell you out of my own unfortunate experience] Cheney, as they not only raped monarch girls but also monarch boys too. What some of them prefer even more above girls.

      I still deal with the aftermath as i am severely MPD/DID becose of my childhood experiences.

      Yours Truly,

      • What was the end game for your Monarch schooling? Were you used as an assassin or sex slave? –A.M.

      • I’m sorry, Robert. Glad you are here and sharing with us. I know it isn’t easy. Thanks.

      • Hi TIWG and Rusirius1111, thnx for your concerns, I am just starting my recovery, healing and deprogramming. Too use whatever secrets they have put in me, when i plan to go back into lecturing to expose them and their minions. I was so well used in the beta mode and have memories of what they call delta mode. But since very young i was also trained in covens, bcos of psychic abilities that were strong on my mothers side of the family. Aswell i was used within an genetic subproject within the Montauk Project too. Thnkgd i never sought help with ppl as Stewart Swerdlow, as i was tempted in 1999, but something inside of me had stopped me from doing so. But i know its gonna be a painful process in deprogramming and tedious, but in the end i will get their, altho i am scared that i dont have enough time. As i am told by some intel source a few years ago, that for the future they need me and 2 others to do something, whats not a good thing.

        For now take care, and TIWG (The Idyl Wild Group) Continue with the good work as humanity needs you, in what you’re doing.

        Yours Truly,

      • Hi Robert,
        I am glad they didn’t kill you and hope they don’t in the future. How did you get involved in the first place? I know you said your Mother had psychic abilities but how does that lead to your being taken to Wyoming? You don’t have to tell me I am just curious how they operate because there are so many details left unknown about the whole subject for me.
        Good for you to try and expose it and stay safe.

      • Hi Joynoclones, thnx for your heartfelt concerns. I was born into a generational high [32/33 degree] Freemasonic family from my mothers and fathers side. Including as i found out of my stepfathers family too. Soo in my case i got it from 3 sides unfortuantely. My mother was part of the Eastern Star Society, whats a female version of the Free Nasons..I have forgive the perpetrators who have abused me, what wasn’t easy, but by hating them i would create a blackhole in my spiritual heart, and thats what ofcourse their pay master Satan [jnr.] wants. But I forgive, but I wont forget, and i will use everything that they have programmed in me as secret in me. I just starting, as i ended in getting stuck in one of the worst countries, as the head of the illuminati is operating from Britain. One of my main programmers were an member of the Rothschild family, Baron Guy de Rothschild, who is also known as Dr. Barrington. Unfortunate his death was too easy. I will try to safe, Its time to kick ass, and chew bubble gum and now i am out of bubble gum, if you get my meaning. But my recovery, healing and deprogramming will be a tedious affair and no doubt at times painful, but i owe it to myself and the current generation of kids that fall pray to them, to do it. And I will one way or another I will show that they have been messing with the wrong guy, Ofcourse i will do in the spirit of Unconditional love for all life. As they never have destroyed my Innerchild [Child Innosence] Consciousness, what must have been my survival kit, thankgod for that, what i still have till today, whats kind of a miracle i would say.. But again thnx for your concern out there, as i do appreciate it very much.

        For now thnx and take care all of you.

        Yours Truly,
        Robert xx

  2. So, Kissinger is human clone? lol Figured there wasn’t an ounce of human-ity in the ass hole. He reminds me of dr. strangelove in an effed up way. πŸ™‚
    Is this what is happening to other world leaders, such as Putin? They all seemed to “go” at the same time.
    Thank you, Aaron.

    • as FWH said- kissinger has many clones of himself- his real self is still around- according to FWH- kissinger uses his young clones to have sex with dolly parton!

    • Now as far as Putin is concerned, he is a Werewolf. unless however he decided to throw-in several clones of himself for whatever reason. my opinion:”highly unlikely” but we do live in stranger times,so i guess anything is possible. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks, CZ. πŸ™‚ Yeah, you can’t trust anything these days. It does take discernment and having that pineal functioning to know who is what. Intuition of course.

  3. shit balls! thought it was for real

  4. Any thoughts on Kate Middleton ( Prince William wife) pregnancy??
    I mean, the thing or baby is going to be born in the Snake Chinese year and in 2013 (yeah, 13 like in the 13 bloodlines) you can get more obvious than that!!

    • She is part reptlian and carrying twins, whether they will reveal both newborn is another tale. –DN

      • Ahh, the 2 princesses for the crown and they will kill their grandmother, the queen, for her position.

      • was her father reptillian or her mother?

      • i believe she is also of the rothchild family correct?

      • will the newborns be reptillian or just part reptillian?

      • What’s with the theatrics of the recent hospital visit? If they have access to the best medical technology, why visit a publice facility?

      • This is reminding of the classic 80’s t.v show the “V” series, i don’t know if anyone remembers it,but for those who do..remember that episode were Robin gives birth to “Two Twins” one a baby girl and the other a baby reptilian. sadly the reptilian baby died…yup that movie was made by you guessed it….”Reptilians” they produced it and directed it, (etc) how close to home they really came in that show let me tell ya. πŸ˜‰

      • why would they not reveal both babies?- is it because they may want to sacrifice one? – could you explain please? – also i heard on the news that the nurse that answered that prank phone call-( when someone called the hospital where kate was – and pretended to be the queen enquiring about kate’s health) is dead- no explanation given on the news yet-do you know what happened?

  5. ghwb, serving the cfr in ’77, wins the presidential elections in ’88, gets the 77th aircraft carrier in the us navy named after him, and now, at 88, he’s scaring the americans with a cough. what a bunch of horseshit

  6. Another question…
    It’s true that some Starseeds besides having Spiritual gifts… Have IQ of 300??

    • No. –AM

      • What is the Highest IQ that a Starseed has have here on earth??

    • The only one i know of is Amber Pierce and according to her I.Q. test she has an IQ of 135 (i don’t know if that’s high or not, i’m confused as to what is normal and what is high when it comes to the IQ thing). i think its high my opinion though…but she is tuned in to higher realms, meditates a-lot and is very gentle and loving and she is very smart. πŸ™‚

      • depends on what IQ scale you use. But succinctly IQ 100 is classed as normal (based on the peak of a normal/gaussian distribution curve) anything over 130/140 is classed as genius roughly. Also the total IQ score is calculated over a range of different disciplines, analytical, spatial, numerical & verbal (there are probably more but it has been awhile since I last did anythign on this field). The relevance of IQ as a measure of intellect has been debated and could be construed as further
        compartmentalisation of humanity

  7. All I would like to know is when will FWH be back ? Will he be re-activating his Blog ?

  8. Off topic, but what’s up with the recent dolphin slayings?

    • A cover-up on Project Seagate. –A.M.

      • So taking off the lower jaw of the dolphins is due to sea gate?

      • Doesn’t make sense to have all these dead mutilated dolphins showing up if u want to cover dolphin experimentation up. People are asking lots of questions and dolphin protection groups are up in arms. Can u explain more?

      • So what do they do with dolphins lower jaw? or the dolphins for that matter?

  9. hey what about the true nesara that was formed by american farmers back by the supreme cort & usa generals any chanec it happens soon????
    i know g bush sr did 911 to stop it but what r white hats waiting for take the bushes & crowley out!
    FREE AMERICA u start the real ascension

    god bless america

    • I read a-lot about the true Nesara, i’m not holding my breath on it to be announced or passed anytime soon. last i heard it has a gag order in place. so we shall see what happens in the future and hopefully it will be lifted and announced.

      Oh my fur and whiskers!

  10. Dominique or Aaron, what’s the deal with Palestine right now? It seemed for so long with WW3 being inevitable, and now all of a sudden countries are doing a complete 180 and supporting Palestinian statehood. Is this a sign of things changing for the better? Who is behind this?

  11. when is FWH coming back ?

    • Never. But he did time travel to Dec. 22-24 so I imagine we will hear from him in our soon future. –D.N.

      • awesome πŸ™‚

  12. I was wondering if you could give us some insights on the significance of 12-12-12?
    On that day my nephew might have his first born and we are very excited. Thank you .

    • my birthday passed 12-6-77 (happy birthday to little ole me) 😦

      BellaLove tell your nephew and his wife/girlfriend congrats on there new first born baby, is it a girl or a boy? 12-12-12 has a nice ring to it (btw). πŸ˜‰

      • Happy belated birthday, CZ. πŸ™‚

      • Happy belated Birthday CZ. On the 6th of December we celebrate St.Nicholas and is my son name day. Yes, we celebrate even name days:) It’s always someone’s celebration in our family.
        The baby boy was born yesterday ( 12/10/12) and he is perfect. Thank you for the good wishes and let’s have a smooth ascension in love and light.
        to everyone: Love is all we need!

  13. december 7 pearl habor day
    no white hats report 48 yet?
    12-12-12 5 days away

  14. is there any significance to do with blood type? rh -ve factor?

    • I think somewhere on fwh blog this is talked about

    • I want to know this also…I am neg O and there is so much stuff out there, it is so confusing. Thanks.

    • could not find anything on FWH blog about this, bit extensive search unless it is buried within the comments. Does not matter, will just seek the answers inside myself.

  15. What do all of the extra clones do, wander around the mansion all day? How do they control them? Keep them locked in an underground base like I heard the original drinking/druggie hook nose GW was? What about the Paraguay compound? Is that where one could get a look at multiples of the family?

  16. what was the truth on the recptionist suicide after she gave out “info on kates’s pregnancy? did she see something or hear something she should have not?

    • MI5 handled that, obviously. –A.M.

      • obviously, duh.. lol i knew that the second i saw it on yahoo. Yahoo is full of baloney its straight out lies. The people who comment seem to be waking up. There was “sheeple” saying that they are starting to think the “illuminati theory” could hold some water..

      • If the receptionist was killed because she (presumably) saw something she shouldn’t have, why did they have to kill her? Couldn’t they just wipe her memory?

      • Dang, but why kill her? MI5 seriously….it must of been something big to terminate her life like that.

      • what is MI 5? or who is it

      • a quick google search for MI5 would reveal that it is the domestic arm of the British Intelligence Service..

  17. Thanks, Idylwild. Great hearing from you again. Nice surprise tonight. πŸ™‚

  18. Hi IG,
    Is this another malfunctioning clone? Either he is a total coward to kill himself and leave his family to face whatever it is that is going to happen or he was programmed to do it. http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1635.htm

    A bizarre Ministry of Defense report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Serbian Ambassador to NATO, Branislav Milinkovic [photo 2nd left], β€œsuddenly and without notice” suicided himself at the international airport in Brussels a few hours ago in front of his colleagues after learning he and his family were not going to be part of the select group of military officers being offered β€œprotection” from the events expected to occur later this month.

    According to Russia Today (RT) news sources confirming this death, Milinkovic was at the Brussels airport to receive Serbian Deputy Foreign Minister Zoran Vujicm, who was due in the Belgian capital for NATO talks along with other officials. After the delegation arrived, they walked through the parking lot to their cars, and Milinkovic suddenly broke from the group, walked over to the barrier and jumped.

    I’m looking forward to your reply,

  19. mary- MI5- is the covert – intelligence department of the british secret services!

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