What’s a Human to Do?

dom nHere it is Friday night and I am ancy for some action and I’m surrounded by ETs on the Andromeda biosphere! I am a healthy 20-something American lass, you know, it can’t always be about time travel and fighting Dracs. Sorry, but the only human male on the biosphere right now is Alex Collier and he is waaaaaayyyy too old for me, and not my type, but don’t get me wrong, we all love Alex! Aaron is like an older brother with a clone keeping his wife comfy (I won’t yak about how many women out there wanted hybrid babies with him). I once had a girly crush on Mr. FWH (he’s hot in that Daniel Craig/Clive Owen sort of way) but he only goes for the tall blonde Pleiadean/Nordic types who jaunt from one universe to another, hahaha. And really, it was because he saved me from the Duamond Spiders attack. Older man thing, you know.

And then there are the James Casbolts clones…good-looking as heck all, but sorry, I mean I DO NOT go for clones!

Why are these black ops guys, active or former, always so damn sexy? Ask Eva Moore!!!

But only a fool gets involved with super soliders. They’re too messed up in the head for anything serious, and they tend to get possessive which leaves out a recreational moment or one-nighter.

I am joking here, just thinking you know: you meet a guy or girl in a club or bar or at the milkshake shop (when time traveling to the 1950s), and what do you say? “Wanna come back to the underground base?”  “Wanna jump room to 2012?” “Wanna check out my quarters on a giant ET mothership?” (I did inherit FWH’s former quarters, 2,000 sq feet of space in space).

True story: I was in the act of a clumsy reckless one-night stand a few weeks back and Jgatel pops up and says there is an emergency needed attending to by the whole group (you will have to guess which mission). Imagine how shocked the one-night stand was! Who, BTW, was not a guy but a girl (I swing both ways! but not with ETs!) of the lipstick kind.  I mean you’re all hot and bothered with someone in bed and here shows up a fricken J-Rod grey who sees nothing wrong with intruding. I was pretty irked. So what does Jgaptel do? He time travels two hours back and stops me before I go to this certain bar in West Hollywood, yet the paradox is I have the memory of both timelines!

What’s a human to do?

It’s not like “the war will end soon” because it won’t, this is gonna be a long haul in 3D hell. But I signed on.

I’ll find something to do. Maybe I will go on a hunt with Mongoose and kill me some lizard people!

Some women, like Pamela Stonebrook, say reptoid men are better than human men…nah, I don’t wanna know.


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  1. wow… just wow.. makes me so much more excited for this!

    • Dominique, what do you do to be part of Idylwildgroup? do you have any E.T connection? was your previous life in an other planet etc?

  2. so you sort of gave me a different perspective of whats goin on to say the least-you sound to me like you are in a scene of blade runner the movie- here i am thinking this is all spiitual- mean time its just another reality that you and FWH are in- i feel like we are being fed bullshit- oh i believe all the quantum shit and the hope deal- but you sound really depressed- so if you are depressed because of sexual problems-and are suppose to be more intellectual-how can you guys (and i mean all of you) direct us and FWH is busy having sex with plejarian women- you doing your thing- you guys sound too human- put us in touch with the real aliens that we can converse with please – we need to be enlightened- you are not dealing here with dumb fucks-i have been researching this stuff for decades- we have been conversing with humans- now we have passed that grade- time to move on-we want to be in touch with higher humans please or non humans- mantoids reptillians spiders- etc- can they converse with us in a loving way- sorry but i am not learning enough from you guys any more-have other races contact us here on ths blog alone- not physically or in controlling way- just on this blog- thanks !

    • chill fiona, the little lady is just venting with us thats all.

    • Humans will always have desires.

    • They are just in 5 D 🙂 not 9 or 10 D ….
      By the way, Yahweh is not in charge anymore, do you guys had felt the changes that are going on in all the dimensions, since the new boss took over? 😉
      Ask Archangel MICHAEL… he knows what I am talking about.. also Gabriel and Uriel …
      I really like FWH, but I do not believe he is in Hope.

      • He is there, but he is also time traveling, so he can be anywhere. –A.M.

    • Hey Fiona long time . But I agree, not on a biblical or moral stand point kind of way … but they lost me wen they said clones are now allies.. I was like ‘yea fuck that’ .. the blog STILL talks about ofinion and people like Eva Moore like we a give a shit about these nobodies, past few blogs I havent learned one new thing, and thats fine, I never let myself get dependent on these blogs not even at the beginning with FWH . Lol the hard time I gave that fella in the beginning, but he proved himself tho . . . As for these guys maybe they just dont know what we consider priorities from an outside stand point, its the final 20 days to Ascension, u’d think they would post more about what needs to be done spiritualy, give advice to guide us… im tired of the fear mongering

      • i agree

  3. Yes, they are better, Dominique. 🙂

  4. it seems to me you guys just jumped ship- to get out of the experience and to save your own selves from your own personal karma – us humans on planet earth are going to go through- are you all afraid of death-i do not want to hop to another planet where depression still exists and all you care about is what FWH is screwing and doing-seems to me you all jumped ship to stay alive-how are you helping the human race with such low thougths- that is unless you all think humans and planet earth cannot be stopped on the trajectory path we are on -sounds to me more boring where you are- in other words- excuse me but as far as karma goes i have never killed anything as probably most of the people on this blog have not!- also seems you are all afraid of death-i cannot speak for our friends on this blog- but i personally do not fear death- why would i- i just go home as does everyone!- i would like a response to this post please- thankyou!

  5. Who knows? Maybe someone around your age who is into the same stuff you are won’t mind you having your job, and wouldn’t mind you not being with him all the time?

  6. yes we human men are better 😉
    girl why don’t you take a small beamship from Semjase’s command ship and come visit me some time i can give you just the right “therapy” and maybe you can take me to 1975 i always wanted to attend to a Led Zeppelin’s live performance 🙂 let’s time travel together!

  7. Happy to you – DN

  8. It’s weird: J Rod greys, motherships, timelines, reptoids, jump rooms, clones, 5th Dimension, theres a whole alternative culture of terms and concepts we are familiar with because we have sufficiently stretched minds and internet access that bypasses most of the populace. I am not boasting either simply observing. I have recently discovered and am enjoying Bernard Mendez’s interviews on youtube. And something else that should definetely be checked out is Stuart Wilde’s article on the real Jack the Ripper, it’s John Hamers research but Stuarts publicizing it.

  9. Im way better then a clone for sure. Just hit me up for a fun night on the town to get your mind off of everything for a little 😉

  10. Fuck yea im ready

  11. There are reptoid in shape-shifter and there are old souls of reptoid must reincarnation in human form to pay their own race karma from Galatic War. Also there are light reptoid and dark reptoid. Dont mix them together…
    Most of human souls who ready to ascend are old souls, that means they had experienced reptoid lives in past.
    The younger souls need to learn about war, poorness and pain lessons, after get enough experience from dark lessons, they will ready to ascend.
    Average age of old souls is from 5 to 10 billions of years old (dont know exactly), but Human DNA was created for 40 millions of years ago.

    • You are right 🙂 but maybe the souls age is not that accurate …

  12. You are so mocking us.

  13. Dominique, your post is heart warming. We all need intimacy. People die without a hug… you need someone that will understand what you are doing and also care for you as a woman. That brings the question: are you allowed to have a normal relationship, hence the man would be part of your group?
    I wish you love, while you are doing this amazing work for humanity and our Planet.
    Now that you told us about 007-FWH, we are all drooling, I assure you:)

  14. Um.., which site did I just log into? I mean, I’m in a library for God’s sake! Just better close this window quickly and pretend I’m looking at West Coat weather patterns…

  15. That`s hot!

  16. Well DN, here is a 19~20 yo guy who have nothing to do and wanna some good ol’ militar action and training, beside some mathematical and physics knowledge.
    Feel free to have a talk (I am not easy to have as a friend though). But sadly I am having a little problems believing in somethings regarding information (this blog being one of them).
    This also means I have my doubts on your existence as a real person and not some writers alias.


  17. Alex Collier.org

  18. Well… I read a lot of this so if you wanted to stop by Massachusetts or beam me up there isn’t a lot that would surprise me. I’m sure your computers can figure out the logistics. For realsies.

  19. Humans have a 3fold flame in their heart that aliens/falen angels dont Dominique I think your cute & u will find a good guy trust ur heart
    Check out a karaoke bar where u will find a guy who sings music u like
    thats where ur love is waiting for u

    Good luck Doc

  20. This does’nt even resonate with me in the name of the divine creator of love and light…

  21. Okey, just a question…
    It’s true that superior beings and very evolutioned ETs are asexual??
    Yeah, the more advance the being is; the more asexual it’s??

    • Not true. Sexuality is the divine expression of love, for creation and for passion, so Chenhua tells us. The ETs who are aesexual do not love, do not know joy. Most of the negtive greys are cloned bodies. The royal Dracos are androngynous. However, higher beings like the Arcturians express love and joy in spirtual passion, not physical, and do not need to procreate. -D.N.

      • I thought compassion was the divine expression of love… sexuality is the animal side of love…

  22. You could always drop down to earth and have a one nighter right? If you need a massage, hit me up, I am a master. =]

  23. I sit surrounded by fifth. Writing the same words I have written before. Perhaps this time though their meaning shall fall on ears less deaf than my own. I found your words, Dominique, worth reading. I followed FWH blog, and now follow this blog. Do I believe the words written? Who can say, the answer is irrelevant. Your words though I found captivating. I yearned, still yearn to meet you. Most likely I’ll never have the pleasure. At least I read your words. Perhaps that shall make this all worth it. Thank you. Not for the services rendered, the fight you choose to fight, thank you for realizing there are humans as alone as I feel.

  24. http://info.peregud.com/archives/658

    • Chenhua tells us: “The darkness is the darkness of the soul, inward not outward. The veil of lies will come down. It is the anti-Christ, the opposite of the false Christ created by the Luciferian agenda. It is the truth and the truth will be painful but neccessry; from tragedy can come enlightenment. Many will question their religion instututional falsehoods and blame the opposition and create wars. The timequake will be completed, the war of time will begin. There is only Creation, only Source, and only love.”

      • amen

      • well said. i Like positive posts and comments from the O.P.
        thanks 🙂

      • did we ever find out what the war of time is?

      • Beautiful!

        War, despair, no love, is the food of the dark

      • thank you chenhua for explaining this- i guess that article i posted was dis-info- oh the webs they weave!

  25. link posted- tibetan monk head of monastery- explains what will happen on dec 21 2012- i suggest everyone reads it and prepares!

    • Hello Fiona…good to see you here. However, after reading the monk’s prophecy I was thinking, in a funny way, how will we be able to read Mr. FWH’s post between December 22-24th if no electricity, internet and so on?
      I believe that once again, the 21st of December’s experience is an individual experience based on one’s reality. Like Chenhua said: ” the darkness is of the soul”…I expect a lot of light inside most people on this blog to keep entire cities powered if need it. Metaphorically speaking..
      I know, the perpetual optimist me…but I always believed that thinking and feeling positive it really works.
      Love and Light to all,

      • hi bellalove- nice to see you on here too-yes staying positive is what i do- but i also have a fervour for researching the truth- i did not post that to create fear but to get a reaction from our friends helping us- and i am so glad i did post it as i feel much better now- as i am sure people on here do- there is so much stuff out there to research- and i don’t like to just believe without doing the research- love and light to you!

      • BellaLove I like that thought. It comes down to what we believe. Positive energy would be helpful. I know I am in a down period. Must dig out of it. Thanks for the perspective.

  26. Reptoid ? Better? (thats pretty freaky) hmmm. And perverse. But hey if it turns you on…to each his/her own. 😉

  27. Out of respect, I sure love to go out with you Dominique. 😀

    First i have to contact a Andromedan being, once that’s accomplish i will ask them to pick you up from your lovely home, then have this being take us both to my star system of Alorcoris in the fourth planet of Kalti IV and soak up some sun and drink my favorite Luspis Onic Sen Drink.

    Since time is slow there, for 1 hour here in Earth is considered 1 day there. you know i’m thinking of spending at least 1 week heck maybe 2 🙂

    What do you say? 🙂

    • Citizen Zero says: -“Since time is slow there, for 1 hour here in Earth is considered 1 day there”-
      ~0_o~ ehhh …it does not compute.

  28. I have not had desire to open this page for a few weeks now (for many different emotional reasons), but a few hours ago I suddenly had an urge to open this page. I pop it open and BAM! this post… I haven’t even read anything else or any of the comments but I’m totally gonna just jump right in.

    I’ve been struggling with this issue a lot lately. I will at least say my side of the story: I have decided to become celibate. there is good reason for this.

    1. I have a huge sex addiction. the same reason why I cannot have weed in my house, is the same reason why I can’t have a girlfriend. or, better said, I would not enjoy someone coming to me and giving me unlimited joints just one time a week, or would I enjoy someone giving me unlimited joints. neither are desirable to me. I no longer enjoy smoking myself into oblivion. I used to. (there is evidence of this in the comments on FHW’s blog) anyway.

    2. it is a huge time waste. perhaps when you have time machines, this does not matter any more, but I do not have a time machine yet, so I still consider it a time waste. I absolutely refuse to waste so much of my time on a woman that just wants to feel good. there are larger matters at hand here, such as the increase in the human energy potential.

    side story: for some reason I fired open a porno today to do what men do best… it was obviously staged, but these two polish girls started out by taking photos in a mirror together, then daring each other to show more skin, then one wanted to touch the other girl’s boobs (“oh, they’re warm, and bigger than mine are” “but yours are cute” etc.) and then they felt some sort of gilt for what they were doing, and so on… I’m getting off track. this got me thinking about the whole thing. it had been a few days since I had felt energy in that part of my body, and I was noticing how much different it is than when I feel the energy of working. I then compared that energy to memories I had of the energy I felt giving – to others. this was a bizarre feeling because I no longer valued that energy any more. no big deal I thought. a strange calm came over me. ok, I guess I’m not worried about my recent decision.


    before I begin my next point, ponder for the moment what a woman values. often times, I am approached by women. they are interested. I ask them a series of questions and gauge the answers. if she lies, I know she’s a woman who is looking for a man who will believe her illusion – not one who values the truth. if she requires comments about her beauty, I know she is a woman who values a superficial man. neither of these are attractive to me. essentially, 99.99% are this way. I could just flat out lie and go with the hot ones like every other guy does, but I’m not looking for a girl who values how well I can lie to her, but values my honesty… jajaja

    ponder for a moment the superficial man. we value a women based on her fuckability. right, so I was checking out this 5 year old girl the other day… not that fuckable. why? because she’s 5! 12? now we’re talkin. when she’s 20, man she’s smokin. 25, she’s mega fuckable. but 30… naw, now she’s starting to get insecure about her body. 35… no way…

    but then, there’s this window between 40 and 50 years old when the woman gets over her body and realizes that she’s more than her body. a man who is NOT superficial understands this. a woman is her essence, and not her momentary illusion of beauty.

    men who desire to continue living within these parameters of superficiality are literally fucking their lives away. they will pass between 100’s or thousands of illusions only to realize their own life has been an illusion.

    it is more likely that a man will enter into the history books of his culture inventing something, than it will be by fucking a hot chick. yet every dude falls easily into the illusion of these temptresses. actually, to complicate manners even worse, there are a plethora of absolutely stunning females out there freely giving their savory bodies to total morons.

    if they really valued a man for these things, I’d be a fuckin mack daddy, but I’m not. this is actually a good thing, because if it were that way, I wouldn’t be intelligent at all. this is the perfect moment in time, where nice guys can both be scientists and worthwhile individuals, and not have to deal with the constant onslaught of fine women.

    this is a left-over trait from genetics. humans are the only mammals that I know of in which the female is more attractive than the male. usually the female is plain, and the male has bright and flashy colors. this leaves me with the impression that genetically we are switching roles. this also leads me to believe that genetically we are to beginning to value things that are not just physical. also, besides bonobo monkeys and rare occurrences of gorillas, mate face-to-face.. and perhaps the only species where men are males are selective with females based on breast size. (study oxytocin, it’s interesting)

    3. I absolutely will not be controlled by the female illusion. I have been very fascinated lately with the idea of remote control. I am a robot. much like a hammer striking an object will release force into it, I can trace almost everything I do, back to some sort of cause (something I saw on TV, etc.). if it’s not my eyes, it’s my ears, and I can see that I am under the remote control of my culture, other’s thoughts, words, etc.. I dislike tv, don’t play games, am pretty much drug-free now. don’t drink much any more, but my most effective remote control is a female. I am such a slave because of my sex addiction, it drives me to drown the pain with substance again. we are your slaves, and you do it automatically with the nurturing instinct…

    but before you go burning your bra right before my eyes (hehe) with hateful comments, let me remind you that all objects at rest are at rest, and all objects with motion had an original energy potential applied. even if you’re lighting a fire, that energy somehow originated from the sun, universe, etc.

    in most cases, this illusion is given by the culture (you have to have a home, a steady job, a sleep schedule, he has to pay attention to you, buy flowers, and so on) it’s all bullshit. the only reason why the florist down the street is in business is because where I live, a lot of men are superficial so she’s the typical posh girl that looked perfect 10 years ago, but she’s an outdated model now, and he’s out test driving the new ones between “negocios” .. I bet their houses smell nice.

    so, women swallow this dumb lie of what culture tells them a “good man” is like. they never really thought about the idea that the lie was originally told by men.. LOL…

    4. I did some subconscious questioning about a month ago when all these changes started happening. I couldn’t figure out why I had such deep rooted hatred for women. I don’t know for sure, but it appears that in past lives, as a man I have commonly been very frustrated with women, often times giving up entirely before beginning, or being so entrapped that I spoiled many things and just kept repeating the same mistake. as a woman, I was quite liberal. I really just hate myself 😛

    dominique, hang in there… you gatta find something you really like doing and you’ll forget the other stuff. boredom is the reason for a lot of children on this planet. you gatta be strong in yourself too. don’t look for things in other people. find it in yourself.

    I mean you’re like huntin aliens and shit, but it’s the same shit in the end… as far as I can tell, it’s just a big game of evolution. the game for me is to get frustrated enough to start looking for the qualities I’m missing, in myself instead of in others. this frustration also helps me, because I can’t find what I’m looking for (we live in a dumb society), so it gives me desire to want to change my world. the goal is to stop replaying the same level and go on to the next. so, while I’m still working on that level design, I’d rather be cynical and single, than to be dumb and going in circles looking for something I won’t find. I have to attack the root of the problem, and that’s society. for further study on this issue, search for “culture is not your friend” by terrence mckenna and then read the paper called “the problem of increasing human energy” by nikola tesla. viable solutions need to be invested in, and capable people, like me, need to stop fucking around with dumb bitches.

    if the idylwild group would like to help make the dreams of what either of these two men I mentioned in the previous references a reality, you know where to find me. I’d love the help.

    peace guys 🙂 I’m out again.

    P.S. sorry for the long post. it was soothing for me to write. hopefully someone gets something from it. I really must sleep now though

    • You misunderstood. I was joking. I am plenty busy and doing what I was born to do.

      Women and girls of all ages are programmed by TV, ads, movies, magazines, websites, on looks and needs. They will lie about their lives and try to get you to buy the illusion so they believe it too, because their boring and un-eventful lives are awful. Many girls and women are programmed to look in the mirror and compare themselves to the latest hot model, actress, image. If you go to any major cosmopolotan city, like L.A., NY, Paris, London, Moscow, you will see literally hundreds if not thousands of women who have plasticized, attired and make-upped themselves to look exactly like women on billboard ads or fashion magazines. They become cookie-cutter women, like greys and clones. In essense, they are clones. And they need men to fawn over them, chase them, to buy the illusion and fuck the illusion.

      Advertising and images are part of the Cabal’s agenda…strip individualism, control through vox populi appeal.

      Do not buy into it.

      Yet, women like and need attention. So do men. So do we all. Talk, hold, fuck, make love, kiss, silent moments, holding hands. It is what separates us from the reptoids and greys and mantoids: we are human and we love. They do not understand love. They have been trying to suppress and steal the love from humanity. That, I think, is the real issue of this long war.


      • for sure D.N – love is a very powerful energy and has been supressed. In fact the definition of love that most people buy into is so far from the truth. How many scribes and prophets will it take, how many lives lost and squandered. If feels like in the 2000+ years that we were graced with the presence of Jmmanuel that nothing has changed. To those who have eyes let them see, to those who have ears let them hear.

      • you nailed it.
        nice amount of wisdom.

      • This has been one of the best replys i have seen on your blog Dominique! Agreed. Hence the blog and key words (bread crumb trail to alternative view points)

        High five**

      • … and sometimes bro, you just need to Fuck lol worry about abstinence when you hit that spiritual level and it comes naturaly.. if you still have urges play safe but have fun, quit trying to act like “the hollywood image of a buddhist or very spiritual person” sex is awesome, enjoy it while ur stuck in 3d.. if a woman is attracted to you have fun, just dont put a Ring on her if shes not ur type.. its simple man. No need for the frusteration, get it done son

      • I agree completely… forgive my rough edges on all of this, but it’s a bit new to me. btw, I grew up in LA (specifically pasadena) and later I lived in in a loft on 6th and main. I am well aware of the cookie cutter women 😦

        I know we all need attention. pondering this the other day, I separated this into two aspects: 1. the need to be understood 2. the need to be valued. I pondered the effects of neurosis, and this is separated into two more values. of 1. how I behave for myself 2. how I behave toward others… so…

        the matrix of self-esteem:
        legend: understanding, value || for myself || for others
        0, 0 || a bum || a psychopath
        0, 1 || easily fooled || neurotic
        1, 0 || con-artist || machine
        1, 1 || healthy || healthy

        eg. no (0) understanding, no (0) value || for myself: I am I bum || for others: I am a psychopath

        it’s an overly dry perspective of the matter, I know. and, you’re right that we have an advantage over the other species in nature for this reason alone. I learned this perspective last full moon when I ate some shrooms and meditated. I had this incredible understanding come over me: I saw that an oxygen atom has a threesome with two other hydrogens a bazillion times a second. I guess you could consider this the ultimate masculine dream, however: these are just molecular structures. the hydrogens are bound to be attracted to the oxygen. it is their duty. yet, they neither can have consciousness of themselves as hydrogen (who one is) or an understand why they are doing this. this is an (e)motive force of nature. nothing more. we *are* different. we *are* special – in that sense. we are much more than just that. because of this, we actually operate inside of a special time dimension of this universe between physical and emotional understanding. we create our own reality.

        we can create like this, inside of our physical reality and the imaginations of others, because we can express emotion through word form – which is of a much higher order than remote controlled physicality or a time perspective.

        you are a woman and are likely to see things from the origin of emotion, and I am a man and likely see things from a physical origin, but this is a small separation. one actor is playing good cop and the other bad cop. both can change places, and the story can be seen as either physical of emotionally devastating. depending on how well the actor can convince someone of that aspect. when you watch a movie, you are convinced that actor or actress is actually feeling those things. the more convinced you are, the better the story is told. imagine if the acting was shitty. we see this all the time.

        in some strange sense, one could say that the better the actor is, the more superficial he is. he really convinces the audience of his role, and REALLY convinces the audience that he has a truly evil nature (when probably he’s just a normal dude behind the actor’s mask). we actually applaude him more if he’s able to truly act act as evil as possible *in his role*. this is what captivates us all.

        I really value the spontaneous moments of emotion. the moments of surprise. doing things out of the ordinary, experimenting, learning – and anything goes expression. freedom of expression, as it where, where there’s never judgement – and only appreciation. I like raw people; people who are capable of showing that they are just as animal as they are spiritual, but logical and structured enough to make the distinction. I value that very much. trust me. if you only knew… my experience has been otherwise though. I’ve found that most people want me to fall into the (1,0) category, but not just women, but men alike. this has been a source of internal conflict

        for naturally, I was born into the (0,1) category, and even though I’ve secretly desired to be in the (1,0) category, I can’t do it though. it appears I cannot leave my first nature and become a sufficient psychopath to make the transition into the (1,0) state. instead, it appears I have to make the switch to the (1,1) category. this has been the hardest and most painful thing I have ever done in my life. without a doubt.. not impossible though. every day I feel like I am more and more capable of love than I thought I was. I was distracted and looking too hard where I thought I would find it. I probably told myself over a hundred times, “kenny, it is definitely here! keep fucking digging! it has to be here; it’s the obvious location”

        things are originally deceiving, arcturians are wonderful beings, and today is a very special day. I wish everyone a wonderful transition into a “state we never meant” -mechanic of the sequence


      • Women, thanks to the matrix are the most subjugated species on the planet.

        Contrary to popular belief the artificial moon is a control mechanism which ensures the menstrual cycle is a painful experience

        When a woman matures the west uses the symtoms of menopause as an excuse for pharma complex to engorce further control through drugs

        Love is the procreator of the human species & women are the key, this is a fact abhorrent to the archon lead cabal.

    • Missed you hamster 🙂

    • I really respect your posts..You are very loud with your opinions and people need to hear them. You are very smart. I agree with what you say. I think that women these days are way too willing to be brain washed. Men more than women are waking up to the controlled reality. There are highly respectful and awesome women out there. But i will say that when i wear small tshirts to the grocery store women are staring and gauking just like the men. I am dissapointed in both male and female species in regards to dating. I know i have my own issues. But im a good looking guy and im fit and smart and for hells sake i havent met a women i would want to marry. I know 1.. She is alot older than i, but if i was older or her younger she would be my wife.

    • Maybe you hate women because your mom had your penis mutilated when you were born (circumcision?) And just because you’ve attracted a load of dumb bitches into your life shouldn’t force you to generalise that all women are like that. Look at what vibrations you put out that draw these women to you. Also, you can have everything. You can be a genius superhero inventor AND fuck a hot intelligent bitch every night. It shouldn’t have to be one or the other. And just because a woman knows how to look pretty and appreciate glamour does that make her pathetic and programmed or hot, artistic and creative? Nothing wrong with looking cookie cutter, you think there are any ugly Pleaidian women? You’re not going to find the woman of your dreams by believing she doesn’t exist but you’re not going to find her by looking for her either. So turn that porn back on, have a nice wank and stop thinking so much!

    • hamster- sorry did i read this wrong or were you saying having sex with a 12 year old is ok-quote” so i was checking out this 5 year old girl the other day- not fuckable- why? because she is 5! 12 ? now where talking end quote!

  29. Looking into it .. the moles on my arm that appeared when I was about 16 look like the Andromeda constellation in the Sky more than they resemble the Cygnus constellation.. doing some measuring, its almost a precise match… I doubt it means anything tho, they are almost getting covered up with my tattoos anyway, cool to have it tho, its rare

  30. your Bio said, you’re from Earth that’s it

  31. Sketchy McSketcherson avoids the question?

  32. This may seem like a weird question considering the topic, and there isn’t really a post relevant in this blog to place it in so I’ll just ask this here. I was sitting around doing theoretical work on communication and a popular MMO game randomly popped up on the computer on a website side ad. I wondered to myself, is it possible with current high level consciousness based technology to create an MMO using one’s consciousness for immersion in such a manner? The thought made me jump, so I decided to ask it here and see what kind of result I’d obtain.

  33. DN dont be in a rush to find someone or to jump into something. That person or alien will come to you when you less expect it. For now enjoy what you have and what you have been doing. Most of have some fun and enjoy life to the full.

    I can say this as i am very old and you are still young. You just dont know what may come around the corner into your life.

    Kind regards from william

  34. please take me to the biosphere, i’ve been told i am a warrior but i don’t know what the hell i’m supposed to be doing !! i feel so stuck here

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