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Message from Inner Earth
December 29, 2012

“The Blessing is Now Awake.”


Caught Between Dimensions
December 29, 2012

Mr. FWH is caught between the 3rd and 5th Densities. We do not know why. We are working on it.


posted by D.N.

Vid of the Failed Mantoid Invasion of 12/21
December 29, 2012

Return of The Former White Hat
December 22, 2012

As promised, the time-traveling FWH from October, 2012, has arrived to Dec. 22, popping into the ether in the Andromeda biosphere and having a non-alcoholic drink with his old pals Alex Collier and Cmdr. McCollum. He has posted some info with more to follow. He has some business to attend to in Kentucky and Oregon, and then Tokyo, and will come back.

What he says about the Sandy Hook shootings is true, and that there would be more to follow before the 21st, but we managed to put a stop to those Op. 711 false flags from Project Strawman, which had been Hilary Clinton’s brain child and now failure. There is a good reason she has had bad headaches and has stepped down as Sec of the State.

Laher People Attack and MKUltra Black Op
December 15, 2012

Some crazy shit going on all over:

first, on 12/12/12, the Laher People attacked the Andromedan Biosphere. They phased into this dimension/timeline untracked and kamikaze smashed their ship into the biosphere, to gain access. Their soliders, along with units of greys and reptoids, breached the interior and began killing hundreds. Good thing most of The Idylwild Group was on board, and we feel we have been the main target. Cmdr. McCollum suffered some laser burns but he is alive and well. I got hit in the knee.

I can’t say one side won over the other. It was a stalemate if anything. There were losses and both sides, and then the Laher and greys retreated and were extracted by a mantoid ship.

Why did they pick 12/12, and what of the mantoid invasion of earth set for 12/21?

Then there was the Oregon shooter and the horrendous Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and on the same day the stabbing of 22 children in a school in China, both obviously related and both the product of black ops mind control. We have a strong suspicion that Adam Lanza was handled and programmed by a certain Omega Unit. But is is not conclusive. Yet what other self-proclaimed assassin who has said he has trained other assassins could it be? What is the agenda? What is the end game?

The cleanup is in process, and we mourn those who lost their lives in the attack on the biosphere and the elementary school.

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Duncan O’Finioan Playing with Bow and Arrows
December 15, 2012

With his beer gut and bum knee cap, “super soldier” Duncan O’Finioan thinks a bow and arrow will save him from the New World Order army with .50 caliber guns and Tomahawk missiles.

Bernard Mendez x2
December 8, 2012


A second Bernard Mendez from the past, from 1981 actually, appeared on the Andromeda biosphere yesterday after a Mars jump room accident back then, leading him to walk out of a former Montauk portal that was in Mr FWH’s old quarters. This Mendez is younger than the one who has been whistleblowing.

We are uncertain what to do. Send thuis younger Mendez back to 1981, or keep him here? The temporal mechanics of the paradox hurts the brain. Jgpatel is on this.

posted by D.N.

Bush Cloning Around
December 4, 2012

Do not buy this story about Bush Sr. being sick. That photo is a malfunctioning clone. The Cabal Elite have the best medical tech around. They need to keep up appearnces so people will not say, “Hey, this guy is really old, why is he still alive?”

Henry Kissinger, anyone?


posted by A.M.

What’s a Human to Do?
December 1, 2012

dom nHere it is Friday night and I am ancy for some action and I’m surrounded by ETs on the Andromeda biosphere! I am a healthy 20-something American lass, you know, it can’t always be about time travel and fighting Dracs. Sorry, but the only human male on the biosphere right now is Alex Collier and he is waaaaaayyyy too old for me, and not my type, but don’t get me wrong, we all love Alex! Aaron is like an older brother with a clone keeping his wife comfy (I won’t yak about how many women out there wanted hybrid babies with him). I once had a girly crush on Mr. FWH (he’s hot in that Daniel Craig/Clive Owen sort of way) but he only goes for the tall blonde Pleiadean/Nordic types who jaunt from one universe to another, hahaha. And really, it was because he saved me from the Duamond Spiders attack. Older man thing, you know.

And then there are the James Casbolts clones…good-looking as heck all, but sorry, I mean I DO NOT go for clones!

Why are these black ops guys, active or former, always so damn sexy? Ask Eva Moore!!!

But only a fool gets involved with super soliders. They’re too messed up in the head for anything serious, and they tend to get possessive which leaves out a recreational moment or one-nighter.

I am joking here, just thinking you know: you meet a guy or girl in a club or bar or at the milkshake shop (when time traveling to the 1950s), and what do you say? “Wanna come back to the underground base?”  “Wanna jump room to 2012?” “Wanna check out my quarters on a giant ET mothership?” (I did inherit FWH’s former quarters, 2,000 sq feet of space in space).

True story: I was in the act of a clumsy reckless one-night stand a few weeks back and Jgatel pops up and says there is an emergency needed attending to by the whole group (you will have to guess which mission). Imagine how shocked the one-night stand was! Who, BTW, was not a guy but a girl (I swing both ways! but not with ETs!) of the lipstick kind.  I mean you’re all hot and bothered with someone in bed and here shows up a fricken J-Rod grey who sees nothing wrong with intruding. I was pretty irked. So what does Jgaptel do? He time travels two hours back and stops me before I go to this certain bar in West Hollywood, yet the paradox is I have the memory of both timelines!

What’s a human to do?

It’s not like “the war will end soon” because it won’t, this is gonna be a long haul in 3D hell. But I signed on.

I’ll find something to do. Maybe I will go on a hunt with Mongoose and kill me some lizard people!

Some women, like Pamela Stonebrook, say reptoid men are better than human men…nah, I don’t wanna know.


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Another Mind-Controlled Assassin Malfunctions….
December 1, 2012

Do not believe any cover ups, the killer in this latest news story was a graduate of Project Scream and the screaming man in his head got the better of him, after the first assassination. We believe a Duncan O’Finioan alter was this person’s handler.


posted by A.M.