The U.S. West Coast is Being HAARPed

Get ready, peeps!


posted by D.N.


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  1. just wondering, if such control is being used, why has it not been taken out?? or is it part of a “master plan” , will it have an opposite effect to what is intended by them, if it is controlled by satellites, then aren’t they vunerable to “tampering” from out there?

  2. I got a front row seat, never let them make u feel fear, call me captain Dan, and you can find me in the crows nest of Jenny. Much love

  3. Been keeping up with this one. Thanks, Dominique.

  4. i thought HAARP were incapable to function properly since the sun’s magnetic activity increased in the past months… would you please explain what is the purpose to use it on the west coast now?
    thank you!

    • Disinfo. HAARP is working away. –AM

      • Talk about depressing news. Can someone take it out? if i was an E.T. positive being i get on my ship and take out this HAARP once and for all and all of those people involved that are doing this.

      • The same, Citizen Zero.

  5. yes FWH had warned us about this-when will this happen ? and on dec 21 will the world just go into darkness and for how long?

    • People are saying it will last 3 days. we shall wait and see my dear limeyok.

      • Mongoose took it out. –A.M.

      • Way to go!!! Thank you, Mongoose!! Every time it seems that an event is supposed to happen, Team Idylwild is on the scene to change/make history. 🙂 Doesn’t get much better than this.

      • intentions DO become applications….

  6. The Cascadia subduction zone which runs from northern California to Vancouver Island is capable of producing megathrust earthquakes of a magnitude greater than 9.0. This would be the one of the largest earthquakes recorded, more powerful than what happened in Japan (another gift from HAARP).

    This will be a tragedy.

  7. whos doing It Bushes & crowley ???

  8. Earthquake??
    Can you PLEASE say more about this??
    Yeah, PLEASE??

  9. Get ready for weather or quakes?

    • Heavy weather, sistah! –DN

      • The skiing sure was good today. Guess HAARP has a tiny bit of usefulness.

  10. Hello Everyone/Dominique,
    being ready it means to watch the earthquake that could happen on the West Coast with all its consequences? A lot of unsettled people all around us, Holidays knocking at our doors and the pressure to keep up the old traditions/routines. Black Fridays nonsense, shopping like crazy which makes me wonder where do these people get the money from? All we need to do is focus on the amazing opportunity of ascension and spread the love. It seems that “they” will do anything in their power to stop us from our awakening, but I believe we, in love and light will win.
    Truth is different for all of us, I get it, but when Sandy, election, earthquakes and such are happening, isn’t that a common truth we share?
    Great job on all you do and if you communicate with Mr. FWH can you please tell him that WE all miss him and wait for his blog post between 22nd-24th of December.
    Now I have a personal question, if you don’t mind?
    On Dec 21st I am traveling to NYC. Just happened like that and all of the sudden I realized that I should be home with family on that particular day. But this trip is my fairy trip, as it includes ice skating under the big xmas tree, the Rockettes show, broadway show etc. and it made me wonder, should I go on with my plans? Also you mentioned the mantoids attack on NYC as well..I am so confused and as I usually follow up with my plans and think that all will happen like it should, this time because of Ascension, I am doubting a little. Any input will be appreciate it.
    I don’t fear anything, just a matter of logistics at this point:)
    Basically should I be on a plane on the 21st of December or stay put , or chose a certain time of being on the plane?
    Love and Light,

  11. Excuse me please; but get ready for what specifically?

    • Get ready for a ride! –DN

      • The weather in LA has been a ride for several days now. There was the most eerie low cloud cover over the freeway the other day and also obscuring the tops of the high rise buildings downtown. The only thing I saw within a break in the clouds was a curiously full and clear moon. It was creepy that that seemed the only break through gray clouds. It’s still raining days later…

    • I hope you’ve got your ticket, if you do just remember there is no refunds lol 😀

  12. how responsible is it to drop a “get ready peeps” regarding some nefarious plans of the cabal without a HINT of all the dynamics that can come into play??

    like: the state of humanities consciousness greatly affects all earth events…be they real or manufactured.

    like: how about some USEFUL information regarding a way to go thru intense events without freaking out…?

    Its no service to blog something I can get by looking out my window at any second of the day…or by browsing the fear mongerers blogs…so..if Idylwyld has the inside goods…well how about some inside TOOLS? bits of golden info that might make a difference in a motherf***** day?

    Im sure its easy to tell I have issues regarding cataclysmic planetary events. please understand I have great respect and am appreciative of this blog.

    • It depends on what perspective you read from on how much info you draw. Fear based is not much info. Love based/no fear gleans all the info one needs. 🙂 We know what is going on. We are now being told when basically and that is a lot of info in itself.

      • rusirius1111 -yes but with the planetary alignment coming with the sun- will the whole world go dark on dec 21st if so for how long- and what else to expect- thankyou

  13. and I miss FHW!

    • We all do dawnatilla. I just hope he took my Cheshire Cat’s wristwatch. lol

    • nero played his harp while rome burned!-different harp i suppose!

    • dawnatilla- do you mean FWH/-lol!

  14. I can feel it. The chemtrails look different these days too. They are fluoresent and stay fluorescent for a while in the sky. Its different than the usual aluminum look.
    I look forward to the day we have our skies back.

  15. Hi Chenua,
    Is compassion the higher vibrational emotion we should be feeling when we think about chemtrails and being haarped?
    I’m asking because I want to raise my vibration and ascend.
    I’ve learned through my trauma based programing, that being compassionate and loving is too passive and is often not enough to get something done, like stopping chemtrails.
    How do we realistically have a 5D consciousness in a dark 3D world where being passive is what got us into this mess in the first place? It seems like a little, good-old fashioned anger, used in the right way of course, is needed to get things moving.
    Thank You!

    • i understand where you are coming from allaria…. i visualise the emotion of anger , acknowledge what makes me angry, isolate the emotion, then move beyond it to a more loving emotion or feeling, the intention is then put into application, such as our collective emotions toward this post when it was first published, as TIG have now acknowledged that under a week later, something has been done about it, thats how intentions become application, …;)

      • Thanks, de. I’ll practice that 🙂

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