A Note on Shape-Shifting

Some of you out there have the wrong idea about what a shape-shifter is. They do not physically change shapes like in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Those kind of creatures do not exist in the 3D realms.  They do this by two methods, depending on the kind of reptilian: hologram tech to make you see them as whoever or whatever they want; or psychic control of your mind to suggest to your subconscious that you are seeing a human being and not an ET. (For politicians and those before public cameras, it is always hologram tech.)


posted by A.M.


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  1. Only Size Matters..

  2. Right. Thanks, Aaron. 🙂

  3. It is interesting to say that psychic shifting is pratically of no use anymore because cameras ar not affected, and there are a lot of cameras everywhere nowadays.

  4. Ah thanks. You know it really helps to get the correct information. We could be so much more productive.
    With the veil getting thinner will the holographic tech begin to fail?

  5. Where’s the central control system for this holograph tech? Would a powerful enough and properly aimed cme destroy the tech?

  6. thank you for clarified this, it is important info… so mexican president Peña Nieto is an ET using hologram tech? could you explain how that can be done? i mean, when the alien entity enter in function? it replaced the human at some point or his whole life was an ET?
    thank you!

  7. david icke- states in his books- that if they have exactly 50% reptillian dna and 50% human dna- then they can just shape shift back and forth ! so does icke and the royals use a hologram or mass mind control at his seminars etc? and could you also tell us some more famous people that are shape shifters please- thanks for the info Commander!

    • Ha! And Icke is one of them! –DN

    • David Icke is full of BS.

      • why do you say that?

        What has David Icke presented that was of negative use to the public?

        (recently he’s published articles on the pedophilia rings in the UK government)

  8. so the 1988 movie “they “live” with roddy piper wearing special glasses
    to detect the aliens true form is correct ?
    are there glasses the see thru the hologram or the ascension will open everyones eyes to reality???

    • Something like that, yes. That movie was a message. Is it being re-made? Ugh. I saw the re-make of FRed Dawn and is sucked big time. I like the old one, even if I wasn’t born when the first one came out (but I was here in anothwe body sure, and I time traveled back to the 1980s once). WOLVERINES!!!! –DN

      • I agree the old one was so much better

        LOVE TO ALL
        GOD BLESS

      • so were all the royal families- going back to the beginning- reptillian?- such as queen victoria- elizabeth 1 charles 1 etc?- the english actor rupet everett- is a direct descendant of charles 1 and charles 11- he even looks like them?- so is he a reptillian?

  9. Is there a way to disable or mess with the hologram tech?

  10. So how does the cloning fit into all of this? If “they” can just use a hologram to appear human, why not just do that instead of all the cloning programs? Why would they clone an already reptilian entity using this technology? Not sure why all the fuss for cloning if they can just strap a belt on and create the illusion. Also, I know fingering these entities can be a very slippery slope and thus I generally try to avoid it but I have always had this feeling something is up with Oprah Winfrey.

    • good question! –DN

    • I know Oprah is a Dark soul she has soo much $$ & power
      that u cant get w/out joining the cabal.
      she promotes scientology w cruise & travolta
      Theres a Good youtube on Oprah denying Jesus check it out!

      • Hello SmileDr.,
        Oprah seems to be of high power based on her material status and indeed how can one acquire such a vast wealth without making deals with the dark side…but then is Ellen, light an bright ..building wealth as well..but for some reason she seems to be for the people…
        Just wondering, what do you think ?
        Happy Holidays ,

  11. I’ve been investigating about Pharaoh Akenaton, and to me at least he was an alien, but the question is what race. So I came across with this info, saying that he was from a planet called Gludock. Is that true ?

  12. Hi, soo if i understand you well, when i saw in my childhood ppl shapeshift when i was taken by Dr. Green to Rituals, they deactivated their Holographic Projection and after it, they activated their Holographic Projection. Is that the right summation of what you’re saying.

    Remember: A Day Not laughed, Is A Day Not Lived.

    Yours Truly,

    • You were taken by joeseph mengelea?

      • Hi Joey, It was much later when i found out who Dr. Green truly was, as i knew him by the name of Dr. Green, or anoter name he uses as Dr. Greenbaum. I did found odd that he had a heavy german accent when he spoke, and this when i hear a german speak english triggers me back into with this dr. Green. Sofar uptill the last 12 months i had run away from my Monarch past and its memories.. I now live abroad, and in the country side, and since i moved to here i am noo longer able to surpress my memories. I feel its now time to deal with it one way or another. I now also joined a few survivors groups who are very helpful and understanding when i talk about those memories. Despite what happened to me, they never destroyed my Innerchild whats great. I had always a figther Spirit, what makes me go thu this hell, in my childhood.

        Remember: A Day Not Laiughed, Is A day Not Lived.

        Yours Truly,

      • Rob……. I wish you a quick recovery with your memories and healing from them. You have had quite a life.

  13. I read on david wilcocks site about the pineal gland being actvated by higher energeis being released so that we will reacquire lost abillities to see angels aliens demons etc that we had in atlantis

    • There are no many demons left in 4 D, for us too see 🙂

      • 🙂 Good news.

  14. Ohh, I have a question. In all seriousness, 4 other family members saw this at different times, besides myself. My step mother…..we have seen her “shift” into something that looks to be all white, a beak and claws. Scared the shit out of my grandmother. 🙂 What did we see, any idea, please?

    • Hologram most likely. –DN

      • Thanks, Dominique. Don’t forget to have fun, sweetie. 🙂

      • O.K. well, why is it they drink blood than? So the whole idea that david icke puts forth about needing human DNA to consume and keep a human form is BS??

      • They ( dark ones or fallen ones ) can send you holograms … they sent me one 2 weeks ago, a Moloch hologram. They were just trying to scare me.. I thought he was real, then I found out thanks to some of my friends ( Light Workers ) was fake..

      • Thank you, Virginia. Let me throw this in. 🙂 OBE, working, constructing a building on a very busy city street. 3 boys about age 12 are walking by. First of all, I’m alone on this job which is weird in itself. Had on my nail belt and my “death stick” hammer. An orb flies down toward the boys. I stop working and watch what is happening. This giant of a being, looked human, was on the outside of the sphere and chasing the boys. They began to run and scream. This giant person’s name was yahweh. Yeah, I know, right? We have never gotten along in any age. I jumped to the sphere and began to fight him back. He was going to consume the boys. We drifted over the city as we fought on the sphere. I lowered the boys back to the ground. Yahweh knocked me off the sphere and I thought i would fall, instead I hung in the air. He was trying to kill me and came after me on the ground. We fought for a bit until he hit the ground on his back. I took out my death stick and hacked off his head. Then I kicked the head away from the body, knew they would reconnect if they touched. When I did, the neck rolled up like a scroll, or a tube of toothpaste. Really strange. I would love to know what to call this. I don’t think I killed Yahweh, though it wouldn’t bother me if I did. 🙂 A little sample of my life.

    • Beak? like a bird? that is one of the main primary races that were created in the Universe, along the Felines, the Dragons and the Elohims. The ones with the beak are called carians. Bird-people live in 6 D.

      • Well, Yahweh has been arrested with Cronos and Kor. Archangel Michael and a few angels did it ( I am talking recently ). However, I am not sure if we are talking about the same Yahwe 🙂 maybe the kids were indigos or something..

      • They impersonate all the time.. the fallen ones and the dark ones..

      • Yeah, and that is what throws me. Thanks, Virginia.

      • How do you know Archangel Michael arrested them?


  16. Anonymous Rex is a good film at portraying holographic morphing devices. Also Stargate SG-1 Season 6 Ep 14 – Smoke & Mirrors has ‘mimicking’ devices

  17. what about this?

    • An escapee from a genetics lab. Seen something similar in Project Seagate. –A.M.


  19. i´m sorry please erase those replicate videos this is the one i wanted you to see

  20. please erase those videos that are replicate now this is the one

  21. So what’s your opinion on the “Codec” explanation of news reporters and politicians shape shifting?

  22. http://www.adn.com/2012/12/05/2713510/officials-serbias-nato-ambassador.html
    Any idea what may have happened here? Serbia’s NATO ambassador was talking with friends, walked away from them and threw himself off the building to his death.

  23. It would be physically possible for an entity to rapidly shapeshift if it were a compound and complex creature made up of several million or billion nanobots, each of which is able to retain some sort of consciousness or artificial intelligence by which it would retain the last set of commands and thus know how to regroup. All of these nanobots (or atomic/subatomic bots, which a higher intelligence may be capable of producing) would be a “hive mind” and on a macro level would appear to be one “transformer” type creature, but in reality this creature would be made up of several microscopic creatures (much like we are made of cells) which act in unison and for the purpose of efficient work on the macro level (since it takes a long time for micro changes to become macro changes).

    If such an entity did exist it could seemingly change shape instantly, seemingly pass through solid objects, and at times seemingly disappear into thin air. It would also have the capability of entering bodies of flesh and would be virtually undetectable to anyone not looking for it, especially if our current worldview holds that consciousness or a retention of it cannot exist at such miniscule levels.

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