Do Not Eat the Roaches

This is what happens when people try to follow in the footsteps of the RAKMEiSTER.



24 Responses

  1. oh the humanity…

  2. Yeah, lol. They thought the roaches poisoned him at first. but, our roaches are raised by us they said. My pits won’t eat roaches and they will eat anything, like cans and cell phones. Roaches aren’t natural to this planet, not in 3d anyway. I hate the nasty things.

  3. well, what sane person would eat a roach..

  4. This question for the Idylwild Group is off topic so I apologize in advance. I don’t know if this has been addressed, but what is the story with Jesse Ventura?
    Is he on the side of the good guys or bad guys? This season of Conspiracy Theory has caught my attention. I have been surprised to see discussion of Reptillian shape shifters, death ray particle beam weapons, and time travel on cable tv.

    • He is a Brethren of the White Robe. He was recently on Hope with Mr. FWH. — DN

      • Thanks DN! Wow, after reading your reply I got goosebumps and felt a wave of happiness. It’s a relief to know he’s White Robe because I love that guy. This will certainly lend some new perspective when I watch the move “Predator”, lol! When Mr. Ventura was a Seal, was he apart of the Seal Teams with a higher numerical value than 6 that fight Off-World?

      • now that lifts my soul always thought highly of jesse

      • jessie ain’t got time to bleed lol!

  5. A man ate bugs to win a snake,
    He ate them live, did not shake ‘n bake.

    Heed this kids, a word to the wise,
    Cockroach choking’s no python prize.

    Listen to me this i will tell,
    you be careful for you’ll not be ending well.

    For in the coffin you will forever sleep,
    Never counting the countless sheep.

    When everything is finally said,
    You will be no more but forever dead.

    This is Citizen Zero i catch you later,
    Its time hunt my favorite gator.

    • citizen zero- hey! your a poet- i didn’t know it- see ya later -hunt your gator!( if it is a real gator- i hope you don’t catch him lol)

  6. Here’s a link to an interesting story regarding James Holmes. Don’t know how accurate it is but it’s worth a read. A Colorado inmate alleges that he had conversations with James Holmes when in jail and Holmes stated that he believes he was programmed by his “therapist” to commit the Batman shootings.

  7. Is he related to the Stiffmeister?

  8. Does p’taah have any link with the serpent brotherhood? It bothers me a lot because this could mean something is ironic…

    • P’Taah is an Ishwich and Semjase’s father. –DN

  9. Who do we refer to when they speak of “the domain” and the “old empire”?

  10. Here is the original video of the Fla. roach-eating winner a few minutes before his death;

  11. Any idea what these rods are? Please? They come down like rain, webs fall with them and they don’t build up on the ground. Different shapes and colors.

    • They are living creatures who cannot be seen in the light spectrum of your naked eye. –DN

      • 🙂 Thank you, Dominique.

  12. Apparently this new movie Cloud Atlas is coming out talking about alternate universes and everything being interconnectd.. these guys are also the Creators of. The Matrix. Who are these writers and producers that kno so nuch about reality?:

  13. Idylwild Group or anyone else that wants to look into this.

    Have you heard of The Warning? Go to and go to The Warning tap and click on the things in that file. It seems to describe something like the timequake, but there is no 5th dimension ascension in these prophecies. Has 5th dimensional ascension been stopped or is there something you can do about it? These prophecies do not talk about it.

    • Not all prophecies are accuate. Prophecies are warning signs to the road ahead, so you can change your course or speed; predictions are based on timeline issues. –A.M.

      • You are the first I am aware of to admit this, Aaron. Thank you so much for your knowledge, wisdom and truth.

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