The Coming Mantoid Invasion

The Mantis Consortium of Antares are planning, with the help of the Negative Annunaki Collective, an earth invasion of Dec. 12. Yes, 12/12/12.

Do not give in to fear when their massive ships begin to show up. Smaller ones already have. The Mantoid Agenda is upping its activities. See this warning.

The positive Mantis beings of the 7th dimension are working with the Arcturians on this.


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  1. Ouch! Here we go. Can you remind us please of what their ships, all sizes, look like? No fear. 🙂

    • You guys have been really busy. Thank you.

    • Chenhua,

      Please clarify. Are there two group of Mantis? one the Mantis Consortium of Antares working with the Annunaki Collective ( I assume also 7 D) , and one the positive Mantis beings of the 7th dimension? You said do not be in fear of their massive ships begin to show up.

      Do both groups look the same? The drawings you showed, are they the bad guys? If we can see their ships, then they will be in 3 D.

      How can we tell the difference between the good ones and the bad ones? I suppose it is not important for humans to know then difference, as long as each group can tell the difference, in space.

      Are the ships different?

      If it is an invasion, are they planning to actually land on earth? Because if they do land on earth, we should have some way to tell the difference!

      Blessings, dianehelen

      PS: I could not open the link, so I am sorry if these questions were already answered in the link.

      • There are postitive ancient mantoids and negative hybrid ones in various frequencies and factions, just like humanouds. –DN

    • Chenhua,

      So, they are PLANNING an invasion on 12/12/12, but can this scenario be changed?

      Many scenarios’ posted on FWH’s blog did not, Thank God/Goddess/FWH/The Idylwild Group and others, happen.

      Blessings, dianehelen

      • i have not seen any Mantoid so far

      • Chenhua,

        Please give us an update on the scheduled earth invasion of Dec. 12. Yes, 12/12/12..

    • so a few years ago a praying mantis- was caught in between the windows of my kitchen- strange i love and respect all forms of life-there he was- beautiful- bright yellow and black- and i knew if i did not rescue him- he would die- so i carefully slid the window aside trying not to harm – he was beautiful- then i gently took a paper towel and took him outside and put him on flower bush he was beautiful

      • The small mantis insects you see are like fairyfolk — spiritual and simple, yet profound. –A.M.

      • How lovely. I have never seen a preying mantis,
        I have a serious question. I found this site by accident. Is this a site for Gamers, is this invasion thing a game like Warcraft? If it is serious then why is it not all over the News? Just asking.

      • 🙂 Not a game site. This is reality.

      • MSM won’t cover the truth. That is why this info is not broadly known. It should be.

      • Ummm… Quadrant 9, this is very real. Read the blog confessions of a former white hat and get up to date.

  2. so the goodguy ETs will step in to help great news!

    why not just give them some draino to get drunk & they will drink themselves to death???

  3. And what is it they are planning to do to us?

    Also, I was reading that when we die our souls are stuck in the matrix and we get reincarnated in this hell and there’s no way of getting out of here because our whole universe is under this matrix. Even that higher dimensional beings are actually within our matrix as well and we will never be able to leave until we do enough spiritual work to ask to leave upon our physical death. And no one will be able to help us get out from under the cabal.

    I find this very disturbing and wonder what others think about this. Disinfo?

    • Souls are attached to planets. Until one has worked out all karmic issues on this earth, the soul will continue to reincarnte on this earth. To break from the cycle, one would need to die in space or on another planet or in another dimension/universe. –Chenhua

      • Chenua, how does karma apply to starseeds? I was hyponotized once, after never feeling like I fit in here, and my subconscious took over my body and said I was not from Earth. It was really weird, but it happened and I had no control over what I was saying. My mind was completely blank too like I wasn’t in my body or was pushed aside.

        Are souls from other planets just visiting here or were we transferred here or what? Or have I just gone mad….

      • Chenhua says it depends on what kind of karma the starseed builds up, if any. The ETs who monitor starseeds will usually pick up a fellow starseed on the verge of death to make sure death occurs on the ship or back on the home planet, so that soul will not be trapped in earth karma. But sometimes it happens, and some starseeds will have to continue with another human life, or several. –D.N.

      • Thank you for clarifying this!!

      • Thank you for the explanation. Can you explain why starseeds are here? Why not just have earth souls here? I certainly don’t know why I am here.

      • And how do we know that Karma is not just another construct like religion to chain us to this earth matrix. Or a way to make us think we’re moving on to another planet because we’ve served our “karmic debts” but that other place is really just part of the planets contained in the bigger matrix? Can we really ever be free?

      • Only one way to know…check out. 😉 –D.N.

      • lol

      • I have read that the positive ets have ride the planet of the old matrix of karma so we can live are life how it was ment to be. I this not true or have so truth to it?

      • That is a Cabal decpetion to make you “feel safe.” The war is still on. –D.N.

      • dear chehua-i have had experiences with a race- i do not remember where i come from-they came to visit me when i was 4 years old-they came again when i died and there were three of them at my bedside- dressed in blue robes and asked me to go with them- one of them came when my son was 6 weeks old and saved his life- i want to know where my home is- can you tell me please- who they are and where my home is- thankyou so much- love and light to you

      • So my next question is when the cabal is gone will there still be a karma matrix or will that go away once the cabal is gone?

      • good question! –DN

      • how long would it take for someone to reincarnate? – is it instant or does it take time?

    • Kelly We must move beyond our karma by doing spiritual practice. Spiritual practice will free us from our negative karma. We must stop doing negative karma and do positive karma.

      • Like FWH said, get your pineal working. 🙂 Allow the energy that is permeating the planet to course through you. From Gaia where you are rooted, through the crown from our cosmic source. Allow the kundalini awakening that is happening all over the planet, this is ascension.

  4. Yeah fucking mantis, come to me motherfuckers I am ready to die and/or fuck you up.

    • chenhua- these beings are with me all the time-they are a blue white light surrounding be everyday- just as i appeared when i left my physical body- sorry for mis spelling your name- i felt so much love when they come to me- like i belong with them and they are my family- please inform who they are- thankyou so much

    • The most powerful weapon you can bring to the alien fight against the Mantis is Love.

      Now if one Mantis got a weapon to kill you and you have nothing to defend yourself, well i hear prayers work. besides without anything to defend yourself or anyone to help you…its the only option you got left. but think in the brightside of things, Karma will correct things out between you and that Mantis being.

      You and the Mantis will be locked together like two seeds in a pod. Human and Mantis side by side….just think about it….you and this Mantis will talk things out when both of you die in the physical bodies. both you and the insect will talk about how you will kill it in the next life and it will agree to die because its how Karma will want it that way. Mantis will say:”okay kill me in my next body” and you say:”okay Mantis lets do it” and give each other a hug and both of you can become friends after you kill the Mantis in the next life. lol

      • Love works against reptoids and bad greys but a mantoid can deflect love. The best weapon against a mantis is a splid laser rifle, chop off ts wings, legs and head. Blind it first and it cannot find you. –A.M.

      • hehe are those lasers available online? right. lol

  5. I read a certain alien group have selected people for consciousness takeover in Australia on the 13th of November and they plan on carrying out another takeover in New York on the 12th of December. She didn’t name the group but said they are evil. Read it here:

    Now that you said this about the Mantoids I wonder if the sound they emit to lull people is like the buzz of a cicada. On Monday last week, I was fine in the morning and by 11:30 I was receiving a strange high pitched tone in my left ear, It felt like EMF or something and it scared me a little. It didn’t go away, I thought I would go mad. I ended up getting it checked and it was a terrible ear infection and hopefully not anything more sinister.

    Another strange thing I read recently about an event horizon: a news item on the Sorcha Faal site having to do with DARPA and the SyNapse computer. Yes it has a mind of it’s own.

    We all should hold on to our will and fight this as much as possible.

    • This is indeed the Mantoid Consortium on Antares at work. They do emit an insectoid sound like cicadas, which will render you in a hypnotic state. If you hear these sounds in areas where cicadas are not natural, it is imperative you fight it: consciously reject it, put on headphones, or get the hell out of the area! –A.M.

    • I didn’t realize your link would lead to Amitakh’s site. Sorry for the duplication of info.

    • I get the high pitch buzzing in my left ear too. It’s been going on for months. I thought it was EMF as well. When I sense it I also feel a weird feeling intuitively like its purposeful and not EMF. I have also felt a strange energy around when it happens. Doesn’t feel good and thought it might be a sign of timeline shifts or earth changes or even a remnant of being sick.

      • Hi strseed,
        Hopefully it is not a takeover. I saw your post where you asked why you are here. Have you read any of Dr. Boylan’s work? If you contact him he could possibly help you figure out why you are here. Also, you could find your answer on flyingbuffaloes Oppa. She tells that celestial children are sometimes part of the rescue mission of the light. It is really interesting! You seem young I wish you well.

      • Thanks for the idea Joynoclones. After reading about Boylan and his idea that he is Concillor of Earth, I am more than suspect that he has true information. After reading this blog and FWH, I am more than skeptical of anyone claiming such things and saying they are bringing light to the planet. I am not young, just seeking answers to unexplainable happenings…

      • I know what you mean, that is strange about him stating he is the councilor. But, then again, think about the site we are on and the unbelievable topics discussed here. Like the Tolec thing, my bs radar went off when I read that. All I can do is keep an open mind and share what I can just in case it is the real thing. In my search for truth I came upon FWH. Nobody I know would believe one iota of the postings here. I believe in Amitakh’s prophesies even though the agents of darkness are trying to shut her up by trying to discredit her and spreading around that she is a lunatic. Isn’t that what they always do when someone speaks the truth? It’s so difficult to discern the truth from the false in all aspects of the world these days.

        I wish you well in your search.

  6. the arcturians said earth has been quarenteened, so that is not true? meaning no one can getin or out


    • The quarantine goes both ways.

      • Chenhua,
        I understand from Alex Collier’s videos that a “bridge to another world/time?) was created with the Montauk experiment’s. So, if the “The quarantine goes both ways” , then there have been breaches of the Quarantine in the past, right?

      • Chenhua,

        So, technically if the Anunnaki/Nibiruians were given permission to pick up their mining equipment and resources left behind, then they are not violating the quarantine. Has permission been given to breach the quarantine, recently? like do the positive Mantis beings, have to obtain permission to enter, and help us?
        Blessings, dianehelen

  7. just ran into 2 fat ugly matoid like humanoids singing karaoke
    they were wart faced with rotten teeth so it was pretty obvious they
    hate dentists lol
    What do u guys think of my intuitive radar???
    they just stuck out like a sore thumb not being nice to any regualars

    • Oh yeah I met some like that too. The appear to be mutants and have Roman hands and Russian fingers. Females beware!

  8. oh yeah IAM in queen ny so ready to rock

  9. Im ready to meet my old friend or enemy from Galatic War time. Seeing these stupid monkeys talking to me about shitty problems make me sick.
    Yeah, Earth humans need some lessons of alien invasion to break out their belief that they are the only conscious monkeys on this Universe…

    • These stupid VietNam monkeys around me are sending to me their love but in low vibration.
      They dont understand love emotion in low vibration could quickly change to angry emotion.

  10. Could you give us some of your info on amitakh stanford? They say shes a lunatic.

    • She is not on our radar. –D.N.

      • any validity to this?

        Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas (Light Workers)

        I am an extraterrestrial being – code name – Amitakh. I came to the Earth as a “walk-in”.

        One of my main responsibilities has been to keep close tabs on an evil alien being – code name – Ikluk.

        The ruling elite are intimidated by my writings. The beings of Darkness try all sorts of ways to link me with Ikluk, who has “re-incarnated” on Earth many times over millennia.

        He has taken on many identities, such as:
        Aaron (brother/cousin of Moses)
        John the Baptist
        King Arthur
        in his current “incarnation” he has taken on a relatively insignificant body as a small-town medical doctor known as Joseph Chiappalone
        In order to attempt to discredit me, the ruling elite have deliberately tried to link me and my work with Ikluk on the internet via many ruling elite websites, which include search engines, bulletin boards, and other types of websites.

        It is now time to make certain announcements:

        As a young girl of ten, I knew that I would meet up with a doctor and that I would be associated with him in some spiritual sense. I was also given the signs by which I could recognize this doctor. As an adult, I met Chiappalone in Melbourne, Australia. I was asked by Babaji of Haidakhan to give Ikluk a message. The archons of Darkness have twisted my story to suit themselves.

        I was ordered to marry Ikluk, which I did. It was a horrible experience from the very start, but I knew that I had to endure it.

        Before meeting Ikluk, I met up with an alien colleague known affectionately to many as Sinclair (Burnley Naylor), who was assigned to assist me in the work of the Light. Ikluk was threatened by Sinclair. Darkness managed to take Sinclair out of the scene. When that happened, I lost a very good friend and assistant in the process.

        After Sinclair died in a car accident, he and Babaji of Haidakhan came back to visit me in very physical forms, solid enough to touch and hold. We discussed many things, one of which was that a part of Sinclair would one day be with me to take over the role that he could not complete, and that this part would look out for me.

        The True Light has poured tremendous, unconditional love into Ikluk lifetime after lifetime to help him return to the Light. This lifetime was no different. I, as well as others around Ikluk, have poured endless love into him in this and other lifetimes. But, Ikluk has rejected that love and abused it.

        Chiappalone was given the chance to give a message of Light in this lifetime. Instead, he corrupted the message to suit himself. He converted the teaching by mixing some of the truth he was given with Darkness’ message. What resulted was a message filled with half-truths, which he added to the extant and already corrupted Gnostic teachings. This resulted in a corrupted blend of previously corrupted teachings. Chiappalone’s half-truths were left in place to give him time to return to the Light, which would have made the entire Rescue Mission of the Light so much easier.

        However, not only will Ikluk not return to the Light, he is trying to take as many down with him as possible. Darkness and Its archons all try to take the Will of True-Light beings by whatever means. That is why it is so important to hold onto one’s Will.

        During my marriage to Ikluk, I was subjected to his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse. He humiliated me and put me down. He also beat me up regularly. During one of the beatings, he punched me so many times that I fell to the ground. Then he pulled me up by my hair, dragged me by my hair for about 30 meters and threw me through the front door of the house. He then banged my head against the wall several times, shouting abuse at me. I lost consciousness and was hospitalized from the beating.

        Of all the beatings I endured from him, this is the only one Chiappalone admitted to doing. He probably admitted doing this one because he thought it was very possible that I could have died, and he was trying to mitigate his culpability by claiming that it was an impulsive, domestic dispute. However, after I recovered from this horrible beating, he has thereafter denied it ever happened, but the hospital records show otherwise.

        Because of the work I was doing in trying to bring Ikluk back to the Light, I endured frequent beatings from him and many other abuses. He has also assaulted and abused others who have disagreed with him. However, I could not intervene because it was not time. In other words, he was still being given chances to return to the Light.

        One day, he charged at me in the bathroom and pinned me against the wall and punched me repeatedly. This brutal beating ended the marriage. I broke away from him. Moreover, it was time for me to enter the next phase of my work, which included giving out the Light’s Message in an uncorrupted form.

        Since Chiappalone would not return to the Light, he could not be a part of this work.

        By the time I started this phase of the work, I had regained most of my “memories” about my responsibilities, mission and identity. It was during this time that I met my present husband, Steffan, who, it was later revealed, was Burnley’s son. No wonder Burnley intimated that a part of him would be with me later.

        Ikluk has continued to harass and stalk me to this day. He has continued his lying and murderous ways. Like the White Buffalo Calf Ikluk killed when he was Kirok, Chiappalone killed the White Buffalo Calf again in this life. The White Buffalo Calf was named Tchaikovsky. Four people witnessed Chiappalone approach Tchaikovsky before he killed him by injecting poison into our beautiful, healthy, five-month old white puppy.

        Despite there being four witnesses to this atrocious act, Chiappalone denies ever being near the puppy. Tchaikovsky protected me from Ikluk’s wrath by taking my place. The needle was intended for me, but Tchaikovsky took it.

        Ikluk has had many chances to return to the Light, but he rejects the Light and has chosen to remain forever in Darkness.

        Ikluk pretends to be of the Light. He pretends to be fighting for the Light. But, he lies, deceives and murders True-Light beings. He does not work for the Light, but, in fact, is anti-Light. In this lifetime, he is the embodiment of the Anti-Christ Energy.

        Many Attas of the Light, including beings known as Merlin, Haidakhan Babaji and Thomas, are assisting me in the Rescue Mission. Our aim is to bring Home all the True-Light beings after they have been freed from the bondage of Darkness. The particles of Light that are trapped in Darkness will soon be liberated and eventually returned to their True Creation.

        The beings of Darkness and their archons will be separated forever from the beings of Light.

        Many thanks to all the beings of Light who have tirelessly worked whilst enduring abuse, humiliation and suffering at the hands of Darkness. I congratulate all of those beings of Light who have persevered and remained faithful to the Light, despite all of the horrible things that Darkness has thrown at them. Indeed, all of these are true warriors of the Light.

        The confrontation between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy is finally completed.

        It is done.

        It is finished.

        Came across this researching amitakh.

        GOD BLESS
        LOVE TO ALL

      • An insane person, not an ET, hahaha. –DN

    • If you read her book and other postings on her site backed up with photo evidence, it would appear she is not a lunatic

  11. i would rather have mantoid ET’s than most of the humans in my area….we are the ones we should be most worried they look like mantis??..i love praying mantis…one of my favourite things in nature….do they work on a level of the high heart or are they less evolved….??

    • by the way i am in australia….are they more inclined toward stealing those that are less spiritually evolved souls like the sheep or do they go for those attaining enlightenment? there are several “different” sounds amongst the cicadas at night here at the moment…if you are meditating and working with the light prior to sleep does this protect you?

  12. I just happened on this information ( updates followed closely by Top level Pentagon Members, Think Tank Members, World Wide Intel. Top Level )
    (( sincerest thanks to theidylwildgroup & so many many other Top Fantastic Individuals For Your Sacrifice, Courage, Excellence, Stamina & Persistence In freeing All The Good! Thank You All !!!

    ETs/EDs–Huge Interdimensional War Vs. Reptoids! The Ripcord Effect!
    By John Kettler On November 24, 2012

    ETs/EDs Fight Titanic War Over 20 Dimensions Simultaneously
    ETs/EDs Fight Titanic War Over 20 Dimensions Simultaneously

    Fair warning to those who believe the Reptoids are gone or nearly gone. This post is likely to not merely push your buttons but enrage you. This post is NOT for anyone who can’t handle reality, is underage, seriously ill or mentally ill/highly unstable. You have been warned! Ts/Eds

    The ETs/ EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces, aided by some 500,000 dark worlds, simultaneously fought the Reptoid hordes, sustaining heavy casualties, many disabled by awful toxins, but stopping the stagnation and breakdown of Earth and conditions here. Enslaved and attacked as we are here, it’s important to emphatically understand we aren’t alone. Rather, Earth is but one of ~ a million worlds trying to break free from the yoke of Reptoid/Cabal/NWO (New World Order) subjugation. The recently concluded war is the de facto admission of this terrifying to some truth.

    Had hundreds of thousands of other worlds not jumped in, disaster would’ve ensued. That epic war freed? A whole three worlds. We’d expected far more to be freed, but they’re all we got. We won no Waterloo here. The Reptoids are far from beaten. But we won some breathing space, halted a high rate slide toward the abyss and are now enjoying unprecedented levels of support.

    What follows is, with minor tweaks, from one of the Ground Contingents, supplemented by insights from certain senior members of the Liberation Forces. Some of you, who are telepathic, may’ve endured your own version of the dire experiences described. I sure did, and I was only winged. Nor is this some abstract “war in the heavens.” Those with whom I communicated were laid waste, here on Earth, by those same dread poisons. They were laid up for days, puked uncontrollably and were barely able to eat anything. Recovery has been slow, agonizing and frustrating, but they did eventually manage to revive to the point where they could eat a splendid Thanksgiving dinner. A minor miracle in itself!

    The terms “lizard” and “lizards” are used by this Ground Contingent for the more familiar to you “Reptoid” and Reptoids.”
    ETs/ EDs & The Universe-Strategic Situation

    Because the lizard armies are 100 soldiers deep, it was impossible for any one of the 1 million worlds to get free. We had planned for years in Earth time, and much longer in the time of worlds in different timelines, how to devise a way for all of us to rebel at once.

    The theory was to spread out the lizard forces so at least some of us would get free, and if necessary, come back to free more. We had considered the witches operating from other dimensions and their various stealth abilities to implant terrible devices, and hurl toxic substances. We had also considered the upper dimension demon-psychopath creator beings. The plan was named Operation Ripcord, so when one planet aggressively challenged the Cabal, the rest of those enslaved worlds included in this plan would raise their armies and go to war.

    The signal to start all this was a small skirmish. That occurred on November 13, 2012. This was when we discovered the horrifying strength of the witches and their use of poison. We considered stopping then, but the collective decision to continue was based on the premise we were ready, there would never be a better time than now, and we had hardly anything left to lose.

    On the 15th of November in Earth time, we yanked the ripcord, and a massive advance against the lizard armies began. World after world rose up in majestic sequence, like the largest mass paratrooper jump’s chutes blossoming in the cerulean sky. Since the war encompassed 20 dimensions at once, we thought we had a chance. Our main error was in grossly underestimating the strength of the poison bullets, pellets, and major bombs used by the demonic armies against us. There were hundreds of 300-ft. tall fiends, along with an army of witches behind what appeared to be machine guns, firing poison. Those hit became instantly ill, vomiting for hours. This reduced our army considerably. Our lack of judgment about the witches became compounded when they were killed or taken out, for they reappeared by magic and took hold of their “guns” again. Our ability to stop them grew increasingly feeble.

    We had to transfer our energies to the major creators who manifested these witches and join our Positive Creator Beings in that battle. To kill the witches, we had to bring down their monster masters. Again, at this level, our little ships were hard pressed to score, but we (the Liberation Forces) did suficient damage to be of assistance. Here, the awful scene was of lightning, roiling black clouds and poisonous fireballs flung from massive hostile formations.

    While all this unfolded, a call for help went out to millions of other worlds, and more sent armies. The horror now spread. The poisons dripping and infusing galaxies untold permeated and affected far more worlds than we had planned. Many of the 1 million enslaved words are like Earth—the inhabitants have no clue what is happening. Long shut down by the same educational programs limiting their populaces’ ability to truly perceive, understand and act, these other worlds have few ways of getting information.

    About 1/2 of the 1 million dark worlds were able to participate in some way. Earth is shut down more than some and less than others. Nevertheless, Earth could not participate; we here are that crippled. While the population suffered over a voting machine scandal, other worlds were sacrificing lives to get free. The only way to rebuild the population is to focus on mind, body, emotion healing modalities to bring back the memories so you know your place in creation. You are not here because you are “nobody,” for it would be useless for the less motivated to be in prison. You are here because at one time you challenged, questioned or threated the psychopathic realms. You are dangerous! If you could only remember!
    ETs/EDs Call In The Big Guns!

    The situation deteriorated. A call for help to our Parent Creators went out, but it seemed hours passed before they arrived. Three of their ships, 10 times the size of the average ET ship, got the situation under control. They now hover over their damaged children, planning and patrolling. The good news is the stagnation of Earth and her fellow prisoners has stopped. Lack of funding is no longer an issue. Lack of recovery, organization and a plan to move forward constitute our new problem—but our armies are mending and not ready to take on the task of clearing out standard-issue, mentally ill leadership.

    The Parent Creators had just finished a similar war in their own realms, after having abandoned us. Left for trillions of years on our own, our situation devolved into what it is now. Only several months ago, a reconnection established a new level of support. To address the issues of our demon predators, the parents upgraded their ships and have been wreaking havoc among the various levels and organizations of reptilian control. The plan was to thin them out into a manageable load. If the Parent Creators had not been in our realm, it would have taken days for their arrival. With their current experience, they bring substantial information of how to educate and upgrade the populations of the dark worlds. In fact, medical personnel have already been brought in for consultation and to help develop a new healing strategy.

    youtube search

    * !!Tolec Update – 12/21/2012 What will happen To Earth, Us, Our Solar System-short summary

    * !!! TOLEC – What Will Happen Dec. 21, 2012 To Earth, Us, Our Sun, Our Solar System – Full Interview Read through Archives, Videos, Articles, Pdfs, and all pages)

    * !!!Alex Collier – NWO, Earth, Us..What is to Happen-Critical info- w/ Rebecca Jernigan-Sept.11.2012 ( Last Interview of Alex Collier, Alex Collier Is Retiring From Interviews and Trying To restore his family & his life)

    theidylwildgroup members What are your thoughts on the above ?

    Thank You & Everyone Fight this Hellish Force !

    • Bill,

      WordPress and the Idylwild Group believe in the freedom of speech, so you can post whatever you want.

      You seem to be misinformed or ill-informed about 4 of the 5 people you showed on your post.

      The only GOOD Guy is Alex Collier.
      ~ Much love for Alex ~~(¯`v´¯)

      ( who is off-world and being taken good care of!)

      Confessions of a Former White Hat blog, has been very clear about Tolec, Rebecca Jernigan, Thomas Hughes and John Kettler.

      Tolec; is an Artificial Intelligence, a program, to spread disinfo

      Rebecca Jernigan: Dark Madame for the Priory of Dracos

      Thomas Hughes: BS

      John Kettler: Cabal disinformation

      Information from above ^^^ sources will need to be very closely deciphered, to find the truth from the disinformation.

      I usually do not even waste my time with them.

      I highly recommend that you do more research on the six months worth of Blogs, on the Former White Hat site.

      The Idylwild Group was chosen by FWH to carry on his mission after he left and went off-world.

      It would be a productive use of the Idylwild’s valuable time, to ask questions about people, that have NOT already been asked and answered. IMHO

      Blessings, dianehelen

      • Please help support Alex Collier. He cannot obtain employment and needs our help. is his website. Thank you.

  13. I’ve just read John kettles latest post. If true there is a massive war going on with the reptilians at the moment. It sounds so unbelievable, but truth is stranger than fiction so they say. Is some or all of what he posts true? I know Fwh did not think much of him, but than again some of his information sounds very similar to what Fwh use to post.

    • There are wars going on multi-dimensionally and across the universes. –D.N.

      • Familiar with the “dark wars”?

  14. I think this plan will be curtailed – it would break too many cosmic laws to be allowed by the positive spiritual agencies an arm of which I am sure you serve -by the way thank you

  15. Can you please ask Olein how one destroys Diamond Spiders. And what happend on the moons of Saturn regarding the Diamond Spiders with that war. I have had one in my house. Very big, black with red eyes. The legs are very thin and its main body is of course Diamond shaped. When i first saw it it looked at me and i just looked at it. It was a warning from some Reptilians. The only thing i could do was to walk frigh by it and into the next room. And that was the end of that. I have seen it again unclocked just alittle along with two reptilians. It is important i need to know as much as possible these Diamond Spiders there weakness and strenghs. Thank you kind regards William.

    • Diamond Spiders can only be killed using specialized Plejaran/Procyonian sopnic cannons, which pry the diamond shell from the body. Conventional weapons and lasers cannot penetrate the diamond exoskeleton. I believe Mr. FWH had written something about that, if I recall. Before the larvae spider can grow the exo-skeleton, as we saw in India, they feed on human (or any lifeform) blood, which they first alter after injecting a poison. The person might appear dead, then wake up, at which point the blood if ripe for ingestion. –D.N.

  16. Thank you for keeping us informed….Question, are the ‘stars’ that are appearing everywhere, the one that flash all colors, mantoid, or good guys?i used to only see a couple, now, more and more. Or are they satellites, like some people think?

    • From what i know in regards to the “flashing stars” is that they are the positive E.T.’s (Good Guys if you will). they are currently stationary around us.

      Trust me there not negative, consider it like our parents when we were kids, as they watch us play in the backyard with friends to make sure we don’t do nothing to harm ourselves or destroy the flower garden. meaning blow ourselves up and this planet symbolically speaking of course.

  17. Is the information aquired from Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy during the interview with an ET grey considered genuine?

    • Great question!

  18. strange phenomenon on polish ski last week…

    any data on this will be appreciated.

    • Poland has been chosen as a feeding ground for the reptilians coing out of ground and in ships. They are hungry. The chemtrail marked people suitable for reptoid dinner. Seriously. –AM

      • damn… that land has a history full of predatory attacks… first the russians, then the french empire, then hitler and their concentration camps, then again the russians with stalin, now the reptilians… poor polski friends.

      • haha 2 ships are out there tonight.

      • No shit? lol So they like Polish.

      • Forgot to ask, Aaron. Any idea why the Annunaki are in this mostly rural area, ne texas? They aren’t the only ones to be here recently. Please? 🙂

      • Who knows. The beer? –AM

      • 🙂 The universe loves beer.

  19. personally, myself….with intent, desire via meditation. I am focusing on the pulse of gaia, the solar flares coming into earth the metamorphosis or transformation humans and our ascension. all these other things are fine if you plan on being around per your soul contract for the catostrophic earth B, I would’nt give it to much entertainment if you are experiencing all the waves of energies that are coming in…

  20. A channelling by Mike Quinsey from Salusa (Of The Galactic Federation of Light) – November 26 says… a special event planned for 12/12/12… FWH said theres no such thing as beings who are of the light that channel. Is this the cabals way to reel us in and get us on the ships? To enslave us on another planet while they enjoy the paradise 4D earth?

    • The “galactic federation” channelings give you some true information, but it’s mostly disinformation designed to give you false hope, and to cover up what really goes on behind the scenes.

  21. Do you guys know anything about a British magician named Dynamo?

  22. This Message Is Very Powerful With !!!! information in “show more” area under video & in the comments area

    * Youtube search title

    NWO – !!! CRITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT – (A Must Listen Now) Concerning WHAT IS TO HAPPEN

    • yes “the announcement” from the andromedian council old video shared it in FWH’s blog by FWH himself

    • Hey Dominique, is the previous comment more of the same kind of “Galactic Federation” disinfo?

    • in fwh he added “we are here”

      • I wonder……if is this why my dreams have all but disappeared. I dream every time i sleep, but it’s not the same. I have limited memory and I am doing prep work of some kind while my body sleeps.

  23. I’m just wondering, what is going in with the airports today? Chicago airports closed and others maybe? I couldn’t find anything about it online.

  24. Have you guys and girls heard if the crystals underground? There are 11of them supposely and there are all activated. Are they indeed activated and is the 11thgalactic gate opened? I have been told that everything is going very well and all the brothers and sisters of light on the ground are just wrapping things up. Os non of that true?

    • Not all are activated yet. -AM

      • we are helping in this regard… more portals and grid connections to go.keep using your crystals your connections and intentions helps us greatly ..;)

  25. Now, I cant eat anything anymore. If I try to eat, I will get stomachache. My body now only needs pure water. I miss my chocolate ice-cream.
    Each dimension has its own law that soul need to obey. We will have peace, but need to give up many things.

    • I am experiencing the same. Food hurts my stomach. Only liquids. I have constant tingling of my legs especially, my body vibrates. Yesterday, I felt a pressure at the base of my spine, energy suddenly shot up to my head. A loud pop and an explosion of brilliant, blinding white light. I realize this is kundalini energy/ascension energy, but what do I do? lol Seriously. The pop and light startled me so that I lost what was happening. I think. I want to keep this going every day. Keep the pineal well functioning. Anyone with advice, please? Thanks.

      • I get the ringing in the ears, I swear it is differnt levels of sound, it is constant at night, I get the tingling sensation and chills.

      • Tinnitus anyone?

      • Not tinnitus. Some of them come and go in waves. Others move into one ear, your brain feels like it has been taken offline, and move through the head and out the other ear. Once it has moved through, your mind is back online again so to speak.

      • tolec is AI !

      • me too

      • 🙂 We’re in this together, one way or another, eh? Interesting symptoms, aren’t they. lol

    • Chuong2a,Risirius111 and Mary:This makes me so happy to hear from your true spiritual growth
      symptoms even they can be anoying some times. Mary, some one told me that the ringing might be cause ego fights back. i dont know. when i had my 24/7 ringing episodes i could not sleep and after a while i found my self makeing new childrens songs in my head in publicbus. i was happy but little sleep and
      i was loseing it also:D .The chils and are THE vibrations,resonates and frecuenzy rise. You can direct those chills where you feel energy is not flowing so well and also always can trye to boost the experience with more open heart love and visualize light. the best teacher
      is you your self and intuition and keep out of drama! also mary im massaging my eyebrows and ears to relax my could trye that also and of course nature and grounding. YES people KEEP ON ROCKING IN THE FREE WORLD 😀 and ouh yeah ofcourse when you vibrate,chill,resonate have rise your frecuenzy for constant. some people cant even see you anymore if they are in inuff low frecuenzy and if you start to talk to them they can get frighten that where the hell did you pop up from 😀 i want to hear from your experiences on this one later on..

      • Thank you, splitted. 🙂 I am having some very bizarre symptoms now and others I’ve heard are having this as well. My vision is horrid suddenly. I can’t focus on anything, just all blurs. Makes driving a real pain. Styes in the eyes as well. Others experiencing the same say it’s about clearing. I could really use some info here. Thanks.

      • risirius thaks for your always uplifting presence!
        im happy i dont own car these days :D. are you sure you are giving the nutrions your body needs? im not guru so thats why im with these physical reasons first. you know some times people are complaining back ackes of “ascension” symptoms but many times it comes from the malfunktionin under moveing hips. if you cant eat maybe spirulina etc licuids makes the job that its easyer to keep your progres on the right tracks. i know that quarts crystals loaded with sunlight can do good for your drinking water.REALLY! and use your intuition so stretch your eyes,u know look up and side directions and use your hands.
        idont know is this good advice but you could trie spinning from left to right 22 or 33 times and when stop bring palms to geather on chest level,focus your eye sight on spot and breathe. thats atrechnic from barbara marciniac and there is big
        responcability what kind of info to put further. thats why i usually Wont do it if im not sure its for the best. and with spinning im not sure but they do it in tibet and in india so why not. Risirius! me my self asked help when im down and believe me many decitions i have made havent been for the best of my well being and for others. I try to not judge my self too hard cause what good i am for if im carrying burden of low frecuenzy.
        I have made mistakes but the cuestion is am i gonna repeat them. Aaron wrote that the palestinian situation of compassion is about consciouness change,What better news could you get?
        All the work what has sometimes felt for nothing is giving the seads to blossom the true freedom what we can be on this planet.please please keep the love vibrations high. this time
        its even more important! if you read this and you feel you can, please visualize the unconditional love and send it all around you like a ring of frequency. This is infowar but not for the drama whats on the media tv and internet

      • We must awaken to the fact that none of this “reality” would exist for us if we would just realize our way out of this matrix. Don’t believe anything you see, hear, or read that does not resonate highly with you. It is all being created by them through the matrix. We are only subject to it if we believe it. 🙂 Matrix busting….don’t buy into it. Refuse to be a part of it. I have escaped astral abductions simply by “refusing to look” at what was happening to me. In other words, I didn’t buy into what I was experiencing and I always escaped.

    • me too same thing!

  26. no photo’s?

  27. I have 17 cans of Raid. I’m ready!

  28. This is a question for the Idylwild Group, but if there are any other positive beings who post here that may have some insights for me, their assistance is greatly appreciated. Here is my question: Can anyone tell me if I am a starseed or hybrid? I realize that people have posed this question before and the answer has typically been to look within one’s self for the answers but I really could use some help sorting things out. Here’s some background on me and why I have these questions. Prior to about a few weeks ago, I had been using DMT rather sporadically and in low doses. I have been doing this with a group of friends (who also follow FWH and TIG) in hopes of activating my pineal gland. So three weeks ago I had the opportunity to take a large dose of DMT in hopes of being able to astral project and leave my body for another dimension or travel through hyperspace. After I smoked a large dose, I started using vocal vibration experimenting with different pitches. My mates were there with me and also took varying doses of DMT and were matching my vocal tones with me. At this point I saw the typical Sacred Geometrical patterns and Vibrant colors. However, when I vibrated at a certain pitch, I had the feeling of leaving my body.

    Now here’s where it gets interesting…while I was “away” I felt as if I was in a space ship travelling through space and time. I got the feeling that perhaps other beings were out there with me and they were transmitting me instructions. I felt a lot of postive energy, however, I also became frightened. I think because at this moment, everything that FWH had told us and the info I had learned prior became very real. I sensed real danger but I also felt empowered because I felt like a powerful being when I was “out there” and I reigned in the fear. When I came back to, I quickly started losing the information that I had learned. At some point my friends and I started
    crying uncontrollably. Two of my friends said they felt a wave of my energy shoot through them. I felt emotionally and energetically drained. I also
    felt that I have some sort of mission to fulfill or some role to play.

    Here’s something that’s also very important. Two of my friends were observing my whole DMT trip and here’s where it gets weird… as I was beginning to leave my body and after, my friends saw my body morph and change. Before I lost awareness of my friends and the room altogether, I could hear my friends saying “do you see that? look at his hands” and “he’s an alien.” Apparently they saw parts of my body change and become larger in size and “ridges” appear on parts of my skin. According to them, my body was vibrating at a high rate and light and powerful waves of energy were being emmitted from my body. After this experience, it was all I could think about the whole week. The following weekend we all met up again for a repeat of this experince. I personally wanted to “go out there” again so that I could hopefully gain more answers.

    This next DMT trip was much diiferent. The previous week was very positive and it was a great experience that left me wanting more. However, this time as I took a large dose of the DMT and left my body, early on I became very frightened. In fact I was terrified. I sensed the Cabal and I sensed danger and I tried to wake my self up and come back to instead of “go out further.” All I wanted was to wake up. During this time my friends could see that something was troubling me but when I came to I could not explain what happened. During this trip my friends saw the same morphing and changing in my body. Another important point is that when I am on DMT vibrating vocally, I have perfect pitch. It’s like I transform into an opera singer! I can hold tones at
    all different ranges for very long periods of time with perfect pitch. I do not know how to explain this, because I cannot do this in my normal state.

    Now here’s what I would like to know. Am I some kind of hybrid? Is my light body activating? Am I safe when I am “out there” on DMT? During that second trip, I got the sense I was being attacked. Do I have a mission here? I’m not sure if what I felt was real or just the DMT “playing tricks” on my mind.
    Perhaps since I had thoughts of the Cabal and ET’s in my subconscious, maybe I just scared myself and all this was just a hallucination. I just don’t know how to explain the changes in my body my friends witnessed or the feeling that I felt when I was out there in the Astral Plane or wherever I was. It all felt very real to me. So are my friends and I just crazy? Please Idylwild Group or any positve light beings, any insight or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to remember who I am, or if I am someone, so I can excape this matrix.
    I hope this post makes sense, obviously I am trying to recount from memory and the thoughts I am trying to convey are very abstract and hard to put into words.
    Thank you in advance and love and light to all.

    • Yes you are a hybrid. But you must ask yourself: is this good or bad? The choice is yours. –AM

      • Cmdr. McCollum, after reading your reply all I could do was sit here dumbfounded for a while…at least I know my friends and I aren’t nuts. Thank you for the information.

        Now for the question you posed to me, is this good or bad? Without a doubt, it is a good thing. I know I am a positive being who embraces the white light and not a negative dark hybrid. My choice is to not give in to fear and to continue to fill my heart with love. So I guess the main question I have now is am I in any danger? If I am, will my relatives on the alien side of my DNA come to my defense?;) Are there any precautions I should take, being that I am sitting here in Cabal country? The two friends I mentioned in the above post were out hiking in the mountains about a month ago. It was becoming night time and they were in the process of heading home when they stumbled on to some people in full camo gear hurriedly putting away a tripod. My friends got the impression that they weren’t supposed to see them and immediately thought it was weird that the people were out there where they were, at night, with some kind of camera tripod and it freaked them out. As they were heading down the mountain these people in camo gear began to follow them. They had to hide somewhere in the woods and avoid them. When they told me this story, it concerned me but I figured we were all just being a bit paranoid. Maybe we aren’t so paranoid after all.

        Should I be concerned about my safety or am I insignificant enough that I am not a target? If it’s better for you to email me directly let me know… I have questions about my purpose here on 3D Earth, my alien make-up and what that entails, how this occurred (did I re-incarnate here, DNA manipulation?), Where is my home/alien race? etc. I know you guys have more pressing matters to attend to than answering all my questions but I am calling on you guys for much needed assistance. I am concerned with using DMT to find answers because last time I felt threatened in the astral plane. I don’t want to expose myself “out there” without knowing what the heck I am doing. This is a great day because I am a step closer to connecting to my true self. I’ve always felt out of place in this harsh 3D earth. I love you guys and thank you for being here to help us.

  29. I have a question, please. Last night in the east there was a ship of which I am not familiar. It was in shape kind of like the kaballah tree of life, an elongated octagon. Lights on each point and it seemed to be “standing”. It was really beautiful. Seemed kind of surreal, aerie, delicate. Any idea what this was and who? Thank you. 🙂

  30. Hello!

    Do you know anything about Ed Chiarini ( Is he for real?


  31. Can you please give us an update on Alex Collier? Last I heard, he was living out of his car.

    • That is a cover story to keep those who wish to harm huim guessing. The Cabal has assassins looking for him. He has been on the Andromeda biosphere. Do you really think his ET pals would let him live that bad? –AM

  32. I’ve got a question. I just came across some material today that claims our chakras system is not natural but imposed upon us in order to allow easier access for taking and manipulating our energies. Is that really true?

    Here’s the link to that content:

    • What do you think about this, Chenhua?

  33. Can you please provide a breakdown on the ships and occupants? As in what the ships look like and who is on board? Thanks. 🙂

  34. Saw this in my FB by a trusted info friend “Dutchsinse” and wondering if this could be the bad or good Mantoids approaching for the 12/12/12 plan? Anything on this?

    Cheers Idylwild group for all your help! 🙂 Glo

  35. Saw this in my FB by a trusted info friend “Dutchsinse” and wondering if this could be the bad or good Mantoids approaching for the 12/12/12 plan? Anything on this?

    Cheers Idylwild group for all your help! 🙂

    • bad pnes.

      • are you saying ‘bad ones’??

    I thought nuke testing wasn’t allowed any longer? Or, was this another cover? I find it disconcerting that they are “testing” nukes along with everything else that is happening. Please, if you have any info on this. Or, what ever it is they are really doing. Covering with a nuke story is a big cover.

  37. OOH Wow only 2 more days! How exciting!You people are putting in a lot of work Do you work or go to school, you must be spending hours and hours on these things.And who is /are “They”? And why am I getting involved in this?
    Good luck to you all. See you on the 13th! and also on the 22cnd
    Happy Holidays..

  38. What would you say about this “channeling from Archangel Gabriel through Shanta Gabriel?” … Here is a small portion regarding frequencies being brought to earth on 12/12/12:

    “…The 12:12:12 Activation on December 12, 2012 will bring the highest frequencies ever encoded in the Light of the Christ Consciousness to the planet for transformation of the Earth and all beings.

    Through the power of the associated gateways held open by the Archangels at the 11:11, a new force of the Christ Consciousness will be made available during the 12:12:12 Activation. The power of this awakening energy enables each person to have the experience of the Christ Light at the moment of the 12:12:12 Coding. Once experienced you will not fall back into old ways, as the Golden Christ Light literally expunges from your being frequencies that no longer serve you. Transformed by Light, the cells awaken to the coding embedded by your soul. This activation has been held in abeyance until the earth consciousness would support mass awakening. Awareness and preparation are key signatures for the transformation available through the Christ Light. That time is Now….”

    What frequencies are these in your knowledge??

  39. its 12.12.12 here already – Will this happen???

    • they attacked the biosphere

      • Aaron, you feeling okay? Glad you, Dominique and all are safe.

  40. Hi huge fleet spotted in infra red in oz today

    • lol When i first read your comment, I thought you said huge feet. lol My eyes are very blurred, sorry. Strange symptoms right now. Shook into light convulsions last night, shoulder implant buzzing like mad lately, locked up shoulder where implant is, moved to the left, now the neck. lol I don’t know what is implant and what is kundalini.

    • awesome footage geoff…i have a feeling they may be plaedian?

  41. i have a few questions. are there interdimensional mantoids like there are reptillians, do they feed off of peoples energy like the reptillians, and what can be done to get rid of one?

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