Score Against Scores and the Illuminati

The story coming out about the gas explosion at Scores Gentleman’s Club is false. It was destroyed by The Idylwild Group, assisted by James Casbolt. We made sure there were no fatalities.

The club was an MKUltra Front by command of Alestair Crowley. Many women working there were either synthetics or clones, not human, used for Illuminati games and parties.

The club basement also led to an underground railway stop used by the “cavers,” as they are called.\

They will not use it anymore.


posted by A.M.


11 Responses

  1. Fantastic job, guys!! lol Truth is like an elixir. 🙂
    Question, what exactly does it mean to “make a mark” ?

    • I can tell you one thing, it ain’t drinking a mug of “High Life” beer and trying to shoot at the dart board being blind folded, that’s for sure lol

      “Oh my fur and whiskers, i dare not leave a mark” says:the Cheshire Cat

      • lol Good to hear from you, sweetie. The mark I am referring to was in a mostly lucid et experience. I was handed a strange looking tool/knife, it was closed, really pretty, but strange. Anyway, I was handed this tool and told to make a mark. I have 2 ideas of what it means possibly.

  2. scores strip joint in mahattan ny???

    • Scores Springfield mass. There is skycam footage on YouTube.

    • ok mass not ny

  3. 42 buildings were destroyed, why so many?

  4. So you have succeeded in having James Casbolt working for the side of good. I hope for the best of this new type of initiative and I wonder if any of the ‘McCollums’ out there will join you on future missions.

  5. Hi, Good work, keep up the work, by dismantle the Cabal’s Network.

    Remember: A Day Not Laughed, Is A Day Not Lived.

    Yours Truly,

  6. the interview kerry cassidy did last night with david lee hill was interesting- he stated he met and spoke with marduk and loki is this true ?- i think FWH said that loki and marduk were negative reptillians- he stated he met them at a conference-very interesting interview also you can read hard copies of other stuff he posted on her sight- he said they lokked like reptillians!

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