Robert Potter: Cobra Operative Deception

The Mongoose is also on the trail of Long Beach-based deceiver Robert Potter, a fixture at many New Age events. Potter claims to be a Plejarn contactee but he is not. He is a clone of a young man once associated with Fred Bell. He was taken by the Mantoids and cloned, and is the Western operative for the COBRA.

Do not trust him.

Do not put on the pyramid hats he shows people — your mind will immediately be under the control of the negative Mantoids.

He does not know Semjase, Olein, Nellet or P’Taah, no matter what he says, he has never had contact with them or any Plejaran.

15 Responses

  1. Cobra and others make a lot of false claims that can easily be checked for truth. Crazy. Thanks for the info on this guy.

  2. Damn, I first tought that pyramid hats would be usefull.
    Fuck this piece of shit, thats all.

  3. Potter’s master Fred Bell checked out after going on Ventura’s conspiracy theory. Any connection to this clone and Bell’s death ?

  4. His face reeks of havoc and despair. Bleached teeth are not to be trusted.

  5. Yeah. I heard him on coast to coast am. Knew he was too good to be true. Can’t find any history in him anywhere unless I’m just not looking in the right places

  6. I suspect he has a criminal record and uses an alias.

  7. I know him and he is real!

  8. My name is not an alias it is Robert Potter and all of you who have the time to prognoticate on what you know nothing about is quite pathetic. Some of my statements are unverifiable it is true because only Me and several other people were present to witness what ha[ppened to me. My face is very handsome according to most women I was a model for some years and got paid for my look. The statement because you cannot find anything “ON ME ANYWHERE” is evidence I am too good to be true? Pure ignorance and rhetoric no causal relationship between the 2. Pyramids have been useful for millions of years throught the galaxy and even on the head. A fool is a fool. teeth are not bleached another untrue ignorant statement designed to smear the truth. this looks like a doggy downer site with trolls and loosers trying to justify they’re limited thinking. i presume my post will be deleted, in the name of integrity!

    • You back up COBRA who is an agent for the reptilians and a con artist in Slovenia, and full of shit, Potter. You do not have the right to sell the pyramid hats because Dr. Fred Bell had a patent on them, you stole that from him and his heirs. In your interview with Lorien Fenton, you stole information from Former White Hat and acted like you had stumbled on it wthout giving credit. Semjase herself says she has never met you and you have no contact with any Plejarans. Like COBRA, you are a fake. and we know about that person’s “hot spot” hub you tried to steal at the Alchemy Conference. –D.N.

      • DN, mr anonymous
        fwh is now a black hat full time dis info specialist and his posts and yours are both exptremely deluded spitefull and very sad. Your rhetoric and ignorance is acceptable becuase that is who you are. I have stolen nothing from Freds Heirs. No one owns the Pryamid shape or can they patent it you worm. The pyramid is a universal shape in whatever configuation or multiples therof it is made. You have slandered me now by syaing i tried to steal a hot spot? what bs is this ?. the only thing this reveals is that you alledged to have been there. I di not steal anything nor try to steal anything if you meant I used the wi fi in the building which i did, your definition of stealing is as disgusting as your foul minded lies. I will be in that same location on May 24th. Knock politely on the Temple door you will not have to pay I will meet you outside and discuss your slander face to face if you like?
        Former white has nothing of value ever coming out of his mouth so i would bnever give him credit for anything but mountains of lies. i have read your dribble from him or is that your alter ? perhaps your trigger is misfirng? Semjase knows me well.
        How shall i recognize you in MAY ? shall i look for an effeminate greasy faced troll ? I will not answer your next post and dignify your site with a total of 3 hits for the entire month.

      • I am counsel for the Idylwild Group and specialize in exopolitics and off planet legal matters, whereupon I also represent Senjase and Sigrun. .I am responding to your allegation of libel (“slander” is verbal) and your implied threat to my client, Dominique N. I do not represent Mr. FWH or his endevors. Dr. Fred Bell’s children would beg to differ that thair late father had a patent on the triangle hat nd you have stolen from Bell. Sean David Morton has some negative info on you as well. The fact that you support the con artist and reptilian COBRA reveals who you are: a liar and a thief. At the Temple of Light, you attempted to steal a small black hot spot wi-fi device from the back room. None of us were there, we were informed of this. The person whose hot spot you took confronted you about it and you gave it back to him. You were caught being a thief, just as your stories and claims are false and you give false info to bilk money out of people. Semjase is sitting across from me and she says, “I have never met Rob Potter. Many have said they know me but this is not true. I did know Fred Bell.” The spirit-form of Dr. Bell is among us and he is not happy how you have betrayed him.

        We are onto you, “Potter.”

        Daniel Challon, Esq.

      • Thanks, Dominique. I can’t stand liars. I run into very few who push his brand of slop these days. Thanks to ones like you. =)

  9. I stand by my bleached teeth hypothesis.

  10. Please spread the word about this THIEF! Rob Potter is trying to copy products produced by Dr. Fred Bell, claiming to be a distributor but he is in fact NOT. He was fired from Pyradyne for stealing and trying to replicate products years ago.

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