The RAKMEiSTER has been nullified, captured in Deventer, Netherlands. It was hiding in a basement of an old building, covered in roaches and human waste.

posted by The Mongoose


14 Responses

  1. Happy to hear it! Mongoose was most successful. 🙂 Congrats, Mongoose. Took about 5 minutes to type this. everything was backwards. lolol

  2. great news now terminate the scum!

  3. Awesome!

  4. intrigued by all this. can you explain how such a capture takes plave? btw, i was near deventer last week, there was a lot of acitivity

  5. thank you Mongoose- that is very good news- yippee- feel like singing lol !

  6. captured? incinerate that fucking thing already!
    anyway, thank you mongoose we owe you a big one.

  7. hey guys why no response to jesse ventura going after time travel, death ,& now the underground illumniati city in the ozarks?????
    this man is a patriot sam adams reincarnated riskiing his life to expose the cabal

    why dont u comment on him?????

    please expalin

    • Mr. Ventura is a member of the Brethren of the White Robe. David Icke is a reptilian and had it coming. Ditto on the evil Stewart Swerdlow, who is a mind controller and still connected to black ops and Montauk time travel, I mean his earlier versions in the 1980s and 1990s is still traveling in time and controlling Project Pegasus. –A.M.

      • on that note.. if Oprah is using a type of hologram then surely something wd give? as in how does it control the feeling of actual skin etc? does it somehow vibrate to a degree whereby it physically changes her body/face? cheers

      • pls ignore last questions. just read the new post. irony..or just the beautiful way the universe works. its been doing alot of that thought syncronicity lately 🙂

  8. this site is lacking full disclosersure

  9. Nice 1! Kick ASS! now to target the great ol lizzie / isreali cabal etc etc. Good job!

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