Clandestine Agent Concealed

The hermaphrodite known as “Khris(tine)” is far more deceptive than originally determined. A double, possible triple agent. This person is associated with Sarah Stanga, Duncan O’Finiona, the RAKMEiSTER,  the targeted individual and super solider semi-communities, as well as being a clandestine member of the Church of Satan chapter in Oregon.

But he/she is also a CIA asset/agent. He/she records conversations with other super soldiers and MKUltra victims, gathers data and information, and provides this intel to Langley. For money! This person is a spy, a spook, a traitor to everyone who trusts him/her!

Be careful, people, if you communicate with Khristine, because he/she is passing along any sensitive intel to the boys in black.

We rescind our offer to help him/her…this is more than a nutcase, but a double/triple agent for evil!

posted by D.N.


7 Responses

  1. Please, what is the deal with trannies these days? Seriously. WTF? I have a vested interest, not just mere curiosity. This is another guy/gal who looks familiar. Thank you for this info.

    • Transsexuals and hermophradites are common in MKUltra and black ops, using the gender confusion to switch alters. The operative is both male and female. This one was programmed from an early start by the hands of its parents.I can confirm it is a double/triple agent and is spying on others who trust it and handing over information to the alphabet soup boys and girls. Now that it has been exposed as an agent, it won;t be around long as they tend to tea time operatives once they are exposed.

      • Thank you, T Man. I temporarily reside with my ex who fits your description to the letter. shit.

  2. Any chance of knowing this things real name? Does he specialize in Arabic languages?

    • Rumor: he/she is one of Duncan O’Finioan’s lovers. Spartacus, anyone?

  3. Hi, be careful with them, i did once a few posting on sarah’s blog that he/she is part of and them before i knew i had various threats on me, on and offline. So dont try to get involved with them, as they’re really trouble. Its not worth the risk, to try to get to know them.

    Remember: A Day Not Laughed, Is A Day Not Lived,

    Yours Truly,

    • Everything surrounding Sarah Stanga is dangerous. She is not who and what she claims. She works for her masters, the Dracos, and lures people into their realm of influence. –A.M.

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