Arcturus Ra: Crowley Agent for the Mantoids

The Mongoose is on the job to deal with a shapeshifter that calls itself “Arcturus Ra.” This creature has nothing to do with the Arcturians, is not an :ambassador,” and is truly a Crowley agent and liaison between the Dark Cabal and the Mantoid consortium of Antares. Do not fall for its lies of light, for it is yet another agent of darkness out to deceive with twisted language.

posted by D.N.


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  1. Thanks! Kind of figured since no Arcturians have incarnated into human 3d. 🙂 Key knowledge like that helps me/us to filter out the charlatans. And, I thank you very much for that, Dominique.

    • Had no idea. Thanks rusirius1111

      • Most welcome. 🙂 Learned this from FWH. I don’t know why, but everytime I read the name FWH I always say Future, not Former.

    • The net is full of whiners claiming they want to go “home” and how life. Here is hell. You seem to be missing the information that you CHOSE to come here. You should do a refresh on other people (how about a young Afghani child?) and the shit they go thru before deciding how rough your life is. Remember mother earth as a living conscious being who may wionder why her stewards have jumped ship when she has persevered under such. Ill health

      • I may have chosen to be here but I sure as fucking hell did not choose the way my life has gone. Kidnappings, abductions. And, the children going thru hell on this planet did not choose the way their lives have turned out either. That is new age shit you are spouting, just another bs religion.

  2. i knew it! thx for the info Dom.
    and please be sure not to eat a turkey clone tonight guys… be safe all!

  3. i did get a really horrible feeling when i first watched his video closed it after about 5 seconds, now i know why haha thank you

  4. The Mantoid is only the mantis people or they include some of other insectoid race?
    War between Insectoid and Reptoid was happen many billions of years before DNA of monkey human was created.
    The insectoid has many awesome and unbelievable abilities. Look onto the Insectoid world on 3D Earth, we can find some of their spiritual abilities:
    The regeneration ability of leech.
    The eradiation resistance ability of cockroach.
    The super physical power and resistance of ant and dor-beetle.
    The fastest of flying speed and response of fly and dragonfly.
    The most toxic charm of butterfly and caterpillar.
    The insectoid war on 3D Earth is the contractor of insectoid Galatic War.

    • Dont stuck on thinking of some race is truly negative and the other is truly positive. This is the War of Dark and Light, not the race war.
      Because of human is younger race so your soul had experienced Reptoid or Insectoid life before reincarnation in human life.
      The defect point of humanoid is their higher emotional. This thing make they get too many mistakes on their spiritual path. But if they can keep on positive emotion, they will ascend faster. Their weakest point is also their strongest point…
      In other mean, humanoid has ability to ascend and descend faster than reptoid.

    • Like many races, there are negative and positive factions. The positive mantoids are very, very old, and work with people who are old souls to activate their muli-dimensional bodies. The younger mantoids, who are often cross-bred with the reptilians or greys, and even humans!!, do not have the best interests in mind for humans across the galaxy. –D.N.

      • So the mantis that put an implant up my nose is benevolent? That is good news if it’s so. Last spring they did something to my brain. Head was too sore to touch for a couple of days.

      • Yeah, I know Insectoid, Mantoid, Spideroid are some of the oldest races. Then, they created Reptoid DNA as their slave race. And then war between Insectoid and Reptoid was happened. Next, in turn Reptoid and Annunaki created human DNA and consider them as their slave race. And then war between Humanoid and Reptoid was happened. This scene is like as the film Terminator. This is the way that our God and universe expand his consciousness and creation.
        I guess Insectoid is the oldest race because Insect is at the lower position in evolution tree in 3D Earth.
        My 7th density of soul is 5.5 billions years old, am I considered as the old soul?

      • I just want to remember and go home. I am sick of this place. I love Gaia, but I don’t belong here. I want to go home. Where ever that is. Home.

      • If you do not know where or what home is, how would you find your way back? What is “home” is hell and this life is a vacation for you? –A.M.

      • lol I knew that was coming as I typed my question. Hell has been my life here.

      • My life has not been mine since being born here. Kidnapped from the base by my father who was in the air force. Nothing but abductions, good, bad. Nothing but damn mysteries and, this is what gets me, no files any where on me. It’s like i don’t exist. Surgery to repair a broken back, they won’t use other blood on me, caught mine instead and reused it on me. No explanations from anyone anywhere and I am very frustrated. But, I am not focused on that any longer. I am focused on the shift instead.

      • This is for r u serious- Hey why dont you try hypnotherapy?

      • I have tried. Every time I have made an appointment, something happens to prevent me going. Kind of like the implant game. But, like I said, focus is now on the shift. Old stuff needs to go. 🙂

  5. why A Crowley has too much importance ? why you talk about him all the times?

    • Because he is the head of the Cabal. –D.N.

      • is the cabal = Illuminati ? if so, isn’t the Queen or the Rothschild family is on top ?

      • Yes, and they share power with Alestair Crowley, who secretly runs the Western/Zionist Cabal. He is the true power in D.C., with the backing of the Bush Family, his daughter and grandsons.

  6. Really!?! If you are going to deal with Ra, would you please check into the group of others that are associated with him? I can provide links if needed. I have questioned the legitimacy of at least two others who appear to be in a sort of circle of friends or association of Ra.

    • They are all Dracos/grey/Luciferian fakes. –D.N.

      • Thanks D.N.

      • 😉 If it wasn’t so serious, it would be hilarious all these different channelers. They are now telling their followers that anyone who disagrees with them that they are disinfo agents. People like me are being banned from their sites. I only go on their sites to warn people. haha I’m a disinfo agent. right.

  7. The pileup in Texas on I-10, what was that? A guy said he saw a UFO and that the cars were thrown on top of each other. U.S. false flag? Or just a car accident?

  8. Glad to ear the truth about this being. I once watched one of it’s you tube videos and literally went into a trance like state by his voice and eye gaze. I was freaked out by that and he seemed like he was programmed or trying to induce something with his voice. I never listened again but found it intriguing in a way I knew I should stay clear of.

    • Yes, the “magical” voice is very effective.

  9. Another clown…

    • hey look, another triangle guy like me! cept he doesnt have spider leg! 😉

    She has reptilian eyes, and many of you love reptilian girls. I guess she is the light starseed of Rainbow generation.

  11. Hey Dominique, is that an actual picture of Arcturus Ra? He really looks like somebody who would rape little children in their sleep.

  12. Isn’t that the snake-guy from “Conan”?

  13. You can tell, by looking at his face, he is not good…

    • I for one am very glad he is exposed. He has quite a following.

  14. Very bad feeling in my gut when I went to the site; difficult to even look at his picture for more than a few seconds. And at a rate of $100/hour, I’m sure many individuals could find more ‘healthy and relaxing’ things to do with their time…

    • Yeah, you have got the ability to know the vibration of truth and light.

    • I know quite a few charlatans who offer nothing but really fluffy, feelgood rhetoric for around $80-100 per hour. It really is sickening for me, especially when I have much better quality sessions with people I barely know for free.

      I just don’t understand why/how people can be so gullible. I mean, I’ve run into a lot of shaman-types in central Pennsylvania and I get horrible vibes from them. And then there are the TV, phone and internet psychics…

  15. What a waste of time. I’m going to go get a life. Good bye.

    • 🙂 Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, dude.

      • lol!

  16. I invite you all to see my Final blog for a little ascension advice. Ill see you all around, take care and happy time split

    • Internet is acting stranger than usual.
      firmitas, can you provide a link to your blog, please? Thanks. 🙂

    • Ahh, I found you. 🙂 Never mind about the link. Sorry.

    • thank you phoenix for the info on your blog- i will read it over again many times- best wishes and take care- love and light

  17. I had sent FWH details and coordinates on the fake ra,
    Perhaps he left notes.

    • When? He is no longer here, although he may pop up Dec. 22-24. –D.N.

      • On July 15th 2012, Sent data to a provided email.

      • Can you answer some questions?
        1.) fmwh said there was a timeline change that involved eisenhower and tesla in regards to the “newly found” document to the constitution.What is the signifigance oif this extra document? Does it have something to do with preserving our freedoms or helping us through this “economic crisis” and or possible coming civil war?
        2.)Where was the “help” during stalins reign and can we expect the same to happen to the u.s.?

        Any info is appreciated.
        Thank you

      • Timelines! Eegads! –DN

  18. Any new updates on Ra? I recently found out that MTV (music, television, video) followed Ra and the group of them around this past summer. I suppose they were seeing about making a reality show? MTV called them the Arizona Starseeds. So far it appears nothing has followed through, hopefully it won’t. What about the others in the group – Ryan, Lenka, Sara, Heber, Jason…etc.. Ryan seems to be the sort of ‘leader’ of the group. They have more websites to sell their products, more youtube channels – they go on these so called ‘activations’ doing and bringing in who knows what? Just wondering if there is anything new to update?

  19. So when you say “EGADS” are you saying the Greek gods had their hand to play in russias demise? Is russias sacrafice during lenin and stalins reign suppossed to be an example or a trend?

    • mike hemsinger ur a fuckin scumbag u white hat piece of shit ur caught

  20. hi there, id like to thankyou for discussing this here, for the past what seems like 3 years ive been going back and fourth on the true nature of arcturus ra as to whether a persone genuinly interested in this stuff with some ego eccentric behaviors bouncing from group to group making metaphysical doodads for sale or if my feeling about him [that i didnt want to beleive] that he was some sortof EXTREMELY good liar [to the trusting and inocent mindset] doing new agey stuff to distract people from the truly simple nature of spirituality with glitzy fluff trinkets that make him rich and the consumer still stuck in ‘fullfillment comes from material’ mindset. i feel theres a large effort being put into distracting people from their personal spirituality and keeping them in a consumer/ego based beleifs mindset. this is essentialy stage two for the big deception, laid out for those who have already jumped over the hurdles of mainstream scociety and have actualy picked up their shovels and started to dig, only to be greeted with the next layer of deceit, placed so people aware of the global deception have to go though mental and emotional labrynths to find truth. alex jones would be another example of a false awakening or directed truth, except more in the realm of political and news things. yes he presents many legit peices of info, but its essentialy spoon fed information, same as say the show ancient aliens. i admit that ive purchased a few of ra’s products because im a spendaholic, but now knowing this i dunno what to do with them. sell them? keep them? trash them? try to return them for a refund? this also confirms for me the fact that wen i hold say a chunk of amethyst i get a nice soothing feeling in my third eye and crown and just feel relaxed. however with ra’s products i dont get hardly anything, the almost feel as though their energeticly dead, and a frend whos sensitive told me it made my aura destabalised. also at a fair i brought one with me and there was a psychic there. i was wearing both and orgonite pendant and a ra key at the same time and i asked her to give each an energetic reading. she said the orgonite pendant was protecting me and that the ra key was draining me. she recomended taking the ra key off and placeing the orgonite more over the heart. i have a nasty habit of debating things in my head to the point it talks right over the feelings of my gut/intuition. anyways i thankyou all for this discussion, it gave me conclusion to my inner debate on the true nature of arcturus ra and the rest of his buddies. thankyou all.

    • Id like to be able to communicate with you. i see alot of myself in your reply.

  21. Wow, this post is fastidious, my younger sister is analyzing such things, therefore I am going to let know her.

  22. Love over Fear, Love and Light to you all

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