It is a Clandestine Rage Unveiled

Dear Khristine,

We understand your gender and memory  confusion and the questions you have.  We urge and advise you to seek alternative health care for mental illness, and not to go to mainstream doctors for medication or hospitalization.  We are sorry to tell you that you have no government file.  You were never a victim of MKUltra and never in the programs. You are not and never have been a targented individual. You have never been a “super soldier.” You have read about such things and applied your mental challenges as a result of something that does not exist in your life.

Nor are you an Arcturian experiencer/contactee. The emptiness of your life seeks such things for answers, but the answers lie within, not without, and dealing head on with what your father did to you as a child is a strong first step in realizing that things do not stem from aliens, spooks, and cloned bodies, but from a horrible family life growing up.

We can help you.  Just ask.


posted by D.N.


11 Responses

  1. Im suprised when Idylwild group care about invidiual problem. 😀
    And while Im reading your blog, you or someone are visiting me from astral plane within low vibration… I know you can recognize my vibration and visit me by telepathic immediately.
    Please raise your vibration up to little to make pleasant feeling for readers.
    Im sure I have higher vibration than some ET but why I cant vanish from this stupid reality… I have used much time for doing mediation and relax.

    • You’re doing it all wrong buddy…Your way of life is supposed to be a meditation, a lifestyle.
      You don’t just meditate and run away from this reality(it’s not a stupid reality… yes it is a hologram and a beautiful one but some doods just happened to fk it up for us).
      This just proves that you’ve got a lot more to learn on “earth”.

    • because you still have much to learn

  2. Khristine, my heart goes out to you in unconditional love and light. I pray that you find the answers within yourself. Granted it does not help with so many artificial blocks put in place, both of our own making and external, but know that all can be overcome.
    I come back time and time again to help all who need it.
    As D.N said, we can all help, you only have to ask.

    • And how do you help people?
      This “help” has become so ambiguous.

      A lot of individuals are trying to get a one way ticket outta here.

      It’s bothersome because that’s not what this grand experiment is all about. Think about it… how different would this planets purpose be if the uninvited guests weren’t here to begin with.

      • Heaven on earth……….we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

  3. who is Khristine?

  4. Hi i am Rob, this Clandestine is one of the groupies of Sarah, as i had a few threats by them, nasty ppl stay away from them,

    Love and light,

    Remember: AS

    • Yes indeed, this Clandestine Kristine is under the control of the Cult of Stanga, who is a high priestess of the Priory of Dracos. How have they threatened you? Stanga is also connected to Duncan O’Finioan and Alestair Crowley. She is the half-sister of Stewart Swerdlow, an evil man. –D.N.

      • Hi again,

        A few of them, wrote in messages aswell to my email account, if i show my face on the net, they would get me, this must be around mid-late april 2012. I am not sure if i had deleted those emails or not. Concerning swerdlow, when my memories started to breakthrough between 1996-1999, i was on a point to contact this swerdlow, as he claimed he could help other victims. I am glad that something inside of me, has stopped me, by what i have been reading about him and what i already sensed that he is still under their control as it seemed. I still have alot of healing to do, as lately alot of my memories and alters breaking thru at times. But i will get their in the end.

        Keep up the good work.

        Remember: A Day Not Laughed, Is A Day Not Lived.

        Yours Truly,

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