In-fighting Factions

The factions within the Cabal and Illuminati are at odds with each other, just as similar infighting is going on within the Reptilian and Annunaki factions. No one can agree on what timeline to accept as Dec 21, 2012 comes closer. Yesterday it was 33 days to Dec 21, and now it is 32. Tomorrow 31. These numbers are important.


Posted by D.N.


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  1. Seriously!?! They can’t decide on which timeline. lol Oh, well. The numbers, are you speaking numerologically, or otherwise? Please. Thank you, Dominique. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, a question for the group:

    Is there any ship from any know race (or made/reverse engineered here on earth) that while cloaked and hovering over an area emits low frequency tones? The sky was “singing” low frequency tones here last night at 2:00am. There were other two ocasions when this happened and it was a few months back. BTW if you know of anything happening in my area, i live in South Brazil, Porto Alegre. Thanks.

    • You are where the crop circle is and it warns of much water.

      • Which crop circle are you refering to? I wasn’t aware there was one around here! A made a brief search on Google and found one in Santa Catarina but distance is 380 miles from where i’m..

    • en mi regiΓ³n sur de Colombia, se han escuchado ruidos de baja frecuencia asociados a eventos volcΓ‘nicos.

  3. Hi,
    Can you post some photos of the Child Abusing Satanists of the Illuminati, the Reptilians and Annunaki so we know what they look like? Whatever happens I hope they are vaporized for what they have done to children. It would be helpful to see who/what they are.

    • yes can you please post pics or video of the dracos- we are all ready to see them- thankyou

    • read FWH blog from the beginning!

  4. Time does fly by really fast… then again, time is non-existent until you step onto earth.

  5. This is one of the major differences between the ones of light and of the dark (in the 3rd density anyway). The light will have each others backs, their family and friends are their strength where as the dark. Their purpose is self defeating, an endless conflict with one another.

    I only feel sadness towards the ones who rush to claim the throne, never to understand what it means to uphold such a position. A King is to forever serve his kingdom; the kingdom is the hearts he has touched.

    When the two Kings meet, the world shall be engulfed in golden flames.

    • Interesting comment about ‘when the two kings meet’ would you care to elaborate ? Peace

  6. Hello Dominique,
    I feel that this is relevant information and I can’t stand to see that our future timeline is in the hands of the evil. I hope they choose the timeline where they lose and let us ascend and become the galactic entities we were initially intended to become. We want to know who we are, we want to be able to help each other, we want to feel genuine love amongst us and we want to shine with kindness. As we all noticed, most of us are fed up with the rat race we are in and more and more people want freedom and escape from this hologram.
    Thank you for the information and if you could expand on the importance of 33, 32, 31 I would truly appreciate it.
    Blessings, love and light,

    • amen sis

  7. Okay so that’s why the American Music Awards satanic cabal rituals were held last night, to commemorate the 33rd day.

    • justin bieber won alot must so he must have sold his soul
      very little talented singer so its a sham show ritual of him joining
      the cabal

      • he was not nominated for one grammy-i figure he will me crying to his mammy- he seems the type and no talent yet full of himself- when will these kids realize they are used by the music industry to make them money then they dump you eventually- they only keep the really talented people that will make them money for years!

  8. Enough of artificial timelines, I’m heading to timeline zero (or trying to).

    • But I’m curious… If I am susceptible to a consciousness levelling, for example the majority of the humanity in this timeline chooses an artificial timeline, but my will is to go to the natural timeline (T0) and my emotions are in synchrony with T0 (what I don’t know if would or not be sufficient to ‘jump’ from this timeline to T0 for I have no conscious experience [maybe not even unconscious] with this) would I be with the majority or my free-will + emotional synchrony would be enough to go to T0?
      Maybe I would need to ‘ascend’ and be conscious of the 3D timespace correlation to make this choice.
      If you have any interesting point/collocation please, expose it here.

      • It is your energy vibe. You go with the timeline that you literally resonate with. Been playing with this lately. Not as a game, but for learning. Kind of like a baby learning to walk, instead alter your vibe. This is why control of our minds and passions is of the utmost importance. Well, one reason anyway.

      • I agree with you Iron. Why do THEY get to decide OUR timeline?? Where’s the free will in this?

      • The construct timeline is melding/fading into our natural timeline. =) We will have it back. keep your thoughts and emotions under control and of high vibe.

      • Thanks for the pep talk rusirious. πŸ™‚ Sometimes, I get carried away in my own head.

      • @ Allaria, most welcome, sweetie. we all need it once in a while. gets overwhelming if we let it. Just go on your intuition and tell the brain to take a break. πŸ™‚

  9. why are those numbers important? there seems to be an increase in the amount of chemtrails, in cincinnati- they have been heavy and almost everyday..

    do you know this daniel that has been all over the net lately? he is explaining the science physcis, etc, of the universe, and talks about 3 timelines 0 1 and 2-he is the informer to wilcox, daniel says he was in he for real? thanks

  10. What can one do to prepare for this date? How can one help with a positive outcome? Is Mother Earth going into 5d? Thank you.

  11. A nice piece of general gossip to let us know whats going on – thank you.

    • Hi Yoda. Nice to hear from you πŸ™‚

  12. Why does december 21 have such importance? its just a date on a calendar of time that doesnt even exist.

    • A calendar is basically a way for us to determine a passage point in space. Maybe there will be something in our way 21th of december?
      Maybe we will create this something, or maybe we will just pass through a point in space as any other ‘common’ moment.
      Possibilities and more possibilities.

  13. I have a question if you care to answer. I have been meditating regularly every night before i go to sleep for 30mins or more. My question is i feel like i am almost have a diffrent body all together. Like i am alot taller and way thinner like my height is not portioned body mass. Also i feel as if i am right at the moment where i believe my third eye will finally open but can seem to break the plain. I see this crooked plus sign like a plus with bent arms on the plus but not like a swastika the natzis used. I am indeed of anwers if you could. Wht is all of this and am i on the right path??? Thank ypu soo much in advance love and light Richard

    • I believe what you are seeing is your T-Bar. if it is crooked you need to level your T bar in the morning. (Just imagine yourself balancing it and straightening it out)

      • Thank you very much i will start meditating in the morning too and i will work on straighting my t bar is what u called it. Much love and light to you

    • the crooked cross sign you- try to straighten the bars on the cross-!

  14. The numbers 27 and 72 have followed me for a long time, ha because of mr. O’s tax credit, I received 72 dollars exact on my tax return last year. That’s fair right, I put in 12,000 and get back 72. Lets see what 27 days has in store for me. Much love

  15. Are the numbers important because of events that may be planned by such factions on specific days, according to numerology or occultism, to bring about a desired timeline?

  16. May I ask why?

  17. Tibetan monk made a statement for NASA doomsday
    I think this is disinfo.

    • What I found strange was that a tibetan monk said that there will be ILLUSORY flashes of light.
      I don’t think a Lama would say such a thing.
      Also: “…there was complete darkness and silence.’ Then “There will be light, electricity, communications and sound.” Then “Almost the whole earth, for a few minutes around 10 am Moscow time on 12/21/2012 comes complete darkness and silence. No light, electricity, communications, even the sound will not be able to exist.”
      I’m not sure if it was bad writen or if it is total bullshit, but for me it is pretty strange.

      • I think it’s a bad translation. Read like google translate.

  18. Is the 12.12.12 portal/vortex/ascension going to be the BIG spiritual event and that all the cabal and negative dark souls reaping what they sow in some kind of earth catastrophes or are there going to be other ascension portals in the year 2017, and 2034 as FWH has suggested on numerous occasions?

    I just can’t fathom if earth experiences some kind of magnetic pole flip that there would not be billions of lost lives.

    Sure seems the energies are leading up to something BIG, as I can see the ugliness in humans really coming out with there emotional cleansing.

    Unfortunately for alot of light workers having to filter alot of dross of the dark soul of humanity and harnessing divine energies into gaia and humans alike is a tremendous sacrafice.

    • i have a doctor appt on dec 12 @ 12 noon- should i change this and book a different time ?

  19. Hi IG
    In what way important?

  20. maybe they use the death ray on eachother lol

  21. Anyone feel a timeline change 21st Nov, 11:15 am est?

    • *may be the 20th in other parts of the world*
      P.S. I choose MY timeline

    • Oh, yes! The artificial timelines are all but gone. We had 2 created at Montauk I believe. They were both destructive timelines, catastrophic events were supposed to happen, but they didn’t. The other one is almost at an end, smoothing back into our natural timeline. This is my understanding on our hijacked timeline. More than the timeline change is coming though. The separation of the natural timelines is the separation of people as well.

      • Hi rusirius1111 – can you explain “The separation of the natural timelines is the separation of people as well.” How is that?

      • @ open, the natural timeline splits if I have this correct into what we will call high vibe and low vibe. I don’t know how else to describe this. If I have it wrong, Idylwild, please correct me. You see it happening in the world around you. Lower vibe people don’t even seem to notice me any more. Our awareness of each other is waning.

      • Thanks rusirius1111.

      • You’re welcome. πŸ™‚

  22. Hi
    You mentioned your connection to Sigrun. Do you have any data on Gudrun? She works for the CIA in America now correct?

    • Unknown.–D.M.

      • how about Maria Orsic ! she used to work with Sigrun and the Vril society

      • According to the FWH, she was lost in time and possibly killed. –D.N.

      • Who is D.M?

  23. Ever heard of ‘Glen Gale’?

    • Yep. –A.M.

      • That’s weird. Middle names of both names of my ex. His male and female personas.

  24. Happy holidays to everyone, on world and off. Whether you celebrate or not. I love you and wish you all happiness in the days ahead.

    • Thank you, rusirius. Same to you!
      Lots of love to all y’all!!!

      • πŸ™‚ Are you in the south, too?

    • Hi sirius! I’m not in the south. That “y’all” just kinda popped out of my head :). I’m in the south of California though, heehee
      Anyways, I read about your experiences from your past and I wanted to thank you for sharing those. I think many people who have had similar frustrating pasts (like me) are drawn to this site. You are brave to expose yourself and I appreciate you very much πŸ™‚
      I wish we could all sit and have coffee…

    • thanks rusirius- happy holidays to you too! and our friends off world and lets all create a good loving peaceful reality for everyone!

      • Thank you, Limeyok. πŸ™‚ World peace happens when we stop looking and listening to the low vibe bs that has been our lot. When we turn away from fear, all fear, we effect change. Love is the beginning.

  25. I miss the time when Im in Galatic War. In my original race, Im powerful and smart, in human race, Im powerless and stupid…
    I have fight against Mantoid, Mr FWH and Olein is in my alliance. I just remember a few in my dream, I still cannot access Akashic data…

    • you self limitate & how can you know about your original race if as you say you can not access your akashic record.. wool pulled over eyes?!

      • Info come from my dream. I can access akashic record limitedly.

  26. Atlantis and Lemuria is the 5D Earth in past?
    I remember magic in Atlantis is powerful but mostly are black magic.

  27. well jesse venturas time travel episode was again very revealing in backing up
    fwh opinions espec. regarding stewart swerdlow who looks alike like al crowley with a black beard.
    stew swerdlow tried to bs ventura with mind time travel but could not produce evidence of pyhsical technigues the guy is reeking dark negative energy
    but venturas team tracked down andrew basagio who provided the airforce locations & a photo of him at gettysburg address plus he mentioned barry otero as a child time traveler who was a future president name obama
    these secret ops r finally being revealed to the american public
    god bless ventura for investgating the truth
    happy thanksgiving to all……………

    • about time, to be released

  28. 9

    • I have a very fucked up eye right now. is that a 9 or a g? lol Seeing overlayed triples.

      • lol make that overlaid. It’s not just the eye. Ascension/kundalini symptoms are rough. I’m seeing overlaid everything. Hearing is too sensitive as well. Typing and spelling? lololol Backwards.

  29. The numbers 33, 32 and 31 are the countdown days to Ascension, these numbers,are important because of all the infighting going on, nothing will get done to prevent the Ascension .. Although I sense that they will do something on dec. 21st to cause much Fear and therefore lower our frequency in one savage blow wen we need to be focused on the energy of Love .. I hope our friends are ready for anything. Because these guys will do anything.

  30. Proof of timeslip ,Bill Brockbrader was on every site and they were talking about his trail on November 14 , since November 6 not one word on any site and believe me I looked

  31. And, I’ve run out of Idylwild posts to read. 😦 Only real reason I care to be online these days. Love you, Idylwild. πŸ™‚

    • Dang it, I hate it when that happens too!! 😦

      But it’s soooo sweet when we get a new post…gimme some more please! πŸ™‚

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