The Absurd Hypocricy of Duncan O’Finioan, Fictional Entity

We have read, on the Facebook page of “Duncan and Miranda O’Finioan” they are writing whiny letters of complaint to various government agencies, claiming a clone has been defamed by The Idylwild Group over a recent post, and that we should be brought up on “criminal libel charges” for exposing the truth.

We have our doubts this Facebook page is being maintained by the actual clone-in-hiding and son of Alestair Crowley know as Duncan O’Finioan. If so, he is more the ignorant hick than previously ascertained by Mr. FWH.

First, there is no such thing as “criminal libel” in the federal jurisdiction of the U.S.A., Inc. Some states have tried it, but cases tend to never go anywhere and it is staunchly opposed by First Amendment advocates.  This article points out that criminal libel is a thing of European past:

Criminal prosecution for defamation extends back to Star Chamber’s secret activities in England in the early 1500s, when it was used — even for true statements — to punish insults to noble egos or opposition to royal policies.

Later, such disputes were moved into open courts and touted as positive alternatives to duels over matters of personal honor.

In Colorado, GOP State Sen. Greg Brophy has proposed repeal of his state’s 19th century criminal-libel statute, telling the Associated Press that the law “tramples on the First Amendment rights of people to write and or post online things that they want to post.”

A state Senate committee approved the measure Feb. 14 in a first step toward passage.

Incarcerating someone(s) for stating opinions in print, online or publicly are actions done in countries like Cuba, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Congo, and elsewhere that do not recognize freedom of speech. Libel, hard as it is to prove, is a civil matter, and the plaintiff must put on the stand witnesses who will state that they did not invest in or buy a product from the alleged defamed directly because of something they read or heard as written or uttered by the defendant.

To wit: “Yes, jury, I did not go to Duncan O’Finioan’s seminar or buy his book because of what I read on the Idylwild Group’s blog.”

Second: Duncan O’Finioan is a fictitious entity, not a real name. “A fictional character cannot be subject to libelous injury because it does not exist.” (Brown v. Allegeny 1975 Sup. Ct Rpt)

Third, and here is where DuncO’s hypocrisy comes into play, this MKUltra “victim” who always decries how the U.S. government is evil, and how we should never trust it and its agencies, is whining and crying to that very exact government to help him “criminally investigate” those who criticize, opine, and expose him.We recall him doing something similar by erroneously telling Mr. FWH that “you cannot hide behind the Second Amendment” (wtf?) and that Mr. FWH would be dragged before courts of the highest order and flogged and forced on his knees to admit and apologize for all wrong doings done toward and to one Duncan O’Finioan, fictitious entity.

Drake Bailey, a mentally ill war veteran who believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus and Mohammed and Merlin rolled into one tweenkie, made the same silly contention once, by perceived insults and exposure on the Project Avalon forum. He believed Kerry Cassidy, a radio host, was responsible for it, and threatened to have the Pentagon take down the website and her radio show, and have her hauled before a tribunal as a domestic terrorist. WTF?! For a posting she did not even do.

These megalomaniacs actually believe, in their tiny brains, they are so damn important that they can summon the time and resources of government agencies to do their biding and go after those who insult or expose them!  We can only imagine the letters and emails people such as DuncO and DrakieB send to the FBI, Justice Dept, etc etc, that go straight into the lunatic fringe round file.

Fourth, DuncO has been claiming on his defunct website that the end has come, a war is starting, the world and the U.S. are going to crash into anarchy and chaos, yet in the meantime he wants federal and local agencies to handle his pleas and cries. More hypocrisy.

Fifth, DuncO claims he has also written a letter about  us to British MI6. Ohhhhkay. The very MI6 he claims was also behind the black ops stuff he was forced to do in alter, he now wants help from?  Who else do we know who was  MI6? That’s right: his father, Alestair Crowley, was an MI6 propaganda agent during World War 2. Apparently, the family that ties also lies.

Sixth, DuncO writes:  “All persons, websites, news outlet sources, etc. who have linked to, re-posted, or cited these websites, will be held criminally liable as well.”  That one made us laugh very, very hard. Now he wants to censor others by threats.

DuncO seems to want to associate Mr FWH with this blog. He did put this group together and train us, but his opinions and views are not expressed here. He is no longer on this planet, or in this dimension.

Seventh, DuncO whines about

the so-called alternative media. Where are they? Some in the alternative media have even gone so far as to praise this blog and its predecessor blog (Confessions of a Former White Hat). This is my statement to all those in the alternative media who supported and continue to support, laughed off, or ignored the postings from these two blogs. My statement is thus: You are unworthy to make the claim that you speak the truth.

No, Duncy dear, the reason most of the alternative media praise and follow this blog and that of Mr FWH is because they know the truth when they see it, and they do not buy into your deception and lies, your contradictions, and now, by crying to the very government agencies you have said are evil, revealing that you are part of that system and always have been.

First challenge to DuncO: go ahead and send MI6 or any of your father’s Cabal controlled agencies after us. Take your best shot. And if you want to spend the money, if you even have it to waste, sue us. “I, Duncan O’Finioan, a person who does not legally exist, do sue The Idywild Group, consisting of two humans and five ETs, and DOES 1-100.”  It would indeed be curious to see how and what jurisdiction in civil court Plejarans and a J-Rod grey fall under.

The Idywild Group stands behind its claims.

Second challenge: stand up for the crimes you have committed in the past, in alter or not. Mr. FWH urged you several times to do this, to show the world you are a man of integrity. Yet instead you gloat and speak arrogantly about how you killed men, women and children for the black ops factions. In a  conference video by Project Camelot, you state one of your alters “knows where the bodies are buried.” Lead authorities to said bodies so their families can have closure. Stand before the world, and the Hague, and put it all on record.

We urge Alfred Lambert Webre, Judge of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, to investigate Duncan O’Finioan’s war crimes confessions and should the evidence call for it, issue a warrant for his arrest to stand trial for the murder of innocent people. Alters or not, he is responsible for these killings, and responsible to make light of it.

However, we do not expect a clone progeny of Crowly and still-active black ops assassin to do any such thing, because he is, down to the bones and implants, a coward.

posted by The Idylwild Group


40 Responses

  1. 🙂 I think money is Dunk’s problem. You put the truth out about the guy and he suffers financially.

    • His semianrs are not expensive really. They use the seminars to program people and bring in new operatives for the Cabal, as well as soul stealing for Crowley and the reptilians. –D.N.

      • He should hang a shingle, new recruiting office for the cabal. More than anything they do, I hate the soul stealing the most. Thank you, Dominique. Have a great weekend, sweetie. 🙂

      • I still maintain feelings of initial respect regarding Crowley because..well…I dont judge….but basically I appreciate whatever anyone has brought to the table of worth….(speaking of his writings..tarot..)regardless of wrongs and rights…but still…can be disappointing..if one is prone to putting on a pedestal certain people..souls…which I have done a lot in my life…but in a respectful, give credit where credit is due….not in an illusory naive way…necessarily 🙂


  3. what can you guys tell me about Jalaila Starr?

  4. sorry to be a pest: for how long is a stolen soul captive for?

  5. Accept no Clones! Would be interesting to know how many clone are running around the planet at the moment. Would like some Clonedar.

  6. Who cares! What we want to know is what the good guys are doing to defeat the bad guys. More of that please.

  7. I am so tired of hearing about duncan, clones and all the other idiots. I am more interested in hearing information on what is going on around us. The economy, sucession, wars, earthquakes, etc.. Can you do some blogs on that stuff?

    • yes I have often thought too much time bashing others…hard to see one as enlightened that way. but then I thought: THEY ARE EXPRESSING THEMSELVES AND ALSO REVEALING TRUTH ALONG THE WAY

  8. Dear IdlyWildGroup, I think you should not explain or defend yourselves and your actions in front of these kind of low level individuals. I believe they are not worthy of your time at all. There are so many important issues that are of high priority that are worthy of your attention and sacrifice.
    You all deserve respect from people that believe in you and we are many. Indeed, you can’t please everyone, but hey, you are here to bring us the truth, and as we know, sometimes, the truth is hard to digest.
    You are all ethical and I believe that Mr. FWH chose all of you with high integrity.
    Love and Light.
    You guys rock!

    • Low level individuals? For wanting to hear more truth and less about personal grudges? I’ve been following Mr. FWH from the start, and I’m excited about what the Idylwild Group is up to.

      What is low level about wanting to know more and understand more and have deeper explanation of things? Especially when virtually every other commentator is portrayed by Mr. FWH as a crank or as compromised in some way.

      If you are going to present yourselves as the ultimate source of truth on the internet then you do well to present as much useful information as possible.

      • WORD!!! (claps )

      • Sunyata I was referring to Duncan as a low level individual not you or anyone else on this blog. I would never insult anyone, as I believe we are entitled to our opinions and perceptions.

    • truth is SUBJECTIVE.. pleasing others is not the case..Im willing to bet 😉

    • what do you mean low level? nobody here is “low level” lady!

  9. sorry this is of topic, Is it good CGI?

  10. Another question related to clones. I’ve been investigating about it, and I’ve read that a clone has a soul (I know you sais it doesn’t), but this soul is very rudimentary or basic, because it was forced to be born. I know this because of a guy called Matías de Stefano, who claims to be Ghan Thamter, an incarnated entity that comes from the stomach of God, the solar plexus of the universe. He remembers his previous lives in Atlantis (Khefislion), Egypt (which he says it was called Gaíbiti). This year, he’s been doing the Harwitum, following the Kundalini of the world to activate the magnetic web because of the changes that are about to come ( he calls it the planetary birth). I don’t think that Dominique or McCollum can answer this, so I’d like to know what the extraterrestrials of this group know about this. You are the only ones who can corroborate it or
    disprove it. And this is very important to me, because it would point me in the right direction to keep on learning, so please, don’t ignore it.

    • A clone can have a soul, but what soul would want to inhabit such a body unless there are karmic reasons for it? –Chenhua

      • soul does not enter the clone!!!!

      • Well that makes sense, Chenhua. But what about the other info that I’ve just told you about ?

  11. By the way. I couldn’t care less about Duncan. I am in a world of hurt in this insane 3D hell. Will the truth every be exposed on the psychopaths running this globe? FWH says we are in a hologram. Tell us more. Is the IdlyWildGroup for real? You do not post much info and it takes several days between posts.

    • Sorry if I seemed bitchy. This human experience is very difficult. I know you are trying and I should be more thoughtful.

      • Hi open. Sometimes this 3d reality really gets to me too. If I indulge myself too deeply, I spiral down and end up exhausted. It gets me no where.
        I have to force myself to stop and see what is directly in front of me right then and there. Like, I see the sky and I am thankful for my eyes. Or I see a bird who is still happy to be alive.
        No matter how crappy I feel, if I want to effect a change in my world, I have to dig myself out of dispair and focus on what I am grateful for. Otherwise I am useless.
        I’m glad you’re here with us. You are part of our team 🙂

      • Nice to be apart of this team. Thanks for that allaria11. Take care.

    • if u are hurt..its a choice you make.

      • New Age philosophy, dawnatilla. Some people’s lives are hijacked from the time they are born, if not before. There chosen life in this incarnation goes nothing as planned. So, no, not everyone is the personal cause of their pain and hurt.

      • Interesting.

  12. New blog “Fool on the Hill” I hope my words impact you. Raise the Awareness

  13. “In the Reciprocal System, everything is quantized into discrete units. So is the case with the destructive limits… stars do not heat smoothly, but tend to stay at a specific temperature, then suddenly jump to a new temperature range as the magnetic ionization level increases (which controls the age limit). That is why we have a distinct color-temperature class system for identifying stars. The discrete jumps become very visible when you look at an H-R diagram with the correct evolutionary sequence, as stars move from red supergiants, to orange giants, to main sequence—distinct bars on the graph with few stars between them. The earlier stages of heating up takes bigger jumps than the later ones, so that is obvious here.”
    Source –

    This sounds correct, and from what I remember (and is also mentioned in the text above) we are in a high debris/dusty area on space, what could be ‘fueling’ the sun making it brighter and hotter, what may cause a transition in the near future. Our sun changing its stage and moving to a new frequency of matter (not sure if the manner I wrote it is correct) would mean new forms of irradiation, what may lead us to death or to evolution.

    So I ask you Idylwild group, is the sun evolution the motive that makes this moment so important for humanity? The ‘doorways’, mentioned by FWH and others, of 2012/2013, 2017 and so on are caused by little jumps in this evolutionary process?


  14. could you tell us who built the pyramids? and also was jesus white with blue eyes as always depicted- could you describe him for us please- thankyou

  15. i was also wondering what your opinion is of the bible code- its states netanyahu will be assainated!

  16. The idylwild group do not seem to answer many questions that are put to them. I still come to this site because I like to be with what I could consider friends and like minded people. Fwh replied to most of my posts. I think from now on we are going to have to answer each others questions if we can.

  17. rusirius1111 you are right, its manipulation. These reps know how to get into your akashic records and mess with it.The ones who incarnated here to actually help out, they put all kinds of crap on them an then other people say they have karma to work through.Its a sceme.Its all a lie, its to let people accept their “karma” better yet, accept the abuse of the reptilians. its a lie.
    Here someone who also experienced it:

  18. Ofinion/Drake or his new name on Exotica Radio “Host” could be easily ignored but for the fact that he claims to speak for victims of abuse. I have my own Ofinion experiences to tell but the most important matter is that he is brining the real victims of abuse into disrepute by the way he is with people. He MUST be stopped with this because he isn’t the victim here…

    • Please tell us your O’Finioan story. Drake is someone else, but in the same camp as working for the Cabal. O’Finioan, like Maugans and Sarah Stanga, lure in real victims to re-program them. –AM

  19. O’finoian’s real problem is trust. He will not even write The Shadow a letter to verify that he exists. Not many do. They do not ask for help and therefor are not proven to be of any stature. I am here, you can decide who I am and what I do. I give you my mailing address, I give you actual chance for interaction, so here goes one more time. Mr. Main, PO Box 88, Ponderay Idaho 83852. Send a personal letter written by the person of inquiry. Write it as though it was a job interview, include a way to contact you you know like a phone number, “yours not somebody elses, like for instance your mum, You Do That I will not respond in kind. And last, be honest, I am not a con, I have irrational behavior with irratic quirks and will insult back. I call it interaction, I have no ego, no super ego, I am all Id. If you want to be trained to be a member of The Shadow, you will have to come to me, I will not meet you halfway. I am very busy. Watch the X-Men movies and look for the truth in it, hidden between the scenes. “We have a home in idaho” Then again what do I know.

    • Very funny. Like The Shadow from the pulp era comic books? Oh, you reference X-Men, also from the comic books. Like Duncan and his issue with Chuck Norris, you cannot separate the line between fiction and reality. –AM

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