Obama Clone

Here is evidence that one Obama clone is already on hand.


41 Responses

  1. Nice job. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. a new sack of emptiness to the stage…

  3. Is it true that natural born psychopaths have no souls just like clones ?

    • Generally. The soul may have changed its mind and left the fetus before birth or after birth. A soul can leave a body any time it wishes, albeit the karma of such, leaving an emoty body that can be taken over by another soul or a dark entity. Sometimes the body moves about without a soul, and will exhibit emotionless, sociopath traits.The body can also he inhabited by a demon and do things like mass murder or rape. The Cabal; has ways of detecting soulless bodies and they will put them to use. –D.N.

      • Great info. Thank you, Dominique. 🙂

      • charles manson demon posecessed be a good example

  4. how much of congress & senate r cloned ??

    Why no report on generals being smeared w sex scandal ???

    • where is whr #48 its taking longer than the oj trial ?

      Jesse vetura conspiracry theory show scored again w the telsa
      death ray gun being responsible for 911 building being smoked by energy weapon not expolsion

      Dr fred bell opened the show & died of heart attacks days after
      telling ventura his theory??
      Astronaut oleary was likked in similar fashion heart attack by death ray??

      Brittany murphy & husband testified ag, dept.of homeland{ nazi-bush-takeover}on behalf of buddy julia davis & r killed ???

      what r u guys doing about this???

      • We do not know. Mr FWH, by way to T-man, had stated it would be out by Oct 31. It could have been supressed, or there could be more information. We are not associated with the White Hats Report like Mr. FWH was. — D.N.

      • The White Hats have issued a statement about #48.

      • I am so sad Dr Bell is gone. He gave me so much hope through his book “The Promise”.
        Please tell me he is just off world and he is ok.

    • Congress and the Senate have been removed and replaced with human duplicates for over 40 years now.

      Most sex scandals, especially on generals, are CIA propaganda cover-ups for public consumption, as most generals are to smart to get caught in that kind of catch-all trick.

  5. What about the house that exploded in Indiana? What was that about?

    • Liuke said before, was destroyed by the Cabal that killed a hybrid that was going to whistleblow.

      • . Yes, THEY took-out the house with a missile too.

  6. Here on earth we have chemical formulas that can be used to color hair. Which is to say, I’m not buying these photos as proof that there is an Obama clone.

    • very well said ! I’m starting to wonder about this Idylwildgroup.. they didn’t accept my first comment a wek ago or so although it was neutral just asking a question .. strange guys.. I prefered FWH, he at least answered certain questions and was polite !

      • We are pretty damn busy. –A.M.

      • Hi, Green. I’m sure everyone thought of that. Point is, it’s rather obvious, why would they bother in the first place if it wasn’t true? You either trust your sources or you don’t. Common sense is not always a good bed fellow. Intuition is. 🙂 The mind doubts, the heart knows.

  7. Why would they make new clones if they had a mantoid brain installed in one of the O clones already? Or do these also have mantoid brains?

    • The clones have limited lifespans. Even the highest quality do not live more than 2 or 3 years. –A.M.

      • What is it exactly that causes a clone to break down so quickly? Kind of reminds me of the old mimeographs. lol

      • Quick gestation times will cause a clone to break down after few weeks, sometimes a few months, as well as what kind of tech is used: low human tech or superior reptoid tech. A short life clone is created for a specific job, a long term clone is for replacement of public figures. –D.N.

      • Ahhh, thank you very much, Dominque.

      • lol Squidward’s chum. Same problem.

  8. I mean he might be a clone…but he might have bought Just for Men!

  9. How do we know it’s not just hair color?

  10. Or…it could be he got a box of Just For Men and colored it. 🙂

  11. That’s silly. There’s this thing called hair dye…

  12. Do you know for sure that the original Obama was killed?Did they capture his soul? If he was groomed for the job of president when he was young, he would have known about the cabal. Why was he killed in the first place? Was he a good guy?

  13. Can somebody give their opinions on the sex scandal diversion?? Any intel?
    What about putin? Also what about the states wanting to receed?
    Thanks guys

  14. so as far as i understand from what you have said- is that -there is no punishment if you do evil- so what is the reward for not doing evil- surely there must be- if you are to ascend to higher dimensions- and not just because of knowing or awareness- how does one ascend to a higher level of awareness if one is evil?- please explain- thankyou

  15. OH cmon, this is not proof, its called hair dye/gel. I cant believe people are taking u seriously with proof that its a clone. People are so gullible.

  16. I see more than just hair color change. his face and skin also look like that of a younger person.

  17. I’ll quote Alex Collier: “Folks, be very careful about someone who tells you they’re an “angel”. Now, I have asked about the concept of “archangels”, and the Andromedan perspective is that the “archangel Michael” was literally a fleet of craft that were called Mi-Chael.That was the name of the fleet, and they used to patrol the northern hemisphere of the planet when the Orion group was here in full force.
    The name “Gabriel” was the name of another fleet of craft, and so on. It has been changed and manipulated into the appearance of a concept that will “save” you and “rescue” you, when in fact it was not the original intent at all.” This statement was made at the American Gnostic School, in November 1996 by Alex himself.
    FWH said before he would have met archangel Michael, but apparently he’s not real, and in fact he said that Collier was and is telling the truth.
    Who’s lying in here?

    • He also said the AAM can manifest in many forms…

  18. And also his voice is different.

  19. Greetings Friends;

    It’s my understanding that the original Obama is still alive under heavy protection at the present time by his new handlers. He has many robotoid duplicates necessary for public consumption, or travels where assassination might be emanate. These Obama duplicates are the best in the world, perfect in every detail.

    Robotoids, synthetics, clones, all use hair color, or complete make-over’s to attract or draw attention away from any imperfection found with the created duplicate. Carter had to part his hair to the opposite side to draw attention away from his new incredible over-amped face splitting grin.

    Almost all entities in positions of power and influence have been duplicated and deployed until their needs are no longer necessary, and then they will be orchestrated into a nature death or accident for finial removal. Human duplicates of today have a normal life span of a few years. Sometimes they only last a few weeks or days depending on how they are used.

    Yes, a soul can request a change in mission if he/she fails to handle this 3D timeline. Usually, there is agreement between the souls “Walk-in” before the change-over. If there is no agreement involved, it’s simply called a possession. All real humans have souls. Robotoids and synthetics duplicates do not have souls. However, a soul may move into a synthetic or robotoid body if it chooses to. This is very rare (special missions) as it’s not very comfortable or pleasant residing in these duplicates. True clones from a transplant birth process may have a complete walk-in soul. This is what the elite rich & famous usually prefer. Yes D.N., there are forces in power who have technology to detect soulless bodies, but, I don’t feel the Cabal as having this technology down-pat as of yet. Naturally, I will accept your presentment when I’m confirmed from questioning my sources.

    My most respect and assistance go out to you always,


    PS: I did question FWH concerning my contacts with T-man over the years. He informed me that he was aware of him but had not made contact with him. I guess, he did finally, as you indicate. T-man is a great Light-Warrior in the field, to-say-the-least.

    • @ugmmichael thank you for that information.

  20. Thailand reptiles (spook) Secret Service ahead of Obama visit hmmm


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