The Evil of Duncan O’Finioan

We have heard that Duncan O’Finioan and his black witch CIA handler, Allison/AX/Miramda, plan to re-up their blog. Well, it will just be hacked and erased again if they do. No more spreading their Luciferian lies.

Allison’s health issues are a direct result of black magic hexes she cast being sent back to her three-fold.

Keep in mind, as the FWH exposed, that Duncan (or Duncan O’Simian as we call him at the office, because he is an ape) is a product of evil: the progeny of Alestair Crowley (which is why his fake parents gave him up to the programs), a graduate of MKUltra’s Omega Unit program (he has murdered many innocent men, women and children) and an assassin whose alters were activated and involved as one of the masked gunmen in the Aurora and Oak Creek shootings.

Eye a gander at a recent photo of him:

Notice that he has shaved all his long hair off, hair that was dyed blonde to resemble the AX. Shaved heads is atypical of a programs graduate who has been activated to an alter. Remember when Britney Spears shaved her head and went psycho, and later started talking in a British accent?

On his website, he states this photo is him getting ready for battle. Battle? A bow and arrow against guns and laser beams? He knows that the good guys are coming for him and his father, Crowley, and any other minions holed away underground in D.C. and secretly running the Cabal. It is amusing he thinks a bow and arrow can do anything against an Arcturian or Plejaran.

Also interesting of note: his list of visitors to his site, many from Naval Intelligence offices around the world. Is this any surprise? Who do we know who was connected to ONI?

This is a very dangerous, very unpredictable, very psychotic, broken down and malfunctioning Omega Unit running on fumes with nothing left to lose or care about. He is in hiding, waiting for The Idylwild Group to come. He is being tracked by The Mongoose. The endgame is near.

posted by D.N.


37 Responses

  1. I wish Mongoose a safe and successful mission. Thanks, Dominique.

  2. Gimme a break. A recurve bow with a max arrow speed of 75mph and with blunt points? This doesn’t add up. Everyone with low reaction response time can dodge those arrows. ‘GRUMBL, LOOK AT ME! I’m trying to be hawk..euh.. you know that guy from the movies!’ 😀

  3. Could you remind us why this guy is of much importance? I mean its only one broken old machine… I don’t doubt your skills guys but this is like me saying I could beat a random child with no effort. I am much more concerned about a high ranked reptilian than some retarded cyborg.

    I really don’t get how he’s a big puzzle to the whole ordeal when he’s only one guy.
    Is he some sort of key? A loophole?

    • Because he is of the Crowley bloodline and he kills people. –AM

      • Who else is of this bloodline?

      • Hmm make sense. Thanks.

  4. Do any of you know what was the real cause of the explosion in Indianapolis Indiana last night? Thanks!

  5. Semjase: is fasting while meditating for about 3 days a good way to sharpen your 4D body? How important is diet to our Evolution?

    • On another note. New Post. Poetry. I hope it helps.

      • How do the Arcturians look like? I saw your post about the advanced meditation, and I imagine you practiced it yourself. I ask you this because I’ve read that the they’re green, is that true?

      • The 5D ones are blue. 6-9D they have no bodies and are group minds. –A.M.

      • That is correct. They are blue in 5D and above that density they are Light. They travel in group minds, and they all look roughly the same and they are proud of this, the more connected and similar the, well, ‘happier’ they are. They have this Oneness’ down by the books, they are great examples for us.

      • They are part of The Elohim, the creator races, who Create with Creation and do so with love. –Chenhua

      • THAT I did not know, thank you

  6. AM, I’d like to know your opinion on this

    • As previously explined, Cmdr McCollum broke free from the Cabal and is no longer controlled by them, although they have placed clones out there to cause confusion and black mark him. Do not trust what his clones say. The man he calls “Kevin” was none other than Mr FWH. –DN

      • Really? Kevin? I expected a cute name like Hugh Jackman, which is a hot name, because Hugh Jackman himself is so hot. You should post a photo of FWH sometime, he’s not here anyway 😛

      • And yes, I want him to be like Hugh Jackman

  7. What do you make of a Report that was put on their website on Nov. 9, 2012 with a published date of Nov. 22, 2012

    An amateur astronomer caught on video an object re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

    The object was confirmed by civil and military radar…along with NASA confirmation.

    The Article was quickly taken down, but a video exists of this event.

    Here are the Two Links:

  8. when the last time Pleyades were in touch with B Meier ? what year? is there more contact with any Human beings ?

  9. Thanks guys, for letting me use your blog to reach out and help people. ..
    Everyone, I uploaded a new blog that can help us overcome the Time Quake. I hope it helps you pull out of your own flux and eventually, become a programmer, much like Mr. FWH insisted. Share your experience with the Arcturian meditation as well! Id love to hear it!

  10. Greetings Idylwild Group. First off, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for humanity. I followed FWH’s blog from almost the beginning. My question is this:
    Is General Petraeus a good guy or is he aligned with the cabal? If he is a good guy, was he ousted to prevent the positive military from taking down the cabal? Also, is the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand protocol real?
    Apparently, much is happening behind the scenes. Any insights you can provide are greatly appreciated. Love and light to all, thanks.

    • He was head of the COA, he is not a good guy. He has been tossed under the bus as a distraction. –A.M.

      • Thanks for the response Cmdr McCollum. My initial intuition was that Petraeus was dark. He looks like a reptile. This info is helpful because there is disinfo being put forth that Petraeus and the numerous other Generals and Admirals being removed were “white hats” when in fact they are cabal assets. Tom Heneghan is one who is espousing this disinfo. He also tried to say “Ambassador” Stevens was taken out because he had evidence against the Bush Cabal. With all this cover and deception, it can be hard to cut through the bullshit. Thanks again!

  11. […] There comes a time when slanderous lies can no longer be ignored. There comes a time when you must take action, even when a few of those around you do not wish for you to do so. I am speaking directly about  . […]

  12. More explosions and they seem to be following the New Madrid fault line.

    • uh oh! – this is not good- could be the big one coming

      • I wonder as well if something might happen. I look back to dreams about this time, but the we have the artificial timelines that have messed with everything. so, I don’t know if the dream messages are still valid. But, everything catastrophic that was supposed to happen has not. 🙂 I’m standing on that.

  13. i don’t know… i thought he was just showing his bow and arrow skils.. bought his book and found it kinda interesting. “innocence turned deadly”

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  15. He is made of the line of Elohim. You know one of the seven spirits. He is made to be a guard to the spirit host of Yahweh, and thus be his king. He is the soldier that guards the surging waters and uses this power to fight Rahab. You all know nothing.

    • He is a drunk, a con man, a clone, a fraud, a liar, and the progeny of Alestair Crowley, not Elohim. What a joke! –DN

      • Now, that is what I call a dirty joke, Dominique. =) How are you, sweetie?

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