The Gov Harrassing Eva Moore

We have received reports that the black ops government is harassing Eva Moore, wife of Bill Brockbrader, as hearings and the trial gets closer. She has been looking into civil rights violations and irregularities in the transcripts of Bill’s original trial regarding a bogus charge of statutory rape, all over his refusal to launch a missile at civilians in Afghanistan and his later whistleblowing on Project Camelot and elsewhere about Area 51, ETs, Project Looking Glass, and other nifty stuff I know all about.

The Idylwild Group supports Bill Brockbrader and Eva Moore, even if she is a cloned werewolf, but she has joined the good guys, as has Bill B.. They just want to intimidate Eva because she is his main support base and connection to the outside world, and she has been making light of this shit in public, on radio and at conferences.

Back off, boys in black. Keep up with the surveillance, the unmarked vans, the black helicopters and phone taps, and you will get a visit from us.

This is your one and only warning, and you boys in the black suits know what The Idylwild Group is capable of, and we will slice away from the bottom until we reach the top.


posted by A.M.


22 Responses

  1. Great news but for the being harassed. I wish everyone the best from the depths of my heart.

  2. Why don’t you come visit me you little maggot?
    Oh that’s right, no gutts. All mouth. All bullshit!

    • Well well well, Bobby Joe Fanin. When will you put your blog back up so it can be erased again? How bout if I do a long post about the truth of AX/Allison’s sordid past? –A.M.

    • Im starting to get tired of you Bobby O’FinishHim!FlawlessVictory.

      *requesting transport to his current location. Don’t worry, I have no desire to kill him, just to break his spirit a bit.

    • why? You need to learn a little respect ass hole. Remember what happened last time? πŸ™‚

  3. how did Eva become a warewolf was she biten by vald putin ???

    • Something like that, it is on the FWH blog. I think she was biten and thought dead, so they cloned her. so really there are two of her, the she-wolf and the clone. But the clone can also turn lichen. –DN

  4. ok thanks for explanation
    Iam happy to see Jesse Ventura[consipracy theory on tru tv} interview lizard-lier David Icke who lost his cool after jesse wanted to see his proff of the reptilians Icke of course cowardly ran off the show cursing jesse in the back dress room refusin to give proof too bad he did not shape shift on camera haha
    this shows Icke is promoting a agenda like fwh said & is part of the cabal
    fear porn! funny how it was Alex jones{cabal controlled} pointing jesse towards icke as the prime source of this agenda
    they had another woman with lizard eyes shapeshift
    Please give us any other insights about this thanks

  5. Also watched the shadows show produced by project camelot very good job by kerry cassidy

  6. its no wonder zionist hollywood keeps promoting warewolfs & vampires as normal its all mind control I refuse to watch

  7. shock over canibal cop gilberto valle{forest hill nyc} nypd was arrested by fbi for staking out a 100 woman who he planned to kidnap rape totue cook n eat !!!!
    I believe he is posessed do u guys have any info on this ???

  8. what happened tp fritz springmeir is he jailed or killed ???

  9. Majorly off topic. Sorry. How can i interrupt, or even terminate implants when they are causing pain? I get close to a nuclear power plant and the one in my shoulder goes off like mad. I had one in each nostril that caused insane suicidal pain. They are gone. I made the one that installed the last one in a nostril remove it. I don’t know if it was removed or just shut down. The first one I was at a specialist for the pain. He stuck an instrument up my nose and I almost kicked him. He wasn’t a human, he was an insectoid of some kind. ha memories in an examining chair. It disappeared after that. I have one in a toe as well. Don’t know how many more.
    I woke up one morning last spring, the left top of my head so sore I couldn’t brush my hair for a couple of days. A few others had the same. Either an upgrade/correction from our benevolent galactics, or more screwing with from the malevolent factors.

    • It sucks this is happening to you, rusirius1111
      I am fighting with these things too! About a month ago they stuck a red porcupine shaped implant in my right ear and it was excruciating. That morning I bent over to pick something up and when i stood up, the implant became dislodged and started spinning in my head. I get horribly dizzy ever since. It seems I am now extra sensitive to their dastardly emf machine.
      Who do you tell about these things?
      I am trying to carry on, but its hard to pretend I feel ok when I feel like shit. I would love to know how to terminate these implants!!
      Thank you for sharing rusirius πŸ™‚

      • You’re more than welcome, Allaria. πŸ™‚ I hear you on the feeling like shit. I treasure the days I have energy and little pain in recent days. really weird, eh? I was so weak the other day, a friend online sent energy and it entered my body through the keyboard. lol I had to pull myself loose. Helped so much. I have 2 missing days this week. I see that I have posted on those missing days, timelines are insane jumping here and there, very confusing. Implants are going insane. It’s good to share these experiences. Thanks, Allaria.

  10. so werewolfs exist what about the vampires is that the Dracolians??

    • a version of them: blood sacrifice, blood baths. Vampires do not get their power from ingesting blood but from ingesting soul energy. This is why the reptilians trap souls and feed off them. The myths come from a vampyre soul eater who might also blood suck. –D.N.

  11. hey semjase hi again fwh said the Bafath deceived humans thru religion
    so Jehovah was one of their leaders that the israelites followed
    can u guys tell us more about their agenda?
    I know they tried to kill u semjase so they r Evil

    Yaweh was also mentioned by fwh as a false god who mohammed followed

  12. Why did GOD the creator scatter the tribes of Israel to the 4 corners of the earth
    beaused they sinned greatly! they have mixed w many races is this because they had whorshipped & breeded with these fallen angelic alien races that their dna still carry today???

  13. the book of enoch explains the 2nd fall of the angels called the watchers who bred w human woman & created the giants
    so 2 falls of angelic beings on this earth the 1st being the group that followed
    lucifer both groups have hybred-alien-humans all over called the 13 families of the illuminatti they want a nwo w the antichrist leading the show
    obama is the false messiah not antichrist many believe the antichrist will perform miracles to stop all wars & starvation etc born in turkey alive today

  14. if the Archons control the vatican which runs the us CIA how will the white hats of us military free the country from the bush cabal if they keep firing the patriotic generals???

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