RAKMEiSTER the Stalker

We are getting reports that The RAKMEiSTER is now stalking radio hosts, and blackmailed Paul Richard Price recently, pretending to be a woman online, mostly it stalks female hosts, like he did with Kerry Cassidy. This thing has nothing better to do with its pathetic existence. The Arcturians have indicated they will “take necessary steps” to eliminate the creature, but we may have to do it ourselves.


posted by A.M.


4 Responses

  1. Is he stateside now? I’ve had a feeling he would come here if that is indeed what he has done. Any news on the resignation of the head of the cia? I don’t believe he resigned due to an affair. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic. =) Thank you for keeping us informed. My life has become much calmer since I found you guys and FWH. Truth has a way of doing that. Arcturians have taken on a huge part in this play. I truly appreciate them very much as well as the Idylwild Group. =)

  2. that thing needs some triazicide in its rotten ass but fast

  3. To stop him you only need to say the following: ‘Broertje! Ik ben het Alexander. Mamma wil dat je naar huis komt. We hebben verse kakkerlakken en warme diarree voor je gemaakt!’

  4. Rak is actually in the UK. but apart from that when are you bringing out projectcumalot? I see it is parked’ in a site register which shows a person in Sweden as being the owner. Come on school kids lets get it on.!!
    Kerry wont like this !!!

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