The Arcturians tell us that a new set of Obama Clones have been manufactured for the next four years. Look for major clues when you see him in January.


posted by D.N.


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  1. O’clones remind me of the Magic Roundabout, it is probably the music that does it!

  2. Thank you, Dominique. I have already been watching for clone changes and have alerted others to this as well. People think I’ve gone round the twist when I try and explain to them and these are “awake” people.

  3. oh boy another bunch of replicants…

  4. Wow, more O clones, I can’t wait to see this show. They should form a singing group. Call them The big O and his lying clones. Give a little song and dance and then hide in the cowards corner until the next show. Yee! Haw! More targets.

  5. if the Draco remplaced Obama with a clone, why Acturians let them do it?

    • I dont think the A’s are here to save us, rather to help us become more aware so we can save ourselves.

      • As well as the Ps

      • Excuse me, there comes a point in which fair is fair. I know we have had our share of “help” but this is ridiculous. Is there anything Good going to happen to ameria? Alex collier said there would be 8 months of tyranny. Im trusting he is right.I really want someone to answerr my question here. Why did russia not recieve help during lenin and stalins reign? Those people were slaughtered for what 15 years?? Why did nobody help them? Are we just fucked here? They have an unfair advantages with their tech..what do we have? They want a war and are controlling both sides of it as usual..why? why must we go round and round with these poeple. Im over it man. Fuck , why wont they just fuck off!

  6. Could the Idylwild group alone kill the highest Draco authority in this world if you wanted to?

    • Queen Elizabeth? She is not easy to get to.

      • This makes me think of the Michael Fagan incident. A supposedly ordinary man, by a series of incredibly fortunate coincidences and lapses in security, gains access to the Queen’s bedroom to find her alone and unguarded. When he’s finally caught, a guards apparently takes him to the kitchen and pour him a shot of whiskey. And all he gets is six months in a psych ward and the charges are dropped. Hmm… makes me wonder what really going on.

      • What about a mock scuffle in the crowd where water balloons of blood get thrown about. Would she irresistibly shapeshift?

      • Kindigo – would you really want to witness a pissed off Drago queen? she has the capacity to tear through the lot of you, like a scythe through wheat

      • that ought to have been Draco not Drago! although technically she is a bit of a Drag Queen! 😉

      • Ithought it was a persone named “pindar”? Also, i thought the rothchilds were higher up than the queen.

  7. Something about this cloning thing puzzles me – when they cloned Obama,
    what happenend to the other members of his family? I suppose Michelle would have noticed if her husband had changed?

    • Family is also cloned. –AM

      • Chris, I would stand first in line if it saved one child from torture. The heartbreak of knowing this is happening RIGHT NOW then someone says ‘did you see what happened on Big Brother last night?’ is excruciating..

      • Forgive them for they know not what they do. Tis better to have unconditional love and forgiveness of their ignorance than to attack out of anger for their actions. They will reap what they sow. Hold love in your heart for all the pain and suffering experience by those children.
        Take heed of the parable of the sower.. where do you cast your seeds?

      • Cloned from akhenaten? Is this the end game? Just like akheneten brining in the “monotheism”? when egypt collapsed it was him at the helm , no?

  8. what happeneded to the 2 newborn queens hatched during the olympis were they killed??

    • We are not sure. Most likely being nurtured deep below the UK until they come of age to fight for the throne, and then devour Queen Elizabeth. –DN

      • wow- Karma is a bitch

  9. How much power do the archons have over the jesuits & vatican have they been taken out yet????

    • all power

      • There was an episode of Star Trek about archons. The way to defeat them is to not fight or project negative energy. The klingons and the crew worked together and basically were sending out happy vibes and hanging out with each other. Is this a way to defeat them?

  10. ben fulfords-clones new report is saying obama clone was cut off from Queen & pope 3weeks prior to election bec.they want ww3 romney was their guy???
    bush cabal used harrp to send carribean hurricane sandy at ny/nj ???
    claims obama is clearing out cia david petraeus admiral charles & even Hillary
    clinton{did not see her get fired}
    I dont trust fulford clone or obama clone
    What is status of G bush sr is he senile in wheel chair,dying & about to be cloned or did they rejuvenate him in hong kong???
    This guy in hawii named Kauilapele thinks obama is the messiah lol same bs david wilcock claims

    God bless jesse ventura for exposing lier david icke too bad the lizard did not shapeshift when he was pushed for proof of reptilian royals
    someone needs to tell jesse its the fresh blood that gets them to shapeshift
    please white hats give this info to ventura so he can get the truth out to the masses asap thanks for your service on this veterens day GOD BLESS

    • Icke isnt a liar and ventura didnt expose SHIT! since you have stated it…please respond with an example of Icke’s “lies”: if you please!!! and, the real story behind the lies you list

      • Icke is deceptive. Yes, he presents the truth, but as a way of fear porn and disclosure of his reptilian kin. Icke is a repti;ian himself. He also works with CIA shill, Alex Jones. Icke does the bidding of Alestair Crowley, Queen Elizabeth, and the Black Pope. –D.N.

      • ya DN I couldnt disagree with anything u said…I just feel things are dual natured on this planet and I happen to sense something helpful…in him.

      • so when he devotes the time to speaking about loving one another…whose agenda is he pushing then???

      • icke’s book THE BIGGEST SECRET claims jesus christ never existed thats a LIE! fwh said hes a shapeshifter himself & he works for the lizards by promoting the fear.
        Jesse challenged him for proof of the truth instead he ran off the show bec. hes a lizard!
        if u like him so much join him for diner with the queen maybe they will eat ur mind controlled butt for thanksgiving lol

      • Dr Smile – FWH said the entity know as Esu Jmmanuel Sananda was a shapeshifter not Jmmanuel himself. Jmmanuel did exist but was erroneously called Jesus Christ by Paul & others.

    • If Alex does the bidding..you think he has a choice? Maybe he is going along with it for the meantime..What about in the beginning? has he always been a shill? He does have a pretty good foothold on what he does. Is he a clone?

  11. Love and unity 🙂 and the clones will fall to the waste side

    • clones are victims in my opinion…or can be…or …?

      • david icke has u right where he wants u sutck in the false path of good vs evil but wheres that lead to being a victim w no answers
        Icke has no answers ! so reach for the christ mind within use your connection to the IAM & the truth will set u free
        good luck dawn

  12. Obama clone 1 is documented…


  13. how do these dracos- eg- icke and queen elizabeth- appear as human- do they use a hologram?

    • everything we “see” is an energy, no light actually reaches your brain from your eyes, its just electronic nerve impulses. I think the reptilians can manipulate the energy to appear to us as they wish.

      • I think that AND can activate or it deactivates that DNA

  14. again whorship no one but the creator with in!
    the kindgdom of god is state of mind
    jesus never wanted to be worshipped
    IAM here to repeat jesus lost teaching

    • What do you remember of Galilee? or the Sermon on The Mount? or the long journey from Damascus to Kashmir?

      Why do you insist on calling Jmmanuel Jesus? that was not his name and never will be. That was a fallacy of Saul who misinterpreted his words.
      God does not reside within, that is the place of the higher self/ your human spirit self who is omnipotent and who’s name is holy. God is human, ancient and immortal and rules over the celestial sons and humans of which he birthed the three lineages. His kingdom is very real. You mistake the kingdom of heaven, enlightenment with that of God
      “Praise be to Creation, maker of the heavens, the universes and the Earth, for keeping the knowledge and power of the spirit hidden from the unwise and the misguided, who spread the false teachings, and for revealing this knowledge to sincere seekers now.”

      You are thinking in human terms not in spiritual terms.

      You are not here to repeat anyone’s teachings – that shows no spiritual growth. Anyone can pick up a book and repeat a passage, that simply makes you understand words not knowledgeable and wise to use that knowledge appropriately.
      To those who have ears let them hear, to those who have eyes let them see.
      I suggest you go and meditate on your path and ask to be delivered from error unto the truth.

      • I think u should stop judging people bec. u will feel those judgements come down on u

  15. I
    Obama after winning and the swearing in he seems lacking,not true exiting,is this a clone operating. example sandy hook school,take his role outright for gun control. Even though children flashing demon signs,the people act like Stepford wives lots of actors with no emotion and he’s there.He did it with BP and he is being watched closely by the people.

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