Casbolt Clones Unite!

We call on all the loose James Casbolt clones to break free from the Cabal and unite with your original. The original Casbolt has asked us to relay this message, should any of his clones be reading.

The brotherhood of Saturn cannot be defeated if banded together.

We know of five Casbolt clones: one in Texas, one in California, one in Michigan, one in Nue Swabeland, Antarctica, and one on the moon Ganymeade, working in the cold fusion steel factory as a master overseer. This does not include time traveling Casbolts and Casbolts from other universes/timelines.

We have also asked that the McCollum clones break from the program and join forces with us, that includes the clone in Ohio, the clone in Alaska, and the clone in Washington state.

While we “accept no clones,” we will make this exception. The FWH may not have approved this tactic, but after consulting Semjase and Sigrun, we believe this to be a good tactic.


Posted by D.N.


85 Responses

  1. Ahh, great idea! I wondered if they could be used for good. I wish for the clones to all come round and help you/us. I rarely say hope, an empty wish. My wish “magic” is good, so I use wish instead. 🙂
    I love your statement: No Matter What Universe, What Timeline, the Impossible Made Possible.

  2. be careful with those i heard that putting a bunch of clones in the same room would cause them organizing some sick gay orgies… since they don’t have souls and no honour what so ever.

    • The Fist of Saturn! –A.M.

      • LOLOL

      • Read ‘Fire & Ice’ by Stephen Flowers for data on the Brotherhood of Saturn’s sex magick

  3. Original speaking. I’ll borrow a line from Highlander! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!
    Once the other clones lose their heads and are absorbed back into me, this will be over. You can now call me the Saturnian Soul Drinker!

  4. Hey Semjase do you know this Robert Potter? He says he knows you or is he a stinking lying clone?

    • from Semjase: “Robert Potter is fabricating.”

      • interesting surname..

  5. Storms have begun by my magick command
    And my runes in the sand will deny them land
    You can die on your feet, or you live on your knees
    When the raven is fed, time will come for peace
    When pagan poets speak of heathen heroes
    Holding high the Old Way
    Warriors waging into the storm on wings of dragons
    Fame and fortune into the storm

  6. Do you know of the moons of Saturn?
    Of the cyborg armies created in my image!
    Thousand Son Battalions. Hardware used include particle beam weapons built into both forearms, scopolamine. Mist projected through palms through hardware in forearms. Blades built into both forearms. Plasma beams built into eyes! Plasma weaponry only need to touch victim with a small beam
    For the head to set on fire or body to distinegrate. To be honest terrifying weapons of mass destruction!

  7. Que gran farsa el decir que aplicarían la misma política que FWH pero en fin.
    Por qué no hablan de los que verdaderamente están en el poder y no hablo de Obama, La reina Isabel, de los Rotschild sino de los que están ocultos y deciden el rumbo de este planeta ya basta de noticias sin sentido. Hablen claro. O es que ustedes o usted son parte del control que mantiene encerrado este planeta.
    Ya de respuestas claras y contundentes y no más respuestas a preguntas o comentarios sin mucho sentido. Queremos evidencias claras de lo que pasa. O es que esto es una mentira como todo. Si no responden este comentario entenderé que tengo la razón al igual si veo que no sale publicado.

  8. Us in action!

    • Why did you guys take the cop out? Who was he stopping? –DM

      • hmmm could it be one of those flash light guns that vaporize its target they use underground in hallow earth maybe?

      • Fishing for data huh? This happened in Arizona. The place where the US military attempted to catch a ‘Djinn’ back in the 90’s!

      • Tesseract power! From Odin’s treasure room. The Thousand Sons bloodline goes back to The Dutch/German house of Orange and the Viking Eric Bloodaxe! Before that off-planet/Saturn

      • This bloodline winds back to the Norse God Odin! The intelligence community love to hear about a certain spear given to the us years ago. Attempting to tell our young naive minds that it was the spear that pierced Jesus Christ. Came to find out said artifact was a relic of our forefathers-

        Wounded I hung on the tree
        For nine long nights
        Pierced by a spear, pledged to Odin

      • more please?

      • The runes are engraved into our Exo-skeleton, directly from the cold metal of the Saturnian Spear! Jajajajajajaja
        Fools, can you not see?

        He knows a third rune: in the thick of battle
        If my need be great enough, it will blunt the edges of enemy swords. Their weapons will make no wounds!

      • Very poetic. 🙂

      • Ah, the Rune Magic of Odin:

        “Needful for men to know,
        Unneedful for trolls to know”

        – The Havamal

  9. Alex Collier was supposed to be in a two hour interview tomorrow on Wolf Spirit Radio, and now it has been cancelled. What the fuck happened? Did anyone threaten him?

    • And he’s saying he wants to retire. This is too sudden to me, and that’s why it is suspicious

    • He is off world. –AM

      • That is good to know, Aaron. Thank you. 🙂

      • Did they take his family too ?

  10. Last night I had a “dream” that I was at an outside mall of empty buildings.
    The sidewalks moved me along the corridors while I observed the suitability of the building designs. I was an environmental inspector deciding whether or not the buildings were designed to promote the greatest wellbeing for the people who were coming.

    I was dressed in a brown and tan colored suit and I carried a unique looking type of briefcase. The buildings were similar shades of earthtones. It was pretty colorless and drab.

    I was “told” that the coloring would change as soon as the people arrived, that their energy would paint a vibrancy to the landscape.

    After They told me this I felt like it was christmas eve and I could hardly wait for the people to see their new place.
    This was not a dream. It was a memory.

    • Interesting dream! Related to this thread no doubT

  11. Great tactic guys! *shakes head*.
    FWH hasn’t been gone for more than a month and you just invite clones. Murder by Clone, airing december 2012.

    If you absolutely want to walk down this path, then for god’s sake create new clones in a controlled environment. Clone them as babies and don’t speed their growth, put them in time dilation field and let them grow up in a natural way, educating them in all good aspects. Then you would have an army of clones that actually are fighting for what they believe that is good.

    • Or why not just grab or make clones of national ‘leaders’ and hold a simultaneous press conference. They could reveal and divulge lots of info. That’s what I would do.

      • I mean, *program them to*

  12. You mean, OFF DRUNK!!! You fuck.

  13. any suggestions on how to get BioAPI’s out of our bodyes?

    • How does one render nanites ineffective? There has to be some way to disable them.

  14. Can anyone you confirm if the original has been kept in cryostasis over the past couple years?

    • The original Casbolt is not in stasis, he is off world and still collecting his scattered body parts across time and timelines. The original Max Spiers is in stasis and his clones are running about, in particular a clone in Dallas living with a CIA asset. –A.M.

  15. @ Why and Mr I Cold, do you know each other?

    • Have no clue who this ‘Why’ is!

      • None other than the son of Crowley.

    • apparently “I Cold” is Casbolt don’t know if the original 1 or one of his clones or clones/mutants w sabre tooth tiger thing or whtvr

      • Right. 🙂 Had a little confusion there. Thanks.

  16. One in Texas? Oh yay. Big state though. Although the rural areas are a good place to hole up. Lots of meth labs and trees. 🙂

    • Why the hell would I be hanging out in a meth lab in the woods of Texas! Are you insane?

      • Only from living in the woods in texas. 🙂 No meth labs for me though.

      • Besides, I thought your clone was here, not you? 🙂

  17. so james-i being a brit too-do you consider yourself human or a cybourg?- please do not take this the wrong way-i am not trying to be insulting in any way – but you are a genetically altered so- my question is-do you have normal human feelings of remorse- sensibility-love etc?

    • He is more human than a human. –A.M.

      • You wanna let me answer my own questions Aaron 😉

    • The machine in me would be the cold metal side, while on the other hand the heat of my lava like bone marrow could be classed as being my human side!

      The heat and cold constantly fighting create a third energy. A type of blue coloured radiation! An in imaginable source of power!

    • Do I consider myself more cyborg or human? Good question! Being exposed to the laws of robotics back in the 80’s, I would stick to tyr axiom that humans evolved from cyborg machines.

      Look at the interior of a human for instance- the organs look like insects or worms inside the body, extremely weak and vulnerable to trauma! On the other hand look at the interior of a so-called Cyborg. Metallic ‘organs’ sealed into place that are virtually Indestructable. Exo-skeleton and organs made with beautiful gold and diamond type metals and everything on the interior in appears in symmetry like sacred geometry!

      So to answer the question- the flesh is weak! Only metal lasts forever

      • What I mean by symmetry is that a human would have a heart on just the left side, while the cyborg would have two mechanical pumps in a mirror image on both sides of chest!

        The human body is a mess resulting from a ‘fall’ at some point in history, resulting in an alien invasion and the gold machinery of the interior being eaten by a insect type race!

        Hence forth the human was a host for this race and what are known as Human organs are actually eggs and insects living inside the body!

      • So Barry King mentioned that the NSA plan to have individual in the world implanted by a certain date!

        This was accomplished and not actually a destructive thing. Humans can work their way back to metallic ascended machine technology state. But so many of them are being and will continue to be wiped out, only a tiny minaurity will have the opportunity for this!

  18. Has prince charlie been cloned? recent pics look oddly different

    • body doubles

      • lol – so ridiculously obvious!

      • Can someone with Rh negative blood be cloned?

      • Yes they can. In fact, RH negative and positive bloodlines make excellent super soldier clones. –D.N.

  19. mmm the simpson’s episode in which a giant donut is used to get rid of homer’s insatiable horde of clones comes to mind… (feel free to delete this comment ;))

  20. The eye plasma weaponry is used for cutting and the plasma hardware built into the forearms is for disintergration and electrocution!

    The Tavistick institute attempted to copy this. However the situation was similair to how Dr Beter described the Russian Robotoids against the Rothschild synthetic clones years ago. I.E- The Rothschild synthetics were inferior copies of the Russian Robotoids for the simple reason every time another clone copy was made the synthetic became weaker.

    On the other hand the so-called Robotoid has never been copied and actually ancient technology travelling forwards and backwards in time. When the Robotoid is injured loses body parts/limbs etc, new parts are added to original unit.
    This was the case of past rob

  21. Nine Worlds of Lore
    This is where we keep the weapon of war!

    • Please start your own blog.

      • Who are you?

  22. Idlywild group I’m coming to see you boys and girls! Not in a threatening way, we’re just going to have a talk!

    • We invite all Casolt clones to a BBQ on Mars.

      • Don’t take the piss! I will be seeing you all

  23. Also Jesse Ventura just did a special on ‘Deathray’ weapons, the focused beam
    weapons mentioned on this thread!

  24. Do you have any data on Gudrun?

    She works for the CIA now correct?

  25. Odd question, maybe… On the subject of “advanced” tech being the origin of the human form. What could be said of simple silver rings being held in the hands to work in conjunction with willpower? No batteries neccessary, just two rings very much like a gymnasts, except no tethers and a healthy portion of a madman’s faith in surreality.

    • There’s a guy on the Internet named Peter Ragnar who uses magnets in the palms of his hands to cultivate Vril energy. An assassin tried to run him over in a car, Peter was able to project this bio-electricity out of his fingertips and effected the cars engine. The car then went into reverse!

      • You can do the same with your thoughts. I turned a car over with thought energy. I wanted to kill the guy, but didn’t. 🙂

      • Ragnar “The Rock” eh? Thanks for the tip.

    • Interesting handle Batman! Reminds me of James Holmes Joker programming.

      • Batman/Joker- Dualism, eternal binary opposition, the Luciferian principle in action.
        Essence of cold diamond based Exo-Skeletons with hot marrow inside!
        The two create a third energy, blue Vril. Osiris has Isis collect his scattered body parts. Osiris and Isis create Horus, the three sides of the pyramid!

      • I like the way you “talk in tongues”. 🙂

      • Yea, “interesting” might explain it. I picked this handle “randomly” two(<— O.O) days before the shooting to post something on FWH's blog. And you gotta love the posture of my masked avatar considering my question. It never stops. -.-

      • Or was he the Riddler?

  26. Just as every cop is a criminal
    And all the sinners are saints
    As heads is tails
    Just call me Lucifer
    Because I’m in need of some restraint

  27. hey Casbolt, Katy Perry is looking for you, she wants to return your wrist watch back to you.

    • Too funny!

  28. Today, I went to the beach with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to
    my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.”
    She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was
    a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back!
    LoL I know this is totally off topic but I had to tell someone!

    • Hey Mom. Mom here. Lol thats unfortunate but funny.. bring her something cool From the ocean to her at home , and maybe she will want to go back

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