What Timeline Are You In?

There is a major timeline split right now: in one, Mittens Romney won; in another, Obama stays. The two timelines are in phase shift. You may go to sleep thinking one guy won and wake up to find the other did.

posted by D.N.


77 Responses

  1. Listening to Beethoven Piano Concertos. Will have a beer in a moment then go to bed. Dem and Reps just two sides of the same coin. In my timeline Obummer won. Will see what happens in the morn when I wake up. Blessing to all.

  2. time quakeorama… we need Al bielek to fix this

  3. Right now I am in the timeline where Obummer got reelected

  4. So far, Obama won…

  5. I am in the Timeline where The big O rolled over the Mittens. So, which one is good, which is bad, and which is which?

  6. Im stuck in the obama won timeline & its does not feel good

  7. I haven’t checked yet this morning. I have been shifting like mad this week and last week. I stopped trying to keep up. πŸ™‚ Thank you for this confirmation.

  8. oh yeah, Obama won last night. Still the prez this morning.
    Thank you, Dominique. πŸ™‚

  9. Last comment, promise. πŸ™‚ You have no idea how good it was to find a long page of posts and comments from you guys. It was over much too soon though. Half empty, half full, it’s both. Thanks.

  10. The O-Clone timeline for me… What were the choices again? Military Industrial Complex or Marxist Socialist?

  11. How many ways can one say…….HORSESHIT!!!!!!!

    • It is what you get on your dick, Bobby Joe, when you fuck equines! oh, wait that is cowshit, because you fuck a cow. –A.M.

      • You mean he’s a stump breaker? lolol

    • Horseshit? lol You’re entitled to your opinion, but I don’t think that is your opinion. I think it’s your programming. πŸ™‚

    • If we are wrong, no harm done. If you are wrong, god help you.

  12. I guess either way – the same constitutional rights and policies will still be changed as they have been and continue to be thus far ey! (NDAA act / Debt / Drones / Chemtrails etc etc etc)

    • This basically states that The White Hats do not have/use outside sources unless stated, and then we have FWH, and this makes me wonder….Why is he a *Former* White Hat? I knew to this, so I would like an explanation, please.

      • Means he left the group, Merry. Other fish to fry. πŸ™‚

  13. In my timeline Obama won the election

  14. I prefer that timeline where neither won, the sheeple actually woke up and we are on the road to creating a Utopia!

  15. Is this related, to the fact that the LIGHT right now, is fixing something in 1962? ( Kennedy related? )

    • That sounds intriguing, realspanishpaella. πŸ™‚ Keep us updated on this, please? If you can.

  16. I’m in the one where Obama won. What’s that mean for me? What’s going to happen next?

  17. I am in the one Obama won is that the bad one?

  18. Obama is still president this morning, is that a good thing? Just wondering about the direction this timeline is going?

  19. Apparently im in the wrong timeline..i would have preferred to be in the one where ron paul wins. So , this is how it will be eh? Any insight as to what to expect this month? Banks close? Martial Law? or maybe we get lucky and his whole cabinet gets arrested..

  20. obma is still president what time line are you in…………………
    an weed is legal in Washington state hip hip ha ray

    • lol I hope washington and colorado can keep it legal. Love the stuff myself. πŸ™‚

  21. so what does it mean if we are in the time line of Obama staying compared to the Romney timeline whats it mean. Because in my timeline obama was reelected

  22. What the timline brings us , when Mitt Romny / Barack Obama wins ?

  23. Iam in the timeline Where Obama was elected.both rather seemed to be mitt-stakes though.

  24. Unchanged Obama win in my timeline.

    Does it matter much which timeline one is perceiving? Either way an puppet and/or clone of TPTB won.

  25. I went to sleep last nite in Obama Hell and I woke up this morning remaining in Obama Hell. Not that Mittens would have been any better. Gahhhhhh.

  26. There are infinite probable timelines being played out from every action taken at all nows.

  27. Huh? I see no evidence of a Romney timeline, do you?

    • I think that is a good thing, kohala. πŸ™‚

  28. so far in my timeline, only Obama won and Florida still didn’t finish counting:) Does it matter who won this insanity? My guess is that it does not.
    Thank you Dominique for posting.

  29. It really doesnt matter either way. I will ascend with my loved ones and live in love peace and harmony within the next months

  30. Totally thought I’d wake up and see a president change from last night. Guess I didn’t jump again 😦

  31. People who perceive Mittens as victorious have no longer access to this blog in this timeline? Where Obama has won?

    The downfall of the US means the downfall of earth.
    She is going to be really upset…

  32. wish I could wake to both of them MIA…..

    & ELvis is Commander & Chief

  33. I’m in the one where Obama won !! are you serious whit the 2 timelines actually ?

  34. <–In the RAPTURE temporal envelope, where Benny Hinn and Tim Storey help the White House pray for the peace of Jerusalem..and ANGELS APPEAR IN CENTRAL PARK..HEALING THOSE WHO BELIEVE.

    • Benny Hinn is a fraud and needs to shut up.

  35. Alex Collier will be participating in a two hour LIVE interview on Ever Beyond with Jay Perron on Wolf Spirit Radio on Sunday 11th November 2012 at 11pm to 1am GMT (3pm EST to 6pm PST.
    As per FWH. Alex is the real deal.

    • yes he is

      • Lolo, do you have a link, please? Thanks. πŸ™‚

      • You know ive always liked alex..he is a true person. He represents humanity best because he speaks FROM THE HEART.

    • thanks been waiting for something recent with alex

  36. The best.

  37. since we’re in 3D, everyone must see Oba won

  38. This post begs the question…does the same Internet exist in all timelines?

    • In various ways, it would seem.

    • Yes, but you find posts/comments altered. It has gotten me in trouble a few times. πŸ™‚

  39. I guess most of us are stuck in the Oboma time line … is there any advice on how to switch timeliness? is it even possible?

  40. I am where Obama won, but there WAS a timeslip for me. When I went to bed on the 8th, Washington had voted down recreational marijuana. I clearly remember Steve Innskeep discussing it on NPR. Now it is decriminalized inn WA. Compared to who won the Election, it seems small, but it has been bothering me.

  41. We just read that the Alex Collier two hour LIVE interview on Ever Beyond with Jay Perron on Wolf Spirit Radio on Sunday 11th November 2012 has been cancelled.

  42. In the one I choose.

  43. The Holy Spirit is NOT a fraud.

    • Benny Hinn is a fucking fraud. Wise up. So, you are calling the holy spirit benny hinn? lololol

  44. Greetings, Idylwild Group and fellow readers. Thank you all for keeping us informed. This is my first post on this site, but I did appreciate Mr. FWH’s posts and miss him too.

    Mycelium, they do sometimes call it wrong – before all the votes are counted. We can still hope!

  45. You guys seriously think there is a Romney timeline? Well, here is a fat reality check for you all to cash in. Obama is the black messiah of Oprahs black nationalist church, aka “the one.” He is the modern day antichrist of Rev 13, Saul of Tarsus was the first one. I’m not saying this is a “prophecy” its a political script of these that must happen and began to happen when the book of Revelation was written. The Vatican will consolidate it’s hold on the world, then we will have the wrath of God where the earth is burned, followed by the second coming that will establish a new age of Judaism. Obummer has RFID setup in law, it will become mandatory in America no later then 2013, its already in law. Meanwhile Drake has failed. They changed their name to universal voice right after election day. Catholic is a word that means universal. The change was to signal their Vatican superiors that they are onboard with Obama’s plan. Drake, the Jesuit scumbag, speaks for a group that failed to prevent Obummer re-election. Their another douchebag blame it on the Zionist Jew disinfo team, as the Vatican owns Israel and is behind Zionism, and the protocols are fake. So you can keep dreaming your strong delusions and believing stuff like this, but thats the reality.

  46. Listen up Idylwild. A future version of FWH is stuck in the past. February 23, 1997 to be exact. Now, knowing him, he would make sure that he could get a message to you. But he hasn’t.

    You NEED to get him. I don’t know what resources you have, but you have to try. Timelines are changing because he’s there. Get him out of there and get him save.



  47. ..And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him; but unto him that blasphemeth against the Holy Spirit it shall not be forgiven — St. Luke 12:10

    • I heard that all my life. Religious bullshit. Remember where religions were born…..in the dark halls of the minds of the bloodline.

      • …”religion is dead”…and will KEEP YOU DEAD. Find the living
        among the living, live telecast here;


      • WW, if you want to know the truth, you should keep an open mind and dig deeper. It sounds like you are in the trap of being told what to think and believe like all the good little sheep.

        Make sure your thoughts are your own and not a program. That is God’s gift of free will. Do not “sin” by throwing that gift away.

  48. ….Allaria11 ..and others, unless you have experienced the Holy Spirit, you
    may not fully understand what I am attempting to relate here. The New Age
    movement is full of deceptions..some of them very old, some due to recent
    knowledge systems being upgraded. Fully alive people can access The Lord
    by simple communication methods…a simple change of heart in a moment of
    distress. I have met researcher Tommy Blann, who related to me his “angelic
    visitation experiences”..and his attempts to help scientist Dr. Paul Bennewitz.
    Don’t trust inner knowledge…any more than the answers in the back of a quantum physics book, a sure surety in most cases…but always in need of
    formal validations. The timeline is broken at this point by the presence of the
    Bride of Heaven herself..who can mend broken peoples and repair the breaches the unjust have levied upon us. Be as smart as serpents..and as
    harmless as doves..and those who you are to assist will be brought forth to meet you. This resource…whether any actual Pleiadians are present (plasma
    beings in a star formation part of Orion)…is helpful for those who have been
    traumatized by Official Government programs..and who need the healing touch
    of sensitives that hold dear the freedoms of mind and spirit. I have no contentions with anyone here…but will engage in spiritual warfare (read Tozer)
    with all powers and principalities who dare to hurt the hurting.


  49. Yes i agree. All religions are B.S and PLEASE DO NOT SPAM THIS BLOG WITH RELIGIOUS MUMBO JUMBO!!! thank you **

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