The United States  falls apart starting today.  –Semjase


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  1. FUCK!!!!

  2. Yep. Thank you, Semjase. Looking to a better world soon.

    • So you think becuase the united states falls the cabal will just go away? No. They are in most other countries…

      • lol Joey, not at all. I just see things finally moving after appearing to be stuck for so long. I get angst when things don’t move. I am not that simple minded to think the cabal will just go away. The dark hats have launched their bid for world domination/new world order from the states. Having done so they will not leave the US a world power, a power that could take them on. This is why we have been hit so hard here by the dark hats.
        But, things are finally moving, the bottleneck seems to have been cleared.

  3. Do the United States fall because of who is elected (I guess it’s obvious since both candidates are a big fail)? Also, does this mean the rest of the world will follow or will there be a nation which shines?

    • The dollar collapse is soon. Won;t be good. –A.M.

      • In my country there is a decree which says that you can’t buy dollars for personal enrichment, because they’re trying to avoid a capital flight. Is this good at any level because the government knows what’s going to happen and they don’t want you to have a bunch of dollars that have no value?

      • were braced as best we can for it AM thanks for the heads up.
        cant really have a country with a clone as president now can we
        by the way im in timeline with obama clone as prez for now!

  4. Interesting… what has happened? or will happen? civil war?

  5. So long USA INC… we are not going to miss you.

    And Semjase, there’s no words that make any justice to thank YOU and your people enough in the “titanic mission” you all are completing at this time.

    In regards to me, I will be greatful forever.

  6. Semjase posted this yesterday, I felt so strange yesterday. Very doomy. There was a fire that closed the 15 freeway and they were diverting traffic through my small town in the mountains. It’s a horrible curvy steep road and the traffic was insane getting home. It seemed like a completely retarded idea, it probably caused more accidents than if they just didn’t tell people about the possibility of the detour. When the government is that retarded it truly seems like we are hanging by a thread from complete collapse of society.

  7. just more fear mongering

  8. Well, that statement could be interpreted in different ways. Sometimes a rise in consciousness means a discarding of old ideals and values for newer, higher ones.
    Hopefully, as a nation, that will be the case for the USA. I also hope that is what you mean.

  9. Well perhaps it will lead to something better down the road. I will try to remain hopeful anyway 🙂

  10. Does the Russian sub off the east coast play a part in our demise?

    • More than one sub.

    • That sub(s) was found. They are not capable of getting near because of our sonar.

  11. God bless
    Love to all.

    What does this mean for us in the united states?

  12. This is really bad news but not unexpected. Does it have anything to do with the Arcturian’s plans, the election, the financial system,more natural disasters, all of the above? Maybe you could give us one more clue on what to expect?
    Thank you for posting and for all the work.

  13. Much gratitude and love to the rebuilding without borders or separation. With an understanding that we are all one :). I have been witness to more than one death in this manifestation and to the continuing growth that follows. Transition is the word for me this “time”.

  14. This past Saturday night this Swami had the great pleasure of serving Divinity and giving mantra initiation to humans in 98 cities and 11 countries around our planet by guest hosting a program called The Middle Chamber. Listen to the show and if you feel the shakti, the vibe if you will, then this is for you! You will hear the statements of completely normal people about the benefits of this simple practice offered by a representative of a powerful shaktipat lineage to you without cost or conditions.

    [audio src="" /]

    • We love Frater X. –AM

      • Namaste Commander,

        I didn’t know for sure that my post and invitation to folks would be allowed. I did know for a fact that each being who interacts with humanity through this blog has the definite powerful intuition to know that what I offer is purely for the upliftment of others. My dharma is this and only this in any timeline. What I offer and guide folks through is one of the many ways available to directly and consciously perceive this seamless holographic “reality” for what it is and release us from the harmful thoughts our minds produce by nature, by societal control and various frequency influences.

        I bow with great love and great respect to all who read this for all that you have been through, all that you do and all you are yet to do in the effort to free the oppressed minds and bodies that some of us know to be our very Self. May the Divine flow to and through you!

    • I signed up a while ago on your web and never heard anything, i thought it said i could make contact with you for guidence, but noone ever replied /

  15. thanks for the great news! keep up the positive energy duh

  16. Reblogged this on Firmitas-Atis Phoenix and commented:
    Time to go

  17. … No, its time to Fight. This is the ultimate test, the ultimate awakening

  18. any insight in to how? I’m prepared for it, but it still saddens me.

  19. Samjase, when the last time you’ve met Bill Meier ? also could you please clarify by falls apart?

    • There is no more contact with Meier.

      • i would like to know the number of the last contact you guys had with him to be sure that i’m spreading only the truth and nothing but the truth. thank you.

      • Billy was compromised a long time ago.

      • WHAT? WHY?
        as an interested swiss reader, please elaborate as much as you can.

    • I am trying to find my info, sorry 5thDimension. I had to change laptops and I share this one with the ex and he got my info all skewed. I will keep searching. 🙂

      • Billy was receiving “visits”. I don’t remember why the stopped. But, he began faking visits to seem as though they were continuing. That is all I can remember off the top of my head.

      • The visits stopped because he was not fulfilling the mission. His ego did not want to admit to people that he failed so he pretended he was still in contact, and because of CIA/MI6 electronic bombardment, he started to become delusional and believe he was Jesus in a past life.

      • thank you for this very important data,
        i will continue trying to spread the “sane” Meier’s vast material.
        there’s a lot of good stuff we can take from it.
        too bad his mission couldn’t be fulfilled at this time, but i understand that he will continue his mission on his next incarnation.

  20. Elaborate? Pretty please? Specific events?

    Love & light, come say hi to me sometime! 🙂

  21. Hi, thanks for the help you give to this planet every day.
    You know that is what you will feel on the day of the Ascension, or the change of 3D to 5D will be like the blink of an eye.
    Please I hope this question but not the answer the publish.
    Thanks for all the info.

  22. what are americans thinking relecting this fool obama?
    the clone is a lier & fraud God help the USA

    • This was forced upon us..i belive that ron paul would have won if all had been equal and fair..

    • we are not electing anybody in the good ol usa its all a dog and pony show for the masses , help yourselves, we cant control the beasts

  23. What’s new?Possibly this is good as the locals seem unwilling to let go of the old control structure So They need to be oppressed further to wake them up I guess.

  24. I don’t want to live in America. Earth needs to ascend. Take me to love and peace and connections with all.

    Love to all
    GOD bless

  25. Looks like the big one coming in to the west coast, then the USA will not be the same. Riots, civil war, etc. The clones Obamas will just fade away. They already got the real one. Did not matter who won anyway.

  26. old traditions die hard

  27. I can’t make sense of the little icon WordPress uses for my avatar when I post…just being random with the comment section tonight

  28. Interesting headline. Waiting for the next shoe to drop. Take care all. Keep the comments coming. Nice to know everyone is out there. Thank you Semjase.

  29. When are the reptilians going to show themselves? I am sick of them hiding and pretending behind human skin suits!

    • Joynoclones, not all reptilians are bad.

      • rusirius1111,
        Maybe the Idylwild Group can clarify this whole reptilian thing. How can we tell if they are good or bad if they hide and pretend to be human? Aren’t they the ones who eat people? That is bad. What is their agenda? To enslave us and harvest us for meat and energy. How can we spot a shapeshifter? Are they born this way or are they taken over by a reptilian/chameleon consciousness? Thank you.

      • There are a variety of reptoids as there are human forms across the galaxy. There is the royalty line, the upper military line, the soliders, the high priests of their religion, the drones, the hybrids, small ones and large ones and very large ones, the worm reptoids, the Annunaki ones, the shape shifters, the scientsts, the poets, and so on.

        The ones who disguise themselves as humans either via shape shifting or holograms are up to no good.

        There are reptoids who have rejected the empirical agenda and turned to the light, and fight the overlords from within.


      • Beautiful! Thank you.

    • Be careful what you wish for…

  30. The dimurge, the archons, their minions, are addicted to humanity & it is now time for the harvest….


    Pull the carpet, create desperation among humanity & when all is truly hopeless become the angelic godly rescuers….

    Those who are ready will ascend with mother earth & her rebirthed true self, an outcome the pretender gods cannot control with all their so called omnipotent power & tech, neither can they follow as they dont have the divine essence they so jealously covet which resides in the humble human form to make the shift towards 5th dimensionality

    Worship, materialism, addictions, war, new age belief (mutton dressed as lamb), denigration of the feminine aspect & low self esteem are the food for these cosmic, galactic & local vampires….without us to feed them they are zilch

    We are & have always been the gods, we are infinity & are below NOTHING! the kingdom of heaven is within & ONLY WE can do this together…FWH has given us clues we need to put it into practice ASAP, do not sit on your arse & expect a galactic rescue, we have to cast the first stone & demonstrate initiative

    Check out Anya Briggs if you require motivation

  31. RIP USA ??? lol Perhaps the banksters dream of that, or the KKK or the Mafia or the Nazis. Or the GOP as they once again tank the market in their evil hatred of the poor and the disabled and any who’d dare to stand up to the slavery of debt. Or the murderers in the Middle East as they clearly love war more than peace. Or the Chinese as they plot and steal. Or the Russian Mafya as they daydream of becoming the reserve currency of the world. But to the Mafioso, We The People say this about the alleged $16 Trillion debt, Prove It! Now they can’t. So yes we will fight and yes they will lose.

    • Yes! Prrove it!!! Exactly its all just trying to imagine myself being in a timeline that we arrest these people and bring the constitution back!! Please!! Give us our freedom Back!!

  32. i predicted obama would win a month ago- why- because i knew by knowing-so now we must be prepared!

    • limeyok, sweetie, there was nothing to win. All US presidents have been appointed. The campaigns and elections are just expensive popularity contests. I would love to know what they do with all the campaign money they solicit. Shit, I’m still getting “will you donate” emails.

      • yes i know they do not win and are chosen- known that for years- i stated the comment wrong- i meant i knew he would be chosen!

  33. i see russia siding with china and going against the usa -i see them nuking the usa and i see the usa nuking them- i see most of the usa obliterated – but i see many people left in the usa forming a different govt for the people but not that many people left- i hope to god i am wrong

  34. after studying the second world war for a long time-i could not understand and still do not-why the jewish people did not fight back against the germans- and were lead like sheep to the slaughter-after all most nations would have fought back- especially when you knew you were going to be killed this to this day i do not understand -but we are all suppose to learn from history-i myself do not and never will beleive in violence- the only thing that comes from violence- is violence- but if it means saving our family or race- so be it – if the usa is attacked- then the whole world this time will rise up- all countries- all nations and it will be we the people- that will stop this- we the people will stand up this time globally united as one!

    • Yes, they even volunterred because of the propaganda behind it!!! We will not be so foolish. They think they can pull the same crap ..Even if they send in another “savior” on our behalf..we still want the constitution back or else no deal!

    • limeyok, I wouldn’t expect the world to back us in fighting for our freedom. The US govt has royally screwed the world. How many times have we supported the world in their efforts towards freedom? Not once.

  35. we must understand that we are all one people- not segregated anymore- but one race – the human race- this time no one will be lead to the slaughter- this time all peoples will fight in the name of the one race- the human race!

    • I had a vision during a meditation: People all over the world kneeling down, heads down. Then one after another they stood up, hands holding hands, head high, silent intent. Then hands holding hands held high, heads high, a circle around the Earth. It was a spiritual orgasm!

    • and how come i have an avatar with horns?- do not like this!

      • lol How/where did you get your avatar, limeyok? I think it’s cute.

  36. Here around South-East Asia, a US$billion GOLD ponzi scam has just been exposed in the past month and US$100 denomination notes with “A” under the Series 2006 have been circulating about.

  37. i was wondering now because of the gaza attacks on israel (is-ra-el) if this will turn in to a nuclear war?

  38. Semjase, I am watching your words manifest. Rather quickly, too. Thank you for your truth.

  39. You want America to fall apart to make way for your Reich Maria!

  40. do you lot realise that the USA right from the get go was a masonic illuminati creation? the constitution only was for the illuminati elites that founded it. At least places like europe were taken over and have a chance to revert back to what they were, but the USA is a complete fabrication of evil and has no ‘past’-so to find that its breaking down was inevitable.. Im just watching to see if anything better comes in its place.

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