The Arcturian Corridor

On Nov 1, the Arcturians activated 20,000 humans to serve as corridors. The corridors lead to the doorway to the 5D. Those who know will know. The corridors will seek out those ready but who live inside countries where the government is hindering their ability to ascend. This is an unprescedent of a situation as the Arcturians have never taken this effort before but they realize they must as the chemtrails, HAAArP waves, nanites and fear disinformation are blocking many souls from natural growth.

Posted by Chenhua


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  1. I guess this is most of the world? Thank you, Arcturians for finding a way around/through this. šŸ™‚ And, thank you, Chenhua for sharing this great news!
    btw I am shifting back and forth, constantly, according to my thoughts and emotions. I can move the sun back and forth. lol You know what i mean. Very happy to hear from you guys.

  2. lololol It just happened again. You said nanites, yet the first time I clicked onto this page it said nannies. lol Really, I looked at it several times and thought wth? Came back to this page and it says nanites. šŸ™‚ I call this having the shifts.

    • I wasn’t going to ask, but this is driving me nuts. This morning I woke up with claw marks running down my throat and as far as I could see down the side of my neck. This is new and different. Any idea what I may have gotten into last night? I woke up extremely exhausted and have been all day. Thank you.

  3. is there anything a person can do to increase our ability to find the corridors?

  4. What a brilliant idea these arcturians had – 20,000 humans activated is really wonderful! Thank you for sharing these news chenhua!

  5. This is awesome news! Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. I hope that helps to increment the percentage of peeps who will be able to ascend this year. Thank you Chenhua and thank you Arcturians!

  7. Natural growth? Is there anything on Earth that is “natural” anymore?
    Thank goodness for the intervention. I don’t see how we can do this ascension without alot of help. The impossible chains that bind the people here are very tight and short.
    I don’t know which is worse, knowing that I am being poisoned and being able to do little about it, or being asleep and not knowing that I’m being poisoned at all.
    Noninterference has been the policy. However, the impossible must be made possible. Whether we are awake or not, we need help!!
    Thank you for everything! Your assistance is most welcome!

  8. Perfect. On another note, my newest blog gives detailed instructions on how to connect with the Arcturian Heart Council.

  9. If you have enough time and disposition could you explain what exactly is a corridor, and how does it work? Is it a kind of artificially awaken (aware of the 5h dimension) person who may guide people from 3D to 5D?

    Thank you.

  10. I am interested in assisting if u can utilize me…..

    • Please I wish to know more about the ascension processes

  11. These humans are in all countries or only in some countries and which are primarily where they are and how to recognize them to know that they are not misleading the cabal.

    Thanks for any info.

  12. Thank you Chenua! I have been feeling like I need to find someone…a starseed or hybrid or someone… That has answers for me. Die Antwoord is playing in my town this weekend and I hope to find some kindred souls there. Perhaps this feeling has something to do with the Arcturian presence? FWH did say to seek out my purpose here since I am a starseed/contactee. Any information on this would be helpful.

  13. This is indeed good news. Yhank you for the info

  14. Everything is so vague. One question I’ve never been able to find an answer to is where are our loved ones who’ve died? My son and my mom? As far as your theory is concerned will we be reunited with them again?

    • We travel many lives with the loved ones of our families and soul pods. We are never truly separated. –Nellet

  15. Thank you Chenhua for the posting. This news it gives us more hope about Ascension and indeed desperate situations call for desperate measures.
    Is there anything any of us could do to help and also how one will know if they are activated as a corridor?
    Tomorrow is election day and it seems that we are in a time loop just like Mr. FWH said. Seriously, this country and world need a real change, a HUGE change for the better for all beautiful souls. The population is exhausted and desperate and fear reigns left and right. Help us!
    The little girl crying because of the election is unprecedented, but besides bad parenting of exposing the child to these battles of the powers, it shows how crazy and toxic the entire process became.
    Vive The Arcturians !

    • All portals should have already had indication of their choice to be a portal. This message would have only been confirmation, not revelation. They’ve taken on a role because ALL people of earth are special.

      Ignite the grid

  16. Excellent for my arcturian brothers!

    How can we help or contact with these humans to help them?

    I want to help.

    Best Regards dear super mind friend.

  17. its obvious to us why they do this….our sky is being pumped with chems and this is rare to be so bad like other places we see covered in trails…..
    we have a lot of dumbed down ppl in our area of oz…but obviously there is something important they want to stop us doing…we are ready…we see thru the haze even if it is blurry…we know what we feel…

  18. one thing still dont fit. why is there a closing door at dec? that means people wont be able to ascend after dec 2012 anymore? that doesn’t seem fair?

  19. How does one contact a corridor, or does it just happen when it happens? Because I feel like I am constantly battling ignorance all around me; I live in the Bible Belt and it’s hard to find someone to even discuss this stuff with without looking insane. D: Any help will be appreciated!

    • Me, too, Merry. It’s called being on your own in a sense. Without internet, this would be a very lonely place. It’s all but over. We’re in the shifts.

  20. Personally I have been experiencing tremendous ringing in the ears and pressure, like I am driving up to higher elevation in the mountains constantly. Morning, noon and night. I have gotten used to it, and it seems to dissipate some when doing my contemplations. Not sure if I am on the receiving end of a “corridor” or the sending. Either way, I am glad to help if that is indeed the case.

    • Omg! The past week my ears and head have felt the same way. I am super sensitive to noise and EMFs more than usual. It seems to be worse at night for me to the point i have to shut down computers, radios or tv. It is wicked uncomfortable. I thought it was just me but now I see I have company. šŸ˜‰

      • Same here, only now I have this pressure headache that won’t respond to pain killers, so I quit trying. I figure if it’s ascension stuff, okay. If it isn’t and i die, well, I ascend anyway. lol

      • my head is pounding since 6/11…decreases at night

      • Most of the time I have a headache. They don’t respond to painkillers either. Now, I feel like my brain is spinning and my skull has to catch up to it. Kinda like the core of the Earth is doing with the outer crust. That’s been going on for days. All the grounding in the world hasn’t helped.
        Hang tough!

      • Anybody on meds is having hell right now. Timeline jumps and all, don’t know if you have taken them or not. lol Yesterday a petition was sent to me. I clicked on the link to read it and it said, You have already signed this petition. lolol Jumping back and forth and all around.

  21. what happened to my last post???

  22. How does NZ come in to play with this sort of thing? Does HAARP affect our area?

    • How about the earthquake in Christchurch? HAARP seems to have played into that. Check it out.

      • i’ve always thought this, i’m meaning on a deeper scale with regard to cabal plans

  23. Does this mean that the purpose of these “corridors” is to have 20,000 terrans have the ability NOW/HERE to go to 5D? And, if it is a corridor, this implies they can come and go between 5D & 3D at will now. If this is so, can we get a breakdown of % are now located in what country? How were they selected?

    Thank you. (I only found this blog the day FWH left) ~darylluke.

  24. is this the arcturiasn wonder increased access to portals to ascension?
    Where is the nearest portal in ny city? thank you

  25. 20.000 is a good number… I know the SOURCE is sending Andromedans souls to grown up adults who are soulless… so far I’ve met. And both of them still not AWAKE. I hope that they will awake soon… or we are going to be screw.. once again…

  26. * I have met 2, I meant šŸ™‚

  27. this is all news to me,where can i read more,thanks

  28. Sounds good to me.

  29. we need to stop the atrcities in syria

  30. please help the people in syria

  31. i am so sick of this world- why can you not get rid of the evil on this planet ?

  32. can you help the people and children in africa please!

  33. or teach us and give us the power to do it?

  34. can you please take out all the powers that be all over the world- all the bad guys and religions too- ie- the vatican get rid of the vatican- for us – there are a lot of good people on this planet – we just need help- then we will help- we do not have the weapons- but we have the power of intent- pleas1 xxxx

  35. time to stop the child sacrifices going in the basements of the vatican- please help!

  36. so james (casbolt) we have something in common-we are both english- please remember that -lol – so i would like to ask you- as a super soldier- do you feel love?

  37. I am one of the blocked ones of which you speak having had extraction efforts thwarted no fewer than seven times over
    the years. I am in an impossible to manage situation and very much would like to make contact. I have been milabed and MK ULTRA ed to a desperate extent and need help.

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