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A Note on Shape-Shifting
November 29, 2012

Some of you out there have the wrong idea about what a shape-shifter is. They do not physically change shapes like in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Those kind of creatures do not exist in the 3D realms.  They do this by two methods, depending on the kind of reptilian: hologram tech to make you see them as whoever or whatever they want; or psychic control of your mind to suggest to your subconscious that you are seeing a human being and not an ET. (For politicians and those before public cameras, it is always hologram tech.)


posted by A.M.


The U.S. West Coast is Being HAARPed
November 29, 2012

Get ready, peeps!


posted by D.N.

So Long, Syria
November 29, 2012

Syria vanishes in a timeline.


posted by A.M.

Do Not Eat the Roaches
November 27, 2012

This is what happens when people try to follow in the footsteps of the RAKMEiSTER.


The Coming Mantoid Invasion
November 25, 2012

The Mantis Consortium of Antares are planning, with the help of the Negative Annunaki Collective, an earth invasion of Dec. 12. Yes, 12/12/12.

Do not give in to fear when their massive ships begin to show up. Smaller ones already have. The Mantoid Agenda is upping its activities. See this warning.

The positive Mantis beings of the 7th dimension are working with the Arcturians on this.

Who Killed Arafat?
November 25, 2012

The body of Yassir Arafat will be exhumed, to determine if he was assassinated eight years ago.

He was.

By the Zionist Cabal, working with MI6, the CIA and…

Yes, the assassin, it will be found out, was Duncan O’Finioan in alter.

The son of Alestair Crowley.


posted by D.N.

Score Against Scores and the Illuminati
November 25, 2012

The story coming out about the gas explosion at Scores Gentleman’s Club is false. It was destroyed by The Idylwild Group, assisted by James Casbolt. We made sure there were no fatalities.

The club was an MKUltra Front by command of Alestair Crowley. Many women working there were either synthetics or clones, not human, used for Illuminati games and parties.

The club basement also led to an underground railway stop used by the “cavers,” as they are called.\

They will not use it anymore.


posted by A.M.

November 25, 2012

The RAKMEiSTER has been nullified, captured in Deventer, Netherlands. It was hiding in a basement of an old building, covered in roaches and human waste.

posted by The Mongoose

Robert Potter: Cobra Operative Deception
November 25, 2012

The Mongoose is also on the trail of Long Beach-based deceiver Robert Potter, a fixture at many New Age events. Potter claims to be a Plejarn contactee but he is not. He is a clone of a young man once associated with Fred Bell. He was taken by the Mantoids and cloned, and is the Western operative for the COBRA.

Do not trust him.

Do not put on the pyramid hats he shows people — your mind will immediately be under the control of the negative Mantoids.

He does not know Semjase, Olein, Nellet or P’Taah, no matter what he says, he has never had contact with them or any Plejaran.

Clandestine Agent Concealed
November 24, 2012

The hermaphrodite known as “Khris(tine)” is far more deceptive than originally determined. A double, possible triple agent. This person is associated with Sarah Stanga, Duncan O’Finiona, the RAKMEiSTER,  the targeted individual and super solider semi-communities, as well as being a clandestine member of the Church of Satan chapter in Oregon.

But he/she is also a CIA asset/agent. He/she records conversations with other super soldiers and MKUltra victims, gathers data and information, and provides this intel to Langley. For money! This person is a spy, a spook, a traitor to everyone who trusts him/her!

Be careful, people, if you communicate with Khristine, because he/she is passing along any sensitive intel to the boys in black.

We rescind our offer to help him/her…this is more than a nutcase, but a double/triple agent for evil!

posted by D.N.