O Canada! Yikes Volcanos! Yay Arcturians!

The recent big quake off the Canadian coast and the Queen Charlotte Islands are the rumblings of a series of volcanos , caused by the graviton pull of Nemesis.  Soon the volcanoes will rise, mostly off the Oregon coast, and it will be a horrible disaster but an earth change that is inevitable.

Some strange in-fighting among these nasty ETs going on too. We could just kick back and watch them wipe each other out but they will take out innocent people in the process. An Annunaki-Dracos battle occurred in Central Mexico that could have taken many lives, but The Arcturians protected the region. It was seen two days as a ring of power. Yay Arcturians! A shot of tequila and a burrito for them! 🙂

posted by DN


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  1. Thank you, Dominique. 🙂 Convey my/our thanks to the Arcturians, please.
    Hurricane Sandy on radar showed what looked to be 2 ships maybe keeping Sandy from being totally destructive. Any idea who those ships were?

  2. “Soon the volcanoes will rise, mostly off the Oregon coast, and it will be a horrible disaster but an earth change that is inevitable.”

    Can you define “soon?”

    • Sarah, as active as the Pacific rim is and the subduction zone being hit hard recently, I think it’s just a matter of time. Look at all the alignments we are having/about to have on very powerful numeric days. These signal quake and volcanic activity. And, we have the sun in the mix. They are all collaborating and it spells a catastrophic event(s). I am of course “wishing” for downsize of what is coming……if that is possible. There are of course some events that must take place. Remember, fear is your only enemy. Get out of your head and into your heart center. There is peace, safety and love there, sweetie. No worries.

  3. so many events are happening at this time on this Earth and it makes us wonder which one is natural, which one is enhanced, which one is needed for Gaia or for the humans evolution. A sure thing, dear Dominique, your group is our only source for truth. Well, in my opinion.
    Dear Arcturians, welcome and we are thrilled to have you amongst us. Thank you for watching and helping the Mexican innocent people.
    The volcanoes rising off Oregon, it reminds me of what Mr. FWH said about the west coast super earthquake:(
    east coast super storm….west coast super earth quake.
    May all of us be safe, enlightened, and guided well out of the hologram.
    Regards and many thanks Dominique and team.
    Lots of love,

  4. So glad Im not a nazi jesuit pawn, or a satan worshipping crowley croney.
    Karma is a bitch
    eh laddies

  5. nemesis = nibiru?

  6. What is “the graviton pull of nemesis?”

    • heavy mass object

    • quantum field gravitation. shakes the earth like a storm battered tree.

  7. Dear, please, what is Nemesis? Thanks for continuing the work of FWH.

  8. i gladly accept the tequila shot salud! y gracias!

    p.s.: please thank the Arcturians, the Plejaren, the Krulians, the Andromedians and all those illuminated beings helping us at these rough times…

  9. “Little sister ,..I like your style!!

  10. Hi, question for Commander McCollum:

    What’s up with Anya Briggs sending out a message about you in her self-described ‘crazy cat lady all caps’ style on her October 30th blog? She claims that she has “NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON IN HIS LIFE” (um… Google?) and she’s letting everyone know that she will no longer be talking about FWH’s ‘repugnant blog’.

    It seems like you’ve got her riled up about something…

    • Have no idea. I have two clones out there making a mess of things and a third was activated in New Jersey. I need to take them out. –A.M.

  11. The tribe changes as the tree changes.

  12. when is this expected to happen ? and can you give us more info regarding damage loss of lives etc!

  13. coincidence? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaoRBTATOso&sns=em

  14. Does any of the group have any information on any incidents or movement in the area of the state of Georgia? Tonight marked the second time that I had I had seen what looked like a craft fall out of the sky. It was too low and too slow to be anything else.

  15. Arcturians!!! Awesome!!!

  16. hi dn,

    today I was kinda tired of programming and felt like doing something different. so, for my current prototyping rituals I often use a platform called `meteor` websites can be built pretty quick on it… ok enough about that horseshit… so I ripped off some other dude’s code and popped in the wordpress api to make a proof of concept.

    you can see a test version of it here: http://formerwhitehat.meteor.com/

    it will likely only download the first 100 posts (and no comments), but the eventual goal would be to have a full copy of all of the posts and comments. it’s not terribly difficult to do that. that effort there cost me a grand total of like 2-3 hours. shortly I’ll put it on a real server, and obviously the source code will be on my github account for anyone wanting to improve on it.

    the reason why I made the proof of concept was to have a reliable way to search through the posts. you can do that already in that test version…

    open your console and type:
    Posts.find({content: /experiment/i}).fetch()

    should give back an array of 4 posts with the word “experiment” in them.

    ok, there are obvious improvements that can be done here:
    paging, (so 100 posts aren’t immediately loaded for example), post searching, comment searching, etc. also, it appears with the wordpress api that I could make a full wordpress blog frontent. I will obviously make it possible for me to post here, from my own localhost – but yeah. I still might want to launch my own blog. I have a lot of crazy ideas and nowhere to write them. I’ve hated all blog software, and neither wanted to write one of my own. with the api, I suppose it’s possible to even allow people here to kinda connect their blogs up to each other and collaborate on what interests them adding new things besides just blogging. I dunno, there’s probably a zillion ways to connect people better (not facebook, lolz). the normal wordpress interface is the bane of my existence; the asshole of the blogosphere

    so, did you know fwh made 782 posts during his time here? wow man, I had no idea it was that many… lolz. there’s a lot of comments too

    ok headin down to madrid now, so that’s why I’m tellin you about this unfinished project.. I have other ideas I wanna finish before getting back to this one, cause I got to thinking about that hacking the hologram shit, and it’s all about perception in the collective unconscious and I have ideas… so, next time I’m unmotivated again, I’ll finish this one up. sometimes, I’ve wanted to look back at a comment I remembered, but there’s no search and using the default wordpress interface is like waiting for a fat kid to cross the street at every stop sign.


    • What a great idea!! Thanks for doing this, hamster:)

    • nipps, so good to see you here. I like what you worked on as it occurred to me that we might be able to comment some more on articles, and keep in touch and help each other with what we know ?
      If you moderate it, we could actually post comments on the latest
      article of “we live in a hologram” and strategically all of us figuring out how to “hack” it together and become FREE.bebefreethfreemastergamers.

  17. I have a question related to the Annunaki thing. Recently on Kerry Cassidy’s blog, she posted some intel talking about Nibiru, I quote:
    “In 2013, when we (The Earth) enter her (Nibiru) debris field, we will also be Phasing at the entry of the “Rift”. No matter how good our targeting systems, our Plasma systems, if the polarity shifts (Multi Dimensional Phasing) or changes, we’re pretty much dead in the water. Nothing will Function. It would be like walking out into a hail storm without any clothing on. A rather painful experience. All Models & simulations show a 87 to 91 % probability of this occurring.”
    Is this true at any level? I know that we are going to face a natural disaster, but the question would be Is it because of Nibiru ?

  18. now that fwh ist gone… who will keep us in the loop on the never appearing report #48?
    last he mentioned was ‘wednesday’…
    but what wednesday? what month? what year???

  19. yes i checked it out – unbelievable- thanks guys for that- i hope you all know how much you are appreciated!- thankyou so much xxxx

  20. hey i was wondering if our off world friends have a sense of humour- just in case they do- an irishman -a scot -a brit and a jew- walk into a bar- and the bartender lokks up and says- is this some kind of joke?- lol

  21. Some strange things are happening. I can go to a post on sites I am a member of, read the comments and will find a nasty one directed at me, by avatar name. So, I respond, trying not to be ugly as well. I get a response back, now this is all public forum, that is pouty, full of “love” and anything you can imagine that is icky sweet, nauseating. So, I reread the original they posted to me and it is nothing like the original post. What the hell is going on, if you have any ideas? Every time, no matter what forum, or email contact, this is happening daily at the least. It happened on FWHs site once. It was just beginning then. I’m really leery of saying anything at this point. Thank you.

  22. Some source says the stupidness of Earth human is the reason that negative Draco and grey are allowed to control and enslave us. No one in my family, my friend in VietNam believe that there are many ET civilization outside our solar system. They only believe to money and the short life within full of pain, they believe that human age cannot exceed more than 100 years old.
    I wonder why ET (good and bad) don’t teach people in my country some lesson, even that the Diamond Spider also don’t care to vist our country.

    • Quote from Mr FWH:
      They are sad, sad excuses for humanity. Is it any wonder our good ET friends look upon this race and sigh heavily with a shake of the head (or heads in some cases) and that our bad ET foes look upon this race and say, “What a waste, who cares, let’s rule and eat them.”

  23. that must have been quite a spectacle seeing that ring of power! reminds me of the 5 orbs that did a low flyby of my house about 5 years ago (& finally convinced my brother that all is not as it seems!) but obviously on a much more massive scale.
    Keep up the great work to all of you at Idylwild – sending much lighted energy (for what it may be worth)

    Namaste All 🙂

  24. It’s been days since we had a communication. I feel so out of touch with everyone. I miss you all!!!
    I actually think I’m going through the grieving process. I’m lost and I cry alot.
    I had no idea how much former’s blog , this blog and all of you mean to me.
    I hope everyone is well.

    Hugs and Love

    • allaria, I felt somehow similar. Since Mr.FWH left and not having contact with any of you, it was like I lost my best friends and family. I hope that through this blog for us to keep in touch and say what we feel.
      Hugs, lots of love and light,

      • same here bella. 🙂 It’s like xmas morning for a kid when i find umpteen Idylwild posts in my email. I don’t want to lose contact with you guys either. You are like family now.

      • bella love hang tight many ofus are still here, many of us care so much about each other, we will move on to the better much love

    • Take care allaria11. Hugs and Love back at you.

      • So good to see everybody here!!! I’m miraculously healed ! Yay
        I love our growing, awakening family : ))

  25. Is it known what effect these volcanoes will have in the northern calif. area ? I have family there.

  26. where is white hats report 48 ????
    kerry cassidy says its been sort of squashed & she released a part she had about shadow govt n space program run by nazis bush cabal.

    • Yes it was supposed to be out. Maybe they were waiting for election results. –DN

  27. Any more updates about the situation?

  28. Hi DN,
    It has been a week since the promised Arcturian global surprise. Is it slow coming, or did I not understand? Also, I watched The Last Resort series, as you suggested. It was very good. Hopefully, though, our alien brothers would intervene, before something like that would occur. As a matter of fact, I am sure they have intervened more than once, already. Bye for now.

  29. I am wondering if you peeps could please help me/us understand something; What specific disinfo is Tolec putting out?
    Thank you; says the Canadian… politely. Where I am from we don’t generally say eh.

    • fwh said it was all disinfo

  30. Hi All,
    A bit of topic but any comments would be welcome.
    Has anyone else noticed cycling lights in the sky for years now? specifically white,green,red – they look like stars (i.e in the same position as..) but the cycling is too periodic for stars surely?

  31. So let me see if I have this straight. According to your latest posting the Acturians have created a corridor for those who are able to ascend, to ascend because they were being prohibited right ?. These people have been notified and a way for them to ascend is being provided correct ?

    So now if you haven’t heard from the Acturians then you will not be able to ascend right ?
    To me this sounds like it’s a judgement day scenario and those who have not been chosen will be destroyed. I haven’t heard or seen hide or hair of them so I guess that means I’m one of the doomed ones. So that is only 20,000 out of aprox.7 billion The Georgia Guide stones gave us better odds than that. LOL

    So be straight here .Will the Acturians who are supposed to be our friends actually present themselves in the flesh for us to see or what ? I’ve heard other reports that say that the ones who are to show up in the hear future are not really our friends but are really reptillians and we shouldn’t trust them.

    • “Those who know will know.”

    • Ditto this completely. I’ve heard that anyone who has come to ‘save us’ is a fraud and that we should stay on Mother Earth, for if She is ascending, we need to stay on the planet to ascend as well. That there’s no super-special-people coming to save us at that it’s all a ruse.

      • That has come through channeling and channeling is bogus, Merry. Everywhere I turn, the channelers are harping about not having help. I find that suspicious in itself when considering they are channeling 4d entities. Not ones to listen to.

    • Luwdmke,
      the stingy info on this site is too intentionally CRYPTIC, limited & obnoxiously repetitive to make any practical use of it besides an obvious one — simply use it to launch yourself into a Parallel Reality in which you have chosen to either agree happily or disagree strongly with their constricted info crumbs.

      The only useful information I’ve been gleaning has come from rusirius1111, and from Former White Hat.

      TG that the upper 5D-hybrid-Sassani race’s “BASHAR” (thru Darryl Anka) never portioned out knowledge in this manner.

  32. Off topic a bit, but can anyone of you please, tell us what this is?

    • Looks like a recon drone. –AM

      • Thank you, Aaron. Appreciate you so very much. 🙂

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