The Arcturians Are Here!

We have no idea what The Arcturians have planned, but it’s gonna be a BFD, to quote Joe Biden.


posted by A.M.


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  1. You mean the same Arcturians that dropped the ball on 11-11-11? Let’s hope this is more than hyperboil. Not sure I trust anything Joe Biden says.

    • what happened on 11-11-11?

  2. Good infor,
    Could you tell me what is meaning of BFD? I’m not an English or American.

    • Big fuckin deal

    • BFD means Big Fucking Deal I would assume.

    • Same here !!

    • Could it be Big Fucking Deal ?

    • big F.. deal

    • big fucking deal

    • Big Fucking Deal, It means in short that will not be as spectacular and grandiose as just wanted something small.

    • Tks,
      Your kindness! I see

  3. Hope it will be visible to all and wake up the masses!

  4. We are soooo ready for a BFD!!! I can hardly wait!!

    • It just may be the push needed towards our very weary disclosure?

  5. This is amazing, exciting, fascinating, surreal and I got butterflies in my stomach from the joy I felt. Thank you Aaron for the news and stay safe.
    Of course we can’t really celebrate as we are all watching Sandy’s “show” and moods on Broadway at the moment:(
    What a horrific storm. What is your take on it?

  6. If its a Big Fucking Day

    Bring it on Arcturians!!!!!!

  7. Oh yeah

    Semjase, your command ship looks wondrous

    • I have been inside it a few times. Very big with a crew of 120 and a docking bay that holds 20 beamships. Now that FWH is gone, I want dibs on his quarters in the command ship! I have been crashing at our base for months. Copuld not go back to my old apt. because the place is being watched since I defected from the CIA. So much for my old warbrobe, CDs, sock monkeys and lava lamp. And my lease! –DN

      • Hey Cool DN

        Da view from the command ship is gotta be betta than lookin out yer apartment window with goons parked up outside…

        yeah, chuck something at me when you pass over Bondi beach, normally out surfing if it’s a sunny day…

        keep kickin reptoid butt!!

        Your teams exploits give me much satisfaction given the bull shit I (& all REAL humans) cop from those cabal mofo’s

  8. Hello,
    The Mr. FWH was asked on his blog about the recent Canadian quake; he responded by implying that there was a story you would be sharing on this blog.
    Thanks, Tar

  9. I don’t know about you guys, but I miss FWH 😦

    • We will too. He arrived on Planet Hope a few hours ago, I believe. He did time travel forward to Dec. 22, tho, so look for something from him then. –DN

      • What is he doing in 1997? Feb 23 was the day ‘Dolly’ was the first cloned sheep. Has he gone there to stop that?

      • Do you think he will be coming back to wish us all a merry xmas and possibly some gifts ? I like beer by the way. Just saying is all . heh heh

      • can you please explain how time travel works ? can he see the future then come back to our timeline ?

      • Dominique, I have a question. Maybe it’s a silly one, but i want to ask if you and/or members of the group are able to communicate with Mr. FWH?
        Would you tell us some more things about him?

      • Yes we can communicate with him on Hope. When he moves to the 5D, Chenhua can because Chenhua can access many levels at the same time. We were told that FWH time travelled to Dec 22-24 so I suspect he popped up, or will. –DN

      • Wonderful news to hear! I’m new to this place and FWH’s blog as well, just of today infact; I guess it’s never too late to find out?

      • Yes, He’s straight but honest!

    • I miss him too, eva:(. Even though he is gone we have to stick together! I don’t want to end up missing everybody!

    • I feel the same Eva:( I keep going back to the blog and my stomach shrinks knowing that there won’t be any new answers from him or new comments from all of us…
      It feels like a family member has left us..
      He left to a much better place and we need to figure out the maze we are in.

  10. Hmmm…

  11. Hi, You could describe it as going to be the day of the Ascension to 5D and if the cabal increase their activity when that day approaches to try to prevent
    Ascend. Thanks for continuing the work that began FWH.

  12. Hello, Arcturians.

  13. Question…I am of the understanding that orgone/orgonite will cause harm to reptilians….True? Also, is that the only ones that it can cause trouble for? Please and thank you…..and thank you for all you do and keeping us updated. 😉

  14. why dont the arcturians take out the bushes crowley rockefellars queen rothchilds jesuits already????

  15. IWG,
    Can any of you tell us about the meaning of the crop circle that appeared in the UK on October 14th? Looks like possibly a visuonto eliciting the time quake? Planetary alignments and time going in circles? Not sure but it’s beautiful…


    • A visual depicting…funny I write things a lot and they get misspelled or numbers I saw then change. Strange happenings…

  16. what about this info about the rings of Saturn ?

  17. Eye Of Horus In Triangle Found On Sun 10_4_2012 (Helioviewer)

  18. We shall see..

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