Operation Gizeh Smack

Last Thursday thru Sunday, The Idylwild Group was pretty busy hunting and smacking around the Gizeh Intelligence. We took out three of their main bases in Argentina, Austria and Egypt. Many were taken into custody and now on the Andromeda biospheres, or were killed in battle. We salute their valor but not their agenda. For several thousands of years, they have worked behind the scenes to move mankind in a negative direction, influencing the minds of leaders like Xerses, Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler, and George Bush Sr. and Jr.

Thanks to info provided by Sigrun, we were able to coordinate Operation Gizeh Smack, my pet name, as an October Surprise on these nasty ETs.

The Gizeh Intelligence consist of two separate factions of Lyran decent, the Bafath and the Aldebarans. The Altairians had some play in it all too, including the creation of the Third and Fourth Reiches and world domination in separate timelines. I myself have been in alternate realities/timelines where Germany and Japan split the USA in half after the Nazis nuked London and New York.

But in this timeline we had to take them out because they were planned to hijack some nukes to take out Iran and Pakistan and have it blamed in Israel and the US, causing a nuclear exchange with China and Russia.

All Gizeh strongholds on earth are wiped out. There are some renegades on earth, and half a dozen deep underground on the Jupiter moon, Ganymede.

I will personally hunt them all down.

Mr. Former White Hat, Semjase, Asket and a number of Andromedans joined us on these missions. Once again I got to see the FHW in action. The man is fast, strong and has the military mind and muscle for this bloody shit, but he has been at it a while and deserves to retire to somewhere peaceful.

I always see remorse on a Pleiadiean (or Plejaran) face when they have to destroy a life, but they know some things are necessary so that innocents will not die. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one,” like the Vulcans speechify. Yeah yeah Star Trek is fiction but you know what I mean.

Anyway, some of those battles last weekend got hairy and bloody. We didn’t lose anyone, thankfully, and I got bruised and cut up but hey that goes with the job.

posted by A.M.


26 Responses

  1. The photoshop picture is a straight lift from the very funny Iron Skies movie

    • Photoshop? Really? How? Just an old file pic to illustrate. Why do you waste your time with dumb flicks when there are better things in life to spend time on? Go watch Last Resort. –D.N.

      • Last resort is a great series! But I think they could better spend their time on the BBC version of Life on Mars ;).

      • David Bowie controls the universe. –AM

  2. Did the picture change or did the timeline change for me?

  3. the mantoids are part of the Gizeh intelligence?

    • because FWH said there are a lot of them in underground bases in my country :/

  4. Thank you for your noble efforts.
    I admire your principals and character.

  5. On behalf of everyone on Earth who don’t know what you guys are doing to free our butts, a sincere thanks to the Idylwild Group!! We are so blessed to have you here for us! Thank You So Much!!:)

  6. Hi,
    could you explain me a little bit about Gizeh Intelligence bases in argentina. I mean, their issues on that country and south america.
    Thx in advance!

  7. Nice going Idylwild!

    And A.M. you are absolutly correct on the needs of the many quote. But remember that the opposite also counts.

    ‘The needs of the one or the few outway the needs of the many.’

    In the cabal’s case they see it as their right.

    In your case, you are surrounded with good souls that would give their lives to safe any of the idylwild group members. Because in their hearts they know that they have no way of making it through this without people like you leading the way.

  8. Guessed the Gizeh boys weren’t that intelligent!! Thank you for kicking ass and chewing bubblegum! Accept no clones, drones or garden gnomes. Ps did the Mongoose tear them up? He sounds like one bad mutha!!!

  9. Amazing! I don’t think we could thank those involved enough. I’m sure glad you guys are around.

  10. Awesome – big up to you all 🙂

    Can you verify if napoleon had a small microchip implanted in his brain, perhaps by greys? Read this somewhere that they found a chip doing a scan of his apparent skeleton or the like.


    • Heard he had a small weenie. –DN

      • well that is precisely the origin of the classic term “napoleonic overcompensation”

  11. Hello, I wonder if you have any information about that in Mexico there will be a coup before February 2013. Or is it simply disinfo. Thanks for any info.

    • As far as we know, a coup is planned but not for the better of the people. –AM

  12. Started watching it and I see where this is going.

  13. So of you want to hunt down all the Forth Reich does this make you Jewish? Why I am even asking this question!

  14. So let me get this strait? You want to protect America & Isreal from being nuked!!! Glad you made your position clear!
    You probably want the Neo-Bolshevic Communist agenda on US military bases come into effect. As every Jew is an inborn communist and Homosexual the Plan is to use the communist of splitting families up by bringing the families into military calos during national emergencies, having males locked up in part part of the base to be raped and sodomised by male gaurds while having the females raped by butch dyke female drill sergeants! Only thing is the tails could become heads and we might round up the homosexuals of the nation, bring then onto Anericab bases under our command, put them in prison sections with big titted aryan prison guards dressed in SS leathers and force the homosexuals to engage in outrageous sex everyday with them. Then if they are unable to embrace their masculinity after being given the chance, and turn to our side, they will be put too death!

    • For once I agree with you mr.casboltcloneicold. Jews are a slimy race; theyre either pimps and hookers if theyre lower class, or destroyer of cultures if wealthy and pwoerful. Theyre wannabe dracos (are controlled by them).

  15. Eternal bonding- Blood Brotherhood with Saturn!

  16. ” Jews are a slimy race ” I am german, but have some jewish friends. They are as lovely as people from other nations. One can’t tar all with the same brush!

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