Former US Space Command Officer, John Barkley, Says Gary McKinnon Did No Harm

(censored story from the servers at the UK Daily Mail).

John Barkley, a former off world officer with US/Naval Space Command, and Commander on board the USSS Hillenkoetter, whose existence was  revealed by Gary McKinnon, came forth and said McKinnon did no wrong or harm, “to neither Space Command or the US government,” he said.

Barkley claims to have been assigned t both the USSS Le May and Hillenkoetter, as well as the USSS Aaron Burr, all off-world anti-Dracos fleet ships, over a career of 25 years off and on world.

“It is time for the truth about Space Command to come forth,” said Barkley in a secret meeting, where he asked no photographs to be taken. “The time has come for the people of this planet to know about the threat of the Dracos-Hydra Empire and their minions, the greys of the Orion Belt. We have been in a ‘cold ewar’ type situation with them since the late 1950s, after a pretty negative meeting with the Eisenhower administration and the Pentagon mucky mucks at the time.”

“Our superiors kept saying disclosure would be soon,” claimed Barkley. “First in 1997, which the Air Force tried to put the kibosh on, and then in Oct. 2001, an October surprise, and ten 9/11 happened, which put disclosure on the back burner. The next disclosure was supposed to happen in early 2009, with Pres Obama giving the press conference of the century, but the Dracos-Hydras had him killed and replaced Obama with a clone. Look at the photo differences of the Obama from 2008 and the Obama of 2009 and now: it is not the same man.”

Barkley, whose duties on board Space Command vessels was far range satellite monitoring, weapons platform psychic control, and telepathic liaison with secret earth operatives for “The Grid,” has been pushing for disclosure since 2001. “We created ‘The Grid’ in case the Dracos-Hydras knocked the earth telecom into darkness, and by using a network of psychics and remote viewers, we would have a back-up network of linked human minds — a sort of DNA internet with people as servers and hubs.”

Barkley says he has no idea if and when disclosure will happen. “I am out of the loop since retiring two years ago,” he said. “We should look at McKinnon not being extradited as a good thing, but you have to admit, had he gone on trial in the US, the story would have been big and information would have leaked. I doubt McKinnon would have survived the extraction, or he would have disappeared. He is being protected by those in the UK government who want to see disclosure.”

Barkley added, “On the Hillenkoetter, we saw McKinnon as a hero for the truth, not some sort of hacker terrorist.”



NOTE: “John Barkley” is not a real name but a code rank used in Naval Space Command, similar to a Command rank, but for psychic officers. The Grid does exist. 

posted by D.N.


12 Responses

  1. Wow! If the sheeple only knew…

  2. I think disclosure is such a stupid idea. maybe not to you guys, though :/

    it just seems silly that no one will believe something that’s logically really fucking obvious (that this universe is teeming with life), until the government, a leading expert or a well respected scientist says something… from most influential to the least, respectively. for example, in a case of disclosure, I’m sure quite a few of my family members would simply say, “ah, the government is just trying to pull another fast one. we all have to keep our faith strong in our lord jesus christ!”

    (not that jesus is a bad guy, it’s just, they’re confused about that saving bit)

    if it were up to me, I would say that we should never have disclosure. let the fools stay blind as long as they wanna be blind. I mean, if I were deep in the christian faith, the last person I would want to shatter every single belief on which my world is constructed, would be obama. I’d definitely wanna discover it on my own rather than have some selfish slimy politician tell me. hurts less.

    I’ll try to describe the feeling: it’d be like growing up with my mom’s dumbass abusive boyfriend constantly stealing my shit and then on top of that telling me that she left my deadbeat dad for the abusive idiot because in comparison to my father he was high quality material. however, my father really was a super chill guy, though I never knew him in my childhood him because of false rape charges. instead, the justice system gave me a dysfunctional family where I grow up in neglect.

    I think if my mom’s deadbeat boyfriend told me when I reached 18 years old the truth, it’s like kicking someone on the ground. I would truly hate the world, them, everything, and totally miss out on the excitement to find out that my father really is a decent dude.

    what am I missing here?

    • Who cares about your family history and your moms abusive boyfriend! Maybe if she knew how to be a real woman and was submissive to him, he wouldn’t have to bear her! But no, you all want to be American don’t know. Equal opportunity where everyone is the same. Jewish Communism! No more male warriors, every step taken to famines them and women become men! Only thing is the US government pissed us off recently so we destroyed New York opened up a gate above and let a army of demons into the city!

  3. who put Obama in the office ? and why they killed him?

  4. This question may as well be directed at Dominique, but not necessarily required. On these particular ships being mentioned in the above article, are you able to discuss or explain the type of communication tech being used to transmit between separate locations? As I am only what I would probably call an average mind within html, css, javascript, and the like within web software. The idea or question I was wondering was of what they were using as communications equipment/code via what I am assuming to be consciousness driven to sync with earth’s current web systems(If that is the actual case, though I’m just giving my own speculation) was interesting to me.

    I already understand full well that most of the tech is (probably) far beyond my own comprehension of understanding without a full sit down analysis, but It still interests me greatly.

    • They are actually usimg the same tech simce the 1980s, which is ancient tech itself. Like 25,000 years old. –DN

  5. So FWH has retired and these people have taken his place! Some good information has been posted throughout but ultimately the blogs are satire and a joke!
    FWH wrote the post above and has not gone anywhere! Naval Intelligence? There is no US naval intelligence only Majestic who are a bunch of all American equal opportunity pushing little Jew boys who like to drink blood of new born baby weeners!

    • This is NOT James Casbolt! A fake. Or a clone. — A.M.

      • You have any solid data to back that claim up?

  6. While I believe the over 2 trillion of black budget money spent each year goes to support a secret space program, this guy’s talking points are filled with obvious disinformation. More mud in the water. Personally, I would love to see disclosure and the blinders ripped off, so we as a human race know who we really are and where we might be headed.

    • Try 20 trillion annualy. There is not the shortage of gold they say. –A.M.

  7. That’s a shocking amount of money, but 2 or 20 trillion, it is being used for something big. Some people do press the government to stop the hiding it, thankfully.

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