Clones Suck

A lot of clones running around, of Max Spiers, James Casbolt, Aaron McCollum,  James Rink and Eva Moore.  Do not trust them. Listen only to the originals. Those clones are up to no good. I sure hope I have no clones.  –DN
I do not live in Ohio. I dunno who the fuck that is there, but it ain’t me. A dupe, a copy, a fake! –AM


Accept no clones, drones or garden gnomes with flip phones. –Mongoose


8 Responses

  1. The clones don’t have your energy signature, Aaron. Thank you for keeping us informed. Love you guys!
    Mongoose, I love it. lol Thanks, sweetie.

    • Yeah. I ain’t too happy with clones put in my place and giving out fake info. I do not live in Ohio with a wife. I guess they cloned my wife and even my dog. Both are off world and safe. –A.M.

  2. The skies have been a little busy here this evening and tonight. Earlier were huge rounded type ships that moved in with the clouds that weren’t forecast, supposed to have been clear. Right now, right above me is one the triangular military ships.

  3. There was a gnome who hopped on his phone
    to order a brand new genome
    Is that delivery & how would you pay?
    my twin’s arrived to settle if he may!
    Oh, sorry sir, to be a drone
    but we cannot accept your clone

  4. Would you reference line 31 and email me, please? Thank you.

  5. hey dn- just wondering about something- bob dylan said he sold his soul to the devil so he could become famous-did he actually do that i mean does satan own his soul now ?- please respond !

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