Clone Confusion

We expected this from the Cabal. They have released two clones of Cmdr McCollum to cause confusion and put a black mark on the team. The McCollum clones in Ohio and Alaska are not the real deal but programmed doubles. We must keep in mind what Mr. FW Hat said: Accept no clones.

And we do not.


Posted by DN


15 Responses

  1. Accept no clones has become my moniker since discovering FWH just recently.
    The dark shirts are pulling many clones out of their hats recently it would seem. You guys please be careful, i love you and appreciate you so much. I’m sure the clones are for one part to throw confusion and doubt into “public” support of the Idylwild Group. But, we know better. Thank you, Dominique. 🙂

  2. Do the clones have all the tatoos? thanks for the heads up.

    • Do clones dream of original sheep?

      • No, electric.

  3. Hi Idylwild group. So a friend of mine who lives in Canada, just told me he saw one of this creatures:

    He said the thing look like those, and believe they live undergroud. Do you know anything about them? he also said they have a funny voice..

    • Your friend cannot tell the diff between a Star Wars movie critter and reality? –DN

  4. Do you know what kind of assignments the cabal has planned for those clones?

  5. Is FWH gone now? He hasn’t replied for 3 days.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Not yet. He was with us when we iced the Gizeh Intel. –AM

      • Good luck for you

  6. How can you tell if someone is a clone? I am wondering about some people around me. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

    • There are tests. –DN

      • Tests that I can do? I am new to this and I am still in a surreal state…. But, I don’t want to align myself with the wrong ‘people’ by accident…Thank you again.

      • What kind of tests? Can we do them on are own or is it higher tech the what we have

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