Introduction: Nellet

Nellet’s grandfather was half  Timmeran and half Plejaran, so she has Timmer DNA that gives her a heightened telepathic ability twice that of most Plejarans.  Her soul is Lyran that goes back to Lemuria and transcended from the karmic confines of earth and returned to the Pleiades system. She is 510 earth years old and was assigned to the diplomatic core to Arcturia for 80 years (living among the 7th density Arcturians!) and DAL-Universe relations for 100 years before joining the effort to free earth humans from Dracos rule. She holds advanced degrees in galactic political theory, trans-dimensional architecture, and DAL-Universe sociology. She belongs to a family unit of four husbands and ten wives and has two children who live on Erra. Her combat experience is extensive in the DERN and DAL. In her spare time she enjoys oil painting while listening to Arcturian symphonies.


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  1. Hi, Nellet. So nice to meet you. Arcturian music, music of the spheres?
    I am most curious about the family setups away from earth. Guess being a loner does not happen? I don’t know what I expected if anything. lol Anyway, you have a most impressive bio, sweetie. Beauty and the beast.
    Thank you for being here and helping us. God knows we haven’t been able to help ourselves on our own. Lack of info makes consciously comatose people.

  2. Very nice biography. It seems that higher dimensional beings find fulfillment through the arts. In addition to benefiting from the battles that are being waged on Earth’s behalf, I feel that humanity’s consciousness will be raised only when there is a genuine appreciation for the beauty that comes to us from the higher worlds. I work with children and I can see the transformation that takes place in them when they work on crafts, origami, music, painting, etc.. Individuals such as Nellet can definitely serve as an inspiration for anyone striving to become a more complete Being. Thank you for your efforts.

  3. Seeing the picture – representation obviously – and reading your bio put me in mind of these lines which I subsequently discovered are Wordsworths on the French Revolution:

    OH! pleasant exercise of hope and joy!
    For mighty were the auxiliars which then stood
    Upon our side, we who were strong in love!
    Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,
    But to be young was very heaven!

    Thank you for you do and continue to do on our behalf.

  4. Thank you for leaving your family to help us. Being a diplomat has probably taken you on many adventures. We would love to hear of your experiences. I’m sure they would be mind expanding to say the least. Thank you again for your work.

  5. Wow, Nellet, great to see that you are OK. Hope you received my healing energies:)

  6. Hello Nellet, Nice to meet you! It’s so wonderfull to see souls like yours trying to help this world out of the dark ages and into a light of awakening.

    If this world could just adopt 1 percent of your standards and let go of the greed and selfimportance. That would again be worth fighting for.

    Be safe!



  7. Welcome, Nellet,
    It will be nice to hear from you about the different activities that are occurring. I hope you are mended well after your accident. I asked FWH about you, and all he said was that you were back on Erra recooperating. I hope you have time to participate in the blog. Always better to hear it “from the horses mouth”. rather than have some one quoteing you! I am looking forward to remembering my past. With each incarnation here, our memories are erased and we have to start all over. As a kid, I remember really struggling with the times tables. I wonder how many times I have struggled trying to memorise those things?! I dreamed that I had attended a school called,The Academy of Advanced Deep Space Kinetics. I wonder if there really is such an institution? I do have a question for you, besides all my ramblings. It seems like the chem trails are as bad or worse than they have ever been. I don’t even know what they are supposed to accomplish? I guess it would depend on which chemical they happen to be spraying at the time. Since not much has been done about them, I am wondering if they contain any detriment worth the effort necessary to putting an end to them? Oh, and also, since you live so much longer than most Earth humans, I am wondering if you are personally acquainted with the man that calls himself, Alan, in Dan Fry’s book called, The White Sands Incident? Well, take care. I am looking forward to personally meeting each of you in the near future.

  8. Hi, Nellet.
    I am so delighted to have you in the team , you are so beautiful and I think you represent a role modele for all women in earth . Thank you for risking your life to fight for us for that I am gratefull in return I wiil ask the source rvrtyday during my meditation to protect you from the evil cabal. You are like my daughter .

  9. hi nellet, I really like the arcturian music playlist too 🙂

    there’s a song in the playlist called “I am” – which I’m not totally sure is arcturian but it doesn’t matter. youtube says the song is by an artist called ovnimoon. I looked them up on soundcloud and they totally kick ass! it sounds a lot like psytrance to me, but whatever. I like that too… been listening for a bit now, and I have some super kickass ideas.

    check this out. what if there was a brainwave interface to connected to a visualizer. we connect 10 of them together and we could make group music (the arcturian way). each person would watch the visualizer and get their brain up to equal frequencies… probably in this case, since the music is fast, it would have to be a high frequency (30-40Hz super loco)… we get one person to direct the music, and then each other person takes a synth, drum, etc. the director is responsible only for modifying the visuals and piecing together the song. so, for example, when the music kinda fades out, the phaser comes in and then boom the beat drops again, the director would fade out the visualizers putting the person’s mind into a calmer state, slowly building up the visual effect when the director drops the sequence into the mix, and let’s their minds just fucking take over with the visuals…

    it’s sorta hard to explain, but it would require synths and drums, phasers, pads and the like all hooked up to each person’s head. for example, a repeating synth could do chord progressions based on brain wave intensity in the right hemisphere and frequency phaser progression based on the left.

    obviously the visualizers would contain geometric patterns based off of the geometric patterns of this universe (platonic solids, the chestahedron, and all of the transition figures)

    this would be electronic music with a human touch (cause it wouldn’t be a perfectly constant bpm). we could involve quantum random number generators to build the synth distortion, reverb, etc. for an added environmental touch, too.

    ohhh dude, imagine going to a rave with like 10 dudes up on stage, and another 10 more directing the visuals. holograms, and the works… duuuude, gimme some light sticks and baggy pants right now 🙂 I imagine that with like 100,000 people all out out in a forest in the middle of a forest in the middle of the czech republic or someplace remote. half of us will be totally fucking tripping on acid at the same time too… we could link the feedback algo up to the quantum random number generators, and start affecting the universe! omg, this is such a good idea.

    maybe this is a year or two away from a real actual working model, but this could be so fucking cool… perhaps I will start growing mushrooms and prototypes in preparation. I gatta do this! I wanna make this type of music with my mind live – in group effort – like the arcturians!!! so fucking badass! ok… off to work… 🙂 I wanna go raving!!

    this is how my mind feels:

    A TOPE!!!!

  10. Hi,
    Would someone please be able to tell me what the hz and tone of 5d Earth is? I believe the current tone of Earth is C# but there is conflicting information.

  11. Hi Nellet!

    If you have a family and you’re working all the time on other worlds and living amongst 7D arcturians, how often do you get to see your actual family? Do your children miss not having their mother around all the time? Do you get “conjugal visits” or anything like that while you’re away on long trips?

    • You are applying human terms to this. Plejarans live 800-1000 years so the time issues of human families on earth is not the same there, and family units means mothers are always around. –DN

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