Introduction: Chenhua

Chenhua is from the Tau Ceti system, what planet he has not said. He is what we call a “super mind,” that is: he is over 3,000 earth years old and is a group soul/mind being taking physical form in the 3rd and 5th densities. He states his body houses 25 souls and his mind has the power of a millions years of incarnations. His people, before becoming super mind beings, were once enslaved by the Draco-Hydra for 100,000 years before rebelling, becoming group minds and freeing themselves from the old order of Dracos.  Only three Tau Ceti ambassadors have come to the current effort to see that all worlds under Dracos influence in this part of the galaxy be freed.

Chenhua is an ethereal being who can move in and out of our reality in a blink of an eye, and his super mind is conscious of all timelines and dimensions up to the 9th density. He can, by sheer will, open portals to alternate realities and different timelines, which the team uses when necessary to fix timeline attacks. While he can destroy a Dracos ship by thought, he prefers less violent means and has been working closely with the reptilian faction that has turned to the light and is rebelling within.

Chenhua has also been working with certain Annunaki factions also turning to the light.

He has no gender but we just refer to him as a “he.” The physical form we see is for our benefit.  The portrait you see was painted by Nellet.


posted by D.N.


24 Responses

  1. Hello Chenhua. Wonderful to meet you and thank you for your service and help. We have been lost as a species for too long and those who have come to help are the real heroes of this time.
    You are an amazing being. Nellet is very good. Your portrait seems almost alive. Such peace and knowledge of the cosmos in your eyes. A beautiful being you are.
    I remember. To a degree.

    • Very nicely said. And I really like your new Gravatar.

      • Thank you, Akranda. 🙂

  2. can Chenhua see the future of Mankind ?

    • Many.

      • Please elaborate with details or will you “warn” us upfront ?

  3. What a beautiful portrait of a beautiful group of souls! I was wondering when ;if; we will be able to communicate with these beings openly. How long can we continue this game and only being able to read about them here and there? I wonder….and of course not all those stories are authentic.

    • If you want to talk, talk. There is no channeling required for beings of light

      GOD bless
      Love to all

  4. That’s a painting? Wow!

    • my thoughts exactly. amazingly beautiful!

  5. Wow is certainly enough for me. Thank you for helping.

  6. Wow! It is an honor to have you helping us Chenhua. Ou rbeloved planet and her people are worth fighting for so thank you and to everyone on this team for being here. You are most welcome!

  7. chenua- why have you decided to communicate at this time ?

    • He does not answer questions, ever. Or “they” of that super mind.

  8. can you give us more insight on what await us humans- in the very near future and what we may need to prepare ourselves- thank you- love and light!

    • If you are stuck here in 3D, not a whole helluva lotta good for the next two decades until 2034 when the third doorway opens by way of the christ consciousness who will be a young chick from a third world. We expect the poop to fly into the windmill. But we will fight like muthas –DN

  9. Quote “Chenhua is an ethereal being who can move in and out of our reality in a blink of an eye, and his super mind is conscious of all timelines and dimensions up to the 9th density.”
    These are abilities of an angel. So Chenhua ascend to density of angel?

  10. Hi Chenhua, I hope to hear from you and the rest of the team. If you have the time to answer, I have a question regarding Tau Ceti. Do you know anything about 2 sons of Poseidon, who are 2 older men that belong to some kind of Council? are they from Tau Ceti? Do you know their names?

    Sorry for so many questions 🙂

  11. My First Comment on the Blog of the IWG .. Nice to have you guys, thanks for the pics you displayed, shows balls … im ready to fight and do my part just keep us all updated and informed.

  12. Nellet, such an awesome piece..Looks fantastic ❤

  13. Hello Chenhua and thank you so much for helping us here on Earth.

    I have a question to whoever drew that portrait, you see after looking at it for more than a few seconds, the face looks almost identical to someone I know, someone very close to me. Actually, more so like his face when he was younger (a child). I find this strange, what was your inspiration in drawing that face? I hope you would reply because I believe it has a deep connection to the person I know, I got goosebumps just looking at the picture.

  14. DN, not going to ask Chenhua this directly, but I have had dreams about a deep dark cavern (on Mars?)…with tall black monolith objects..all over the place..could you hint to C if he/she is connected to this stuff? It ‘may be a kind
    of “computer chamber”‘ (like the tech in the movie “John Carter”)..but it is
    extremely old (early universe beings from the Andromeda neighborhood?)..and may actually predate the “Eden events” on Earth. This may imply 18-25 million years ago..and a kind of “early universe plasma being colony”. Is Chenhua’s “family” connected here? I may be also..discussions I have had with a 16th DENSITY REMNANT ENTITY..seem ‘deeply mechanical’
    …along with a “granpa (or greatgranpa) character”..aligned with both METATRON and the “watcher of the Davidic Psalms”. YAWVEH is a name
    for the office of the most high…the primary doorway/portal or stargate if you
    will for that ‘computing center’ accesses the complete creation consciousness
    something no human being can perform…and is slaved to whatever “incoming
    spiritual/group mind” ‘walked into that doorway’. I and others (thin white child
    like beings similar to Chenhua)…were in early Lemuria and parts of Atlantis
    as primordial agents…or ‘ufo beings’ for better terminology…as “projections
    3D/4D/5D” of human – like presences..among those early cave dwellers.
    We gave them children…protected some from the elements..took DNA samples
    for extra-dimensional analysis..NOT to mess with but to assist the 3rd density
    transistion that was occuring. TELL Chenhua to visit my dreamstate..if desired
    to resolve this stuff…but I have given my life to Yeshua and the Holy Spirit..
    and like FWH…just want to move on from this mess of 2012 and ascension
    politics (when a REAL war is going on no one knows about)…except maybe the
    hollywood screenwriters..MIB4,Stargate SGU, Star Trek TNG + beyond..all have
    “consciousness threads”..deeply detailing the dilemmas of human evolution
    and the “manifested occultisms” (more bad guys beyond just Klingons…)The
    Q is tame compared to some of the characters..the “Chenhua” family knows
    about. I used to help the Urantia people read their book. It starts out like a
    graphic comic book novella…but once you are pronouncing the stuff with
    them listening…you start to see and feel things.”Old Martians trying to read
    their bible”…when all of them are trying to FORGET THAT NIGHTMARE and
    just go on.


    • FWH needs your help Chenhua, in fact EVERYONE pray….for
      the ‘PEACE THAT PASSETH UNDERSTANDING’…Calvary Cathedral 24 hour prayer line 817 332 4284 WW

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