Sigrun Joins as Advisor

Sigrun Astara Donnmartin,renown Vril-Damen of the Thule Society, who recently traveled forward in time as reported. has signed on as advisor to The Idylwild Group on all matters regarding time travel, timelines, the Laher People, the Fourth Reicht, and Alestair Crowley. She is 170 years old. It’s that Vril energy that keeps her so young-looking! Vril rejuvenates the DNA and fixes all breakdowns, halting the aging process significantly, as well as heightening the Kundalini.


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21 Responses

  1. How do we access this Vril energy? I’ve tried looking at some books and online resources, but they talk about really vague generalities and it’s like the real damning information is deliberately hidden.

    • Vril is a cosmic enegery accessibe to any and all. Free energy. The Nazis did it, why not any of us? Vril has rejuvenated my own DNA and made me stronger and healthier. –A.M.

      • Yeah great, but HOW the Nazis did it ?

      • Any suggestion on how we can access this energy. I’m going to spend time researching vril to be more familiar with it, I just thought I would ask u first.

        Much love

      • Yes, I get that. But how? I’ve never seen a good how-to guide. Do you have any recommendations for research?

  2. I am so greatfull and happy you all are here to help us out. We need lots of help and i know your group can handle it. Can you all receive love and light from me meditatiing? If so i will give you all the love and light i can everyday when i meditate. Love and light to all.

  3. Cool, another time expert. Nice to meet you Sigrun. Chances are you have worked with my grand father.

  4. gotta get me some V energy! remember some time back the Shell company promoting a marketing campaign of ‘V power’ curios indeed

  5. Congratulations on another mission accomplished….

    this time you left your mark indelibly etched upon the landscape

  6. Vrily good to have you on board. Thank you for putting your skills and knowledge to service in this way. AllTheBest Astara!

  7. Where can I get some of those vrils?

  8. My humble apologies Sigrun

    My previous post was supposed to be elsewhere

    Never-the-less, Welcome & greetings!

    Your wisdom garnered from experience over the most important period in mankinds history will auger well for Idylwild group.

    No doubt the past 150 years on this planet could drive any person to cynicism though looking at your photo there’s something regal about you…

  9. can you guys give tips on how to harness vril energy more effectively? Perhaps a post about it? ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Nice to meet you! Are those Vril generators they sell on the internet functional with true Vril energy? Thank you

    • hmm… if a website is asking you money.. probably not a good idea ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. thankyou sigrun for joining the blog to inform- love and light to you

  12. Hi, Sigrun. Nice to meet you. I would have welcomed you sooner, but I didn’t want to offend. ha I still don’t want to offend. For reason(s) I don’t understand our energy doesn’t seem to mesh at all. Nothing major, just kind of like bumping a wall if you will. Any idea why this is? I don’t like unknowns of this nature niggling at me. Thank you for all you are doing to help.

  13. I’ll ask again! Do you know anything about Gudrun? She works for the CIA now correct?

    • We have no connections to the CIA, Michael. –A.M.

  14. What are vrill? I have heard of another concept behind them.

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