Introduction: Sub-Commander Olein

Greetings Gentle Humans of Earth,

I originate from Erra and I am Plejaran. My verbal signifer and spiritual title is Olein. I am 221 of your years old and have been in the Plejaran military effort for 25 of those years. I was engaged in the Procyon conflict and the Diamond Spider wars on the moons of Saturn. I assisted in the terra-forming of Planet Hope, which was once a dead moon. I hold advanced degrees in temporal mechanics, zero gravity agriculture and earth anthropology. I speak 12 earth languages in verbal form and can pilot 80 vessel types from seven worlds, including trans-dimensional fine/coarse matter living ships. I am part of a family unit with two husbands and seven wives, some who are involved in the effort to free earth of the Dracos Cabal.  My hobby is studying Martian archeology and Lyran music composition from the past.


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  1. Hello, Commander Olein. So very nice to meet you. Lyran music, I would love to hear some. Seems familiar. I think you almost over qualified. lol You have many abilities and they are as different and diverse as your group is. Thank you and your family for your help in this war. Sad thing is, most Terrans have no idea there is a war and that others from off world are fighting on their behalf. So, I thank you for those that are still asleep as it were. Navigating is a blast, yes? 🙂

  2. Greetings, can you give an example of Lyran music in a podcast or something?
    Sounds interesting.

  3. Hi Olein,

    Here are five questions but I might have more later on.

    1. What do Plejarans do for entertainment?
    2. Day to day on your world, do you use your actual language to communicate with each other, or just telepathy?
    3. Why is the gender ratio on your world so skewed towards there being more women?
    4. How do your people feel about Earth in general? I mean, do you consider us to be really primitive, repulsive, or whatever?
    5. Why do your people want to help us? Is there something to gain, or are you doing it just because you wanted something to do?

    • They are not that different from us. They have theater, music, art. I am told they only use telepathy on their planets and colonies. 48 worlds hang in balance and what affects one affects all. The Andromedan Council mission is not just earth but all worlds. Humans and Pleidians are family. (I know I know “Plejarans,” but I am used to calling these blonde six foot five tall super models by that, haha). — DN

      • 6’5″? Wow!

        btw, thanks again for everything, group!

  4. Thank you for all you do and continue to do and may the outcomes of whichever timeline you serve in always match the desires of your liberated heart.

  5. Greetings Sub-Commander Olein, In behave myself, and all humanity here on earth thank you, and other forces of light, in assisting us, with problems here, with the cabal and regressive ETs, that control our planet for so long, espually most humanity are not aware of whats going around them, I hope soon everybody wakes up, and help in the best of their ablities, on our beautiful planet joining our Galactic Communities.

  6. Nice to meet you, Olein!

    What do you think about Earth music composition from the present? 🙂

    • She digs Debussy, Mozart, Led Zeppelin and Die Antwoord. –DN

      • Hi Olien if I can ask you why and what do you like most about the music of the great Led Zeppelin? 🙂

  7. I would love to see/hear art of any off-world cultures. I’ve heard of the stuff in choco canyon and know Bowie and others are supposed to be souls from elsewhere, but I’de love to take in even more cultures as well (that’s a cool focus). Thank you for everything that you do for all of us.

  8. Olein- you don’t look a day older than 20yrs-that bunch in hollywood would love to know how to stay as young looking as you – thank you for joining the blog to keep us informed- we will all have many questions as we go along- takecare- love and light (fiona)

  9. Thank you Commander Olein for your work and for all your efforts.
    I relate to you in the sense that I did sing on a big musical theater’s stage, so music is one of my passions. At the moment I turned my focus on children, trying to make a difference in their lives, by creating organic, inspirational baby clothing to protect them from bacterias and carcinogens that are found in traditionally grown cotton. This raises a question if you don’t mind answering?
    How are the babies raised and dressed on your Planet? Can you tell me about their education and if there is something we could introduce on Earth from your culture that will benefit the upbringing of the new generation of children on Earth?
    Thank you and you look fabulous.
    Love and Blessings,

  10. Nice to meet you Olein! I have a very stupid question. Do 5D women shave their legs too?

    • Yes, haha, and “other” areas. I hear hair makes those tight flight suits sticky. 😉 –DN

      • Well that’s good to know .
        So if I buy a bellisima flash and go with pulsed light I’m gonna be fine or I’m gonna have skin cancer?

    • lolol Eva this is coming from one of two places and one I agree with!

  11. Im just amazed about how different the aging in linear time can be on different planets. Nice to meet you sub-commander!

  12. Greetings sub cmdr Olein! speechless (yet again) by your life story and talents!
    must have amazing brain capacity!

    mmm wonder how many swedes are linked to plejarens..?

    thx for sharing

  13. I am happy to learn of your pursuits in language and anthropology. It seems that you have made a genuine effort to see best in all of us, the various peoples and cultures of this planet. Thank you for your words of kindness and for the Light that you have offered.

  14. Hi, Olein,
    Can you speak Vietnamese?

    • She does not but she speaks Mandarin and Japanese. However, it would probably only take her two weeks to master a new earth language. Plejaran brains are not split in two lobes but are one with no rep brain, making them start as well. We can thank the reptoids messing with our DNA for the double lobe brain which limits what we can truly be. –DN

      • How do I get one of those brains? Sometimes I feel like my brain only has one operable cell left in it.
        Anyways, thanks for being here for us and nice to meet you:)

      • Well, universe has a lots interesting!
        So we, the humanity choose the life with litmited power to study about free will.
        And sometimes I don’t believe that I can do anything at 3D body.
        Do you- DN, have ability to manifest anything you want?

  15. il faut que les messages soient beau pour qu’ils soient affiches?
    t’es une vraie salope

  16. Hi it’s exciting to here from you ! Been following Mr. FWH post/blog sense early last spring. I read you really DIG the Mighty Led Zep ! I grew up in the 70’s an just love there music. Are you able to go back in time an watch/listen to them play live in concert ? An if you can let us know which of there songs are your favorites. I like them all but like there live concerts the best. I find it just fascinating that an of Worlder would dig Led Zep . Do you take there music back to your home planet for them to here? Thanks for all you do!

  17. Hello, Olein,
    Glad to meet you. You really don’t divulge much about yourself. Perhaps it would be better if we were telepathic like your race. I am looking forward to becoming better acquainted with all of you. After reading Alec Newald’s book called, Coevolution, I can see that at least some transport ships are fitted out with computer type entertainment games. I don’t know if you have need of entertainment, or if you even have time for such frivolity, but, if you did, I was thinking the other night, that you might enjoy a historic/fictional video, called Master and Commander, the Far Side of the World, starring Russell Crowe. I would think that you could empathise with the plot of this very well…..Take care.

    • I’ve been told that a lot of ET’s visiting Earth will watch our TV shows in their spare time.

      Dominique, do they play video games? What do they think of certain kinds of games we play, like Final Fantasy?

      • ETs have watched TV shows to get an idea of pop culture and fads, and in the past some ETs who do not understand what fiction is, believed these shows to be truthful. Such as when the Sirians watched episodes of Stark Trek and got worried, and demanded to know where earth humans got a hold of such technology! Haha! –DN

      • lol I’d have been worried, too.

      • haha thats hilarious!

  18. Olein, did you have a url/link for Plejaren “subspace transceiver schematics”?


  19. Ben follow FWH blog sense last spring. My first ever post was just over two week’s ago was on here 10/26/12 an my sister just Died on on November 7th. She was 42yrs. Old with 4 kids. I hope posting on here didn’t send someone over an take her out of this world. our hole. Family n her little kids are really hurting . We all know she’s in pairadice with our Lord an Savoir Jesus Christ.hope I didn’t start some bad karma by posting here. Feeling very sad.

    • The particular wording that you’ve used suggests that you were not reading FWH’s blog and really taking on the messages.

    • Any info you can share with me on this ? Been waiting along time for a response. Thanks DH

  20. Any reply at all ? Can you tell me what happened an why ?

    • ???? DH

  21. Billy Meier enthusiast turned roleplayer? Not a matter of belief. Intermixture of Collier, Exopolitics, Icke, Meier, Basiago, Casabold, and numerous others orchestrated into a LARP makes for an entertaining read. Enjoy the gameplaying and I hope this turns into a good novel in the future. Fully agreed that Potter is Full of dung, though.

  22. What is with this group? There seems to be a lot of great information, and even great deductions within the articles; many that are right in line with possible black-ops technologies. What I’m having heck with is why the intermixing of garbage with brilliance? The best example is the intermixing of Meier material with completely abhorrent sources. I know he went off the deep end in 1995, but those who attempted to take up the mantle have utterly failed with the exceptions of Lloyd Pye and Richard Hoagland. The multiple D’s being treated as seperate realities doesn’t help as that is Collier origins, a man who has had not one shred of actual contact beyond some sightings of lights in the sky. Sorry for being an assinine arsehole.

    • How the frig do u know what Collier has or hasnt done.. or Anyone for that matter .??

  23. Dear Olein,
    Hope you are well, you certainly look it for a woman of your age! 🙂 Infact I’d go as far as to say you are extremely beautiful.

    I do have many questions to ascertain if you are for real or a hoax. I’ll just ask one question for now to see how you get on with it.

    Is there anything special with regards to human DNA? A contactee named Alex Collier claims that humans have the DNA of The Founders in them. Is there any substance to those claims?

    Kind regards


  24. I am tired of attacks and mistakes and want to go home. Cover blown and burned but Sabemos.

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