Introduction: Jgaptel

Jgaptel of Zeta Reticuli is a “J’rod” type “grey” from the Zeta Reticuli faction fighting against the Draco-Hydra Empire. The body he uses is a manufactured one for his 6 density essence to move about in 3 and 5 densities.  Think of it as a pressure suit to go under the ocean, or wearing a gloved hand to operate inside a containment bubble. This is why the greys all look alike, cookie-cutter form.

Jgaptel is a scientist who specializes in time travel and handles all time jump coordination and technology for The Idylwild Group and has a number of synthetic bodies his essence can use for various missions, not just grey. These include many hybrid forms, super soldier models with bones made from a cold fusion steel alloy from the by-product of the Ringmakers, and living bio-ships.


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  1. Nice to meet you Jgaptel 😀 So you’re not a clone like some other greys are. How did your people use to be before the reptilians came? What was the relationship with humans?

  2. Jgaptel- hi and thank you for joining the blog- i was wondering if you might know of dr michael wolfe- he was head of mj12 at one time and mentioned in an interview of meeting a jrod who he helped to escape and go free from the ptb-
    thank you for everything you do- love and light- (fiona)

  3. Jgaptel, how lovely to meet you. 🙂 You are a most interesting being to say the least. Thank you so very much for your help, without which we would more than likely suffer, more than we know truth be told. My heart/energy is with you and your group. Positive love and positive light.

  4. Hi there Jgaptel. Nice to meet you and I’m hoping a can learn a lot from you regarding time mechanics and other concepts of linear time, alternate timelines etc.



  5. interesting! so many questions

  6. I wonder how to pronounce Jgaptel…

  7. A super hero team that might give Alan Moore something to think about. Thank you for trying and continuing to make difference in a positive way sir – anyone working to lessen the hardship and fear on this planet is a saint no matter what way they decide to suit themselves up – and Good Luck in all your enterprises.

  8. I wan’t to know if it’s possible to manipulate the time-line using radionic software known as cybershaman a program that allows one to focus their intention and trend it into the universe using pictures, sound, and text, along with different mathematical systems and zero-point energy, I am doing so currently and was wondering if anyone can validate my efforts.

    • You’d have a better chance with a deck of Tarot cards. –DN

      • Those things really work ?

      • That statement was priceless.

  9. Wow! You guys are so awesome! I want to learn how to time jump. It sounds fascinating.Thank you Jgaptel

  10. Nice to meet you too 🙂

  11. hey dude, there was a gamma ray burst from your neighbourhood this morning. what makes gamma bursts? is it a really really CME from your sun?

    if so, what happens over there? that’d be an enormous flare! if your planet is in the line of fire from that kind of CME, what are the effects?

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