Introduction: Dominique N.


I am Dominique N., newest member of The Idylwild Group and second earth human on the team. How I wound up here is pretty wild. You might be like she seems pretty young to be a former CIA analyst. Well, I was in Project Talent as a kid, and by the time I was 13 I was an adept hacker. At 16, I hacked into an NSA database to find out information about Project Talent and maybe find my files. I was sloppy and they caught me. The men in black arrested me. But they offered me a job instead of prison, you know: use my hacker skills for their agenda, to break into the advanced tech network of the Andromedan Council biospheres. Plus move fake money around world accounts to fund shit like reversed engineered UFOs. I was classified an “analyst” a few years later, on an actual payroll and paying taxes, running assessments on the activities of Anonymous as well as Plejaran and Arcturian activity in the USA and Europe. I used remote viewing to make assessments. I was trained well to RV in the projects.

Am I a “super solider”? I do have military training going back to age 9. Really!

I was working at an underground base that was attacked by the Diamond Spiders. The Brethren and Sisterhood of the White Robe came to the rescue, led by Cmdr McCollum, the Former White Hat, Olein, Asket and Semjase. Most of us were killed. I was saved. I was unconscious and woke up on Semjase’s command ship. Mr. FWH told me he had my Project Talent file and let me in on a lot of things I never knew, including Satanic ritual abuse.

Semjase and FWH offered to deprogram me of what the bad guys did. I said OK. I also said I wanted to join their side. It took over a month with Andromedan tech to deprogram my alters and erase the abuse memories, but I had two alters with pretty heavy hand-to-hand combat training and that was kept in, so my hands and feet are lethal weapons, haha. My remote viewing skills are pretty keen too.

And that’s my story. I’m here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And hey, I am all outta bubblegum!


48 Responses

  1. Hi, Dominique. Nice to meet you, sweetie. Impressive bio, though you had to go to hell and back to get it. Your life is about taking what sucks and making it into something most precious……your own.

    • I just love how everytime i read your comments rusirius1111 it so clear, so well said and its like “wow” and its like you want more of it. lol

      Anyways getting back to the main topic here, i agree with Rusirius here not only with an impressive bio but added to that a very beautiful photo of yourself. lastly i wanted to say “A deep wonderful congratulations in joining The Idylwild Group!” ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you, Citizen Zero. You are a sweetheart, you really are. you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nice to meet you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lets share in the Idy-Idy Love ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hola Dominique

    There is a 13 year old girl character “Edward” in anime series called “Cowboy Bebop” who displays some of the advanced hacker skills you have

    She also has a highly inteligent pet Corgi by the name of “Ein”

    Thank you for introducing yourself, all power to you!

  4. You guys sound like badasses.
    Great combat training, superb tech skills, amazing intellect… oh I can go on but well you get my point ๐Ÿ™‚
    A team of important beings struggling behind the curtains to help this hellhole.

    Your goals may seem clear to me.
    But i am bit still confused about what we should do individually. Being aware that the 1st door to ascension is opening up soon and that the war of time is also at hand. Not everyone is set for the transition ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    But those who are… well they aren’t just going to shift like ” lalala I want to go to 5d” done. There’s more to it than just that I am prrrretty sure.

    Any elaboration on that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. If people aren’t commenting much it’s because they are stunned – that is one helluva CV! I am just going to say thank you and get out of the dazzle if it’s ok with you. The Very Best of Luck!

  6. To the no-longer ‘Dazed and Confused’ member of The Idylwild Group: thanks for the bio! Looking forward to reading your updates and good luck with your missions.

  7. Oh boy another slip up on my part, after reading my previous comment it almost sounds like i’m directing all my comment to rusirius1111 LOL!!

    Top part of my previous comment goes to Rusirius1111 and the longer comment (latter part) belongs to the newest member: Dominique N.

    Oh my fur and whiskers i dare not tell a lie! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Dominique,you are pretty and young and very talented.Nothing sexier than a woman that kicks ass!:) Go Girl! You rock!
    Thank you for all your work.

  9. Hola, Dominique
    you are like Neo in the Matrix,
    are you the One? the Anomaly?

  10. Hi D. nice to meet you. Sounds like you’re a duke fan ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. That’s your density when you were saved at underground base.
    Glad to meet you!

  12. hi dominique

    I am also a programmer – though probably not as good as you.

    I have a VERY serious question. how did they deprogram you? obviously you were involved and had to do some of the work too (which is why I ask). I need to do some deprogramming in my own head. I’ll try and explain as clearly and briefly as possible.

    so, first of all, all of my life I’ve had a difficult time finishing things, but recently I’ve had an extremely hard time. I didn’t discover my programming talent till much later in my life. I’ve always known I wanted to be a programmer, but I was better at artsie stuff (3d animations and modeling and liked making music too) so I was incapable of intuitively figuring out what the fuck a void was doing in the function for the longest time. it just didn’t come natural. later though, when I was 16 I had a brain hemorrhage, and when I returned home from the hospital, I tried programming again, and managed to pick up x86 assembler quite quickly (I had a bit of a learning curve on ‘lea’ and memory addressing at first) but I finally figured it out when I learned about virtual addressing in the OS. anyway, it wasn’t my natural intuitive thinking. but, I worked my ass off and eventually “got it” around the time I was like 18 or so…

    I’m not really like the other programmers that are programming machines. I’m a dreamer and highly emotional – so I don’t really produce much if I’m not emotionally involved in the idea. when I’m required to program something, or feel that way, instead of wanting to be creative, I get serious blockage. I can’t figure out how to force myself to feel that emotion that I need to be focused enough to produce like I know I can.

    I know that motivation is a nurturing concept which comes from a combination of structure and desire (love what I do), and I’m finally beginning to learn that this also applies to me too… I need to have structure in my life and love myself too… it’s some balance of those two variables that I can’t get:

    love myself / love my code
    structure myself / structure my code

    I guess what I’m saying is I tend to flip-flop back and fourth between the states, but what I really want is that – fluid-like emotion where I can see the program so clearly in my imagination and just want to let it flow out of me. where it’d be like the quantum existence of those two variables being in both states at once… hopefully you understand. maybe you know magic words (lol). or, perhaps a explaining some of the (de|re)programming process. I dunno. really, it didn’t occur to me that I could be self-programmed (or by negative people in my past), until I read that book “many lives many masters” that was recommended on FWH’s blog and later talking to a friend of mine about it that I became aware… next up on my list of things to learn now is hypnosis, obviously…

    so, peace out for now… I’ll be thinking about how I can help out to open people’s minds from an open-source standpoint…

    there’s so much that could be done – and obviously my head needs to be better cared for it to be working properly… I have to take some decisions too :\

    you guys are fuckin surreal… peace!

    • I am not sure how the Andromedan tech works, it is like being inside an MRI machine, it puts you in a REM sleep state and reverses what the MKUltra assholes did, in part erasure of memories, but needs to be done in increments because if done in one swoop a person could lose a primary personality or put in a state of amnesia. The tech hunts and pecks is what I am told. This is why it took over a month, two sessions a week. I asked to keep my hand to had training because it comes in handy. You may have heard of super soliders having memory dumps into the brain of one person so they can operate without memories bugging them. It is like that, the machine downloads the memories and programming out of me and stores it in the mainframe. I could have it placed back in my head but \I get a feeling I would not want that. I mean, I don’t remember the shit, and my alters have been removed, but I know that I am better off having that shit stored away in a machine and not in my noggin. –DN

      • I would love to have that done, Dominique. I know it isn’t a pleasure cruise, but more than worth it to remove their programming. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you for explaining that.

      • PS Thanks for being here with us

      • They used Anya Briggs in the same way during project IBIS. They used her as a human mainframe to store memories of me James Casbolt and others ( which suggests to me she is a cyborg too ).
        I had a guy who lived in Nelson, Canada come visit me in Cornwall, UK and he used to talk about this woman named Anya who lived in New York. He’d never heard of Anya Briggs at the time!

      • Lorien Fenton was used in a similar manner with Max Spiers, you know. Or, “do you remember?” –A.M.

  13. hi d – wow your bio is pretty impressive thank you and welcome to the new blog-i will have a word with FWH- see if he can get you some bubble gum lol- stay safe!

  14. wow. speechless – thx for sharing and nice to ‘meet’ u. good luck, god speed and look forward to more posts!

  15. GOD BLESS Dominique

  16. Is the void you are referring to the fact that you can rename the recycling bin in windows 7 and vista to whatever you want and it’s magical application? I’ve moved alot of fake money around as an experiment to try and get funds to the obama campaign and ended up evoking it from the catholic church. I flipped the eagle switch back in March the CIA emblem, not sure if you know what that means… Someone broke into my house and installed some magickal shell browser on my computer the same day Lulz was arrested by the feds in Chicago, I think there is a lot more going on with young people that alot of people are aware. There are a lot more experiences I’ve had that are bizarre.

    • Win7 nd Vista? That is such antiquarian OS lulz! The soft and hard used by the CIA and the Andromedans is like comparing an IBM 5100 to a quantum mainframe. Try psychic interfaces, d00d. –DN

      • amazing….though i like the FWH icons for us peeps a bit better than this weird triangle spider guy…lol just my two cents

  17. Namaste – keep fighting the good fight

    • btw – you do feel familiar but I can’t remember where from.

  18. Will you please be my mentor? PLEASE

  19. Hello Dominique N.
    I don’t know were to start but i do hope you can help me, I have been for the most part of my life been abducted by (Reptilian/Dracos and Greys (Latino) Alien beings) since i was a child until the middle of 2006 were it all stop for odd reasons i yet to figure out, then i’m not sure if it was before or after 2006 but i have in recent years dealings with the Military. NSA and CSS (i have had memory of being involved).

    I can provide more detail and better information if you want, right now i need to know what you know about me. i got so much experiences of flashbacks and personal experiences, i need to know what records you’ve got on me and anything will be extremely much appreciated.

    I don’t know what information you need from me, but ask away and i will provide anything to help further find out.

    thanks Dominique (i do hope you or the Idylwild group can help me)

    • You are correct. You have been an abductee for some time because of your DNA and that your soul comes from another universe. The bigger question is: what is your purpose here? You came here from the DAL-Universe to be human for a reason. The abudctions will stop soon and you will be having contact from higher beings. –D.N.

      • Thank you Dominique for repying to me and providing truly amazing information, that in all honesty hits home.

        I have a rare negative blood type which explains why during my many experiences and abductions, that my semen,blood and hair samples were taken from me. i sometimes feel i have some kind of chip or foreign object in me, but that’s my opinion though and Dominique out of curiosity do i have any clones of myself running around or in some underground location? (with all that is happening to me i wonder that.)

        Wow! the DAL-Universe! (right now in my 3 Density body i don’t know a whole lot about the DAL, i would love to know alittle bit about the Universe i came from, besides it makes sense.)

        Also that would explain my growing up, i never belong here and as a child i looked up to the stars,wishing to go back and i felt i’m living in a alien planet and nothing here felt home. not to mention growing up the people avoided me like a plague or they would attack me, i never had friends or relationships and i been having dreams of deep space and planets,people i felt i belong too. odd huh….

        Also Dominique since i belong to the DAL-Universe, that would mean that my other self is here in this Earth right now, right? and if so is it a guy or gal and do you know anything about this person? (asking to much questions i apologize.)

        But the best News was the latter part of your comment, made me feel at peace and excited at the same time. best news i heard all day!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Thank you Dominique for clearing this up for me.

      • Your blood, semen and hair samples most likely used for clones and hybrids, and synthetics if you are being used in a super solider program. –D.N.

      • Sorry to throw this in here like that, but since my life-long abductions with aliens and military, do you think its possible i might be under mind control and used as a super soldier of some kind?

        I will throw-in some stuff i don’t know if it means anything. in my flashbacks i have been taken in black vans with men heavily suited all black with powerful weapons, i have countless memories of being taken alot with them. also i was taken to a chapel like place (meet up probably) a woman named “Sally Taylor” and me being involved in a group called:”The Order”/Delta Division i have what seems like endless flashbacks/dreams of being trained in Airports,Malls,Hospitals and other big buildings. (i don’t know if this stuff is important or not…probably explains why i’m afraid to sleep at night.).

        By the way Dominique your face looks awfully familiar to me. well anyways thanks “again” lol ๐Ÿ™‚

      • It is quite possible, if your memories are “real.” Those images could be implanted as a screen for something even more nefarious; you know, you think it is one thing but it is really another. Have you considered hypnotic regression? –D.N.

      • You know its interesting that you mentioned hypnotic regression to me, for i was thinking of such but wanted to know from you first. glad you brought it up,its like were in sync with each other’s thoughts. pretty cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

        But right now Dominique my question i have for you is:”Do you know any good hypno therapist Doctor or someone in the Arizona region that could help me? a referral would be nice (winks).

        Whatever happens i will surely keep you and everyone posted with any new developments, that come through these sessions but first need a reliable source to assist me in unlocking my blocked memories.

        Thank you so much for everything Dominique ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Hi Dominique N.
    I have questions, in regards to being a super soldier, I have marks, on my rights wrist and other parts of my body. I have flash backs, in being in the military, with special ablities. I dont know my blood type, and DNA, at a soul level being, in regards, to why being used as a super soldier, by the cabal and negetive ETs. I believed I have alters personalities, Ive have been tap in phone calls, and weird calls with nobody answering back, like 9 times etc, This is just a tip, of my info to you, I hope you can shed some light as to whats going on with me. I would appreciate anything you or Idylwild group, can help me on this. Thanks,

    Dominique N.

    • Is there a military history in your family? Father or grandfather worked for large corporations, perhaps sensitive technology and research? Missing time episodes? -D.N.

      • I mention also that I come from a military family, Marine Corp, Navy, Air Force and Army. Also May. Fairs. My father was ODD and I had close association with key personnel related to such programs as Project Pegasus and the Nautilus. I have a career history as a defense contractor and was in management for a firm which supplied roughly 50 percent of the composites during such programs as the development of the FB 117 and the B2. Much more including upper management of key defense contracting firms. I invite you to view my FB and LinkedIn profiles but of course FB is CIA. Hard to tell who to trust anymore but enough common threads through you guys. You may already know me and how to reach me. I can be an asset.

      • PS, auto correct changedNat. Gaurd and OSS.

  21. Hmmm might be in my family history, Im not aware of, since family line is huge any could be in the military, but because Im half navajo, and spanish gypies, in my blood and DNA, perhaps, this and other factors come to play, as being perfect super soldier, do you have any information on me etc. If you need info as to help you, let me know, Thanks Dominique N.

  22. I remember on my mom side, that some family members were in the Air Force. I hope this helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I find myself compelled to post a comment about myself after reading through some earlier comments. I too have dealt with abductions earlier in life and have recently been driven towards studying hypnosis. During my studies, I have discovered an alter that has certain soldier characteristics. My father was special ops for the air force and was involved with projects dealing with the sr71. Any thoughts/confirmations for me?

    • Possible. Try hynotic regression. –DN

      • That is exactly how I discovered my alter. Thanks for the comment. -Haven

  24. Dominique, I would like to work with your Group. I have been aware of
    these matters for nearly 3 decades, including ritual murders. have been targeted by NSA, CIA,DOD,DARPA,MAFIA and more through what I describe as a protracted assassination effort including Milab. I invented many new technologies which threaten the agenda of the Cabal. Can you help?

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