Introduction: Cmdr. McCollum


Some of you out there may know me from the interviews I did with Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot. If not, go check them out to get my story.

In a nutshell, I was recruited into black ops by way of the Coast Guard and my grandfather’s involvement in Project Paperclip. I was involved in Project Seagate, Project Monarch, Project Perseus, and so on and so forth. I was, and still am, very good at quickly and silently abducting people from their homes in what we called “milabs.” I have gone on missions with James Casbolt, Anya Briggs, Max Spiers, and the fellow known as F.W. Hat. I would rather not talk about missions with Duncan O’Finioan, who turned against me when he was cloned and cloned many times. He is now a dangerous operative for the Black Cabal headed by Alestair Crowley.

Some of you are going, wait, you worked for the Cabal, aren’t you a bad guy? Well yeah I was. But I turned away from my handlers and my so-called government and joined forces with the Brethren of the White Robe.  My ranks as “Lt. Cmdr” and “Cmdr” are not from the U.S. military but the Andromeda Council.

And yeah my DNA is part dolphin and part grey, but don’t hold it against me.

Hunting and destroying clones, taking out clone labs, and slicing reptiles in half are my forte.


post by A.M.


39 Responses

  1. Hello, Aaron. Glad you had the power to turn to the light with the BWR.
    Btw, you kinda look like Jeremy Renner. Looking forward to hearing more
    from you and your comrades.

  2. Well, nice to meet you Aaron! So if you’ re part grey, your blood is rh negative ?

  3. Hey Cmdr, good to see you blogging your missions to keep us informed.

  4. Thank you, Aaron. Nice bio. 🙂 Never hold it against you, my dna is not strictly terran either.

  5. Your cred is without question hence your status bestowed by the A Council is worthy.

    Anyhows enough of blowing up your derrier jus wish you the best from a physically inept specimen who is relieved someone out there is givin back what those dark mongrels are dishin out.

    Had you in mind while out surfing, 10am on 10th of 10th month is dolphin meditation here in these parts….3 dolphins diving through a circular rainbow.

    Love you bro

  6. Mr McCollum, do you have Plejaren DNA? And why do Idylwild group choose you to be commander but not a Plejaren?

  7. Nice to meet you Commander!

    Just two quick questions if you will. there’s a site. Claiming: MIlabs’s products help medical researchers to find new solutions for diseases like: schizophrenia, ADHD, Parkinson, depression, Alzheimer, and diabetes.

    Do they have any connection to the Projects you mentioned and if so, whats the relation with the diseases they mention?

    Thanks in advance!



    • There are many mental issues related to people who suffered thru MKUltra, plus impotency, alcoholism, drug abuse, and so on. –AM

      • Thx for eloborating :). One other question I need to ask you. Are people with the conditions I described more susceptible to programming than your average person would be? So for instance, one of my relatives has adhd. I would really like to know if this would make him an easier target for programming.

        Thx in advance,



      • ADHD? Huh? What was that? My attention drifted. –AM

      • Oh thats ok, I just wanted to ask you….

        And its goooone..


  8. So in a nutshell you switched sides because of? I know that I will be urged to check out your interviews but just a few words could clear things up for me.

    • Because I broke free from my alters and programming, thanks with the help of the Plejarans and FWH.

  9. Nice to meet you Mr.McCollum. I am sensing that Mr. FWH is leaving us in good hands. Glad that you find the light and that you are up to help humanity under this hardship. Let’s all undo this puzzled game we are playing and then we will be free.
    Thank you for your work and lots of respectful regards from me.

  10. It’s good to have a handle on a name from before the FWH blog; lends more credence. Enjoyed your KC interview.Take care soldier, and thanks!

  11. Mr McCollum, I dont see any updated infos about Diamond Spiders, maybe they were all dead?
    I see most of targets of Diamond Spiders are underground Draco bases. I wonder why they dont like the big cities like New York, HoChiMinh city where have more flesh meat and they could enlighten more Earth humans about alien invasion?

  12. Like many others, I’ve been reading about you on the FWH blog. Very glad to hear from you and wishing you the best of luck in everything. (By the way, what are you driving in the picture? Looks like fun…)

  13. Hi Cmdr. McCollum, will there be any help for those who have beem program, MK Ultra etc, since I am a Super soldier, ive been through milabs, and groups, but I dont have much intel on it, I like hear from on this matter, Thx Cmdr. McCollum.

  14. Greetings, Aaron. Thank you for all that you have been doing to help humanity and fight the dark forces. One day we will meet and I’ll thank you in spirit.

  15. Thank you Commander for being here, (and to everyone else). While I was watching your interviews, I got in touch with some memories I forgot about. Thank you all for your courage. You are inspirational.

  16. hi Commander – thank you for joining this blog to inform us- i too have watched your interviews- strange life you have had- but thank you for all you do for us on earth- love and light! (fiona)

  17. Mission well done commander

    precision hit on that bunker

  18. hi so can you tell me please – who the three beings that were covered in dark blue gowns- that appeared to me- and asked me to go with them- and i had an out of bod experience- and i was a blue brilliant light- and tthey held their hands out to me- and took my hand and asked me to go with them- and they felt they were my family- but i told them i could not leave- please explain this to me

  19. also- canh you please explain- why they have been with me all my life-ever since i was a little girl- and they are always with me now everyday?

    • Cahn? Like Kahn? Or “KHAAAAAHHNNNN!” as Capt Kirk said in that silly movie (really, I have been on better space ships, yo). –D.N.

  20. iit’s ok if it is a bad thing- i just want to know the truth- please1

  21. tavistock Institute…. Research!

  22. Yes aaron, I would very much enjoy watching you go up against Duncan O’Finioan. Would love to watch you get bitch slaped into another…….timeline!!!LOL god what a joke you and this “blog” is.

    • I will take Duncy on anytime. He is an old clone and Omega Units are has beens.

      • Duncy. lolol Hey, this is a fantastic Friday. True payday when I signed into my email. Loads of Idylwild posts!!

  23. Aaron, I will ask you since you are so familiar with water. To begin with I have an irrational fear of water and that alone makes this crazy. I found myself at what seemed to be the ocean. A man met me there. I helped him herd about 30 people into this craft to take them underwater. The man and I entered the water and we breathed the water like it was air.. We swam to the bottom and I saw a building. The people unloaded from the craft into the building. I helped usher them into a theater type room where they obediently sat and watched a film. I don’t remember what it was about. Funny thing, my step mother was one of the people in the group. I feel like they were being programmed. Does any of this sound familiar? Thank you.

  24. Hi Aaron

    I desperately need your help. Can we meet?

    • The Idylwild Group is too busy to make housecalls. –D.N.

  25. Cmdr. McCollum, you know me by several names ( to include Mac,R’homyck, and Meg) and I know you will understand and respect my choice to not use my legal name in this forum. I write to extend my goodwill and sincere desire to resume communications. My email and cell phone numbers remain unchanged from when we were last in contact. I would consent to establish an alternate email address under a pseudonym should indicate your preference as such. My intentions regarding communications are pure and confidential. Should an associate of Cmdr. Aaron Egon McCollum be screening these emails, please pass the aforementioned pseudonyms along to him.

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