Top 10 Illuminati Operatives on Our To-Get List

1. The RAKMEiSTER — foul product of Illuminati programs, West European head of ritual abuse and kidnapping. Known as “Amora” when dressed in drag.

2. The Beserker — final alter of Bobby Joe Fannin, product of MKUltra Omega Program (Unit 197), a clone of the progency of Crowley. Known as “Duncan O’Finioan.”

3. The Minuteman — FBI informant known as Rick Light, Illuminati disinfo agent, Omega Unit 188.

4. The COBRA — Draco and Illuminati operative in Eastern Europe, the Rakmeister’s counterpart.

5. Bll Ryan — Draco shapeshifter OverLord, head of Australian and South American operations.

6. Alestair Crowley, returned from the 1930s, head of US-UK Dark Cabal, most Western World leaders answer to him.

7. The TOLEC02 — Illuminati programmed A.I. and disinfo agent.

8. The TERRAL03 — A.I. and Tolec’s counterpart.

9. John Moore — Agent of FEAR.

10. The Clonemeister — head of world-wide clone programs, under direct command of Hilary Clinton.


16 Responses

  1. I am told that Crowley just keeps coming back from the dead after being shot in the head for instance. Has anyone tried removing his head from his body…..far from his body?

    • He would just grow a new one. –Aaron

      • Aaron, I wondered about that. In an alternate reality I took the head of one who was huge by terran standards. He flew in/on a sphere and was trying to take 3 adolescent boys. I intervened and almost died. I managed to hack his head off. The head had to be removed far from the body. As i removed the head, the neck rolled up much like a toothpaste tube. This type of event, strange and fairy tale to most, is normal for me and it is with great relief to be able to speak of it.
        Thank you very much for your reply. πŸ™‚

      • What about beaming him off to one of the followings?

  2. Wish blog are best hit!

  3. Should included the British Queen in that list πŸ˜‰

    • Phhhttttt! Thank you, Virginia. πŸ™‚ Made my long night a bit shorter, sweetie.

    • what about the Rothschild family ?

  4. Address to the Idylwild Group:

    We know right now that you got top 10 Illuminati Operatives on your To-Get List that you so far named.

    Are there many more Illuminati Operatives that you are looking for? and if so how many names does this group have gathered so far in the investigation reports? and will you be putting some of these individuals in your Blog in the near future?


  5. Does Kerry Cassidy know about Bill Ryan being a shapeshifter ?

  6. TIM Rifat (Total Intent Manifest) is by far the most dangerous. Successor to Aliester Crowley, supreme magician, expert scientist, remote viewer, can kill psychically and using GAP, Creator of the new Illuminati Vampire hierarchy, and author of all Real Vampire Technology, drains energy from 10 million+ newagers to power occult war machine, feminize the west, control revolutions, DNA teleporation, 5D blackholes, suck energy from others and become an immortal sun worshipping Luciferian real vampire.

    His site:

    TIM Rifats latest Geopolitical Analysis:

    “Your body is Remotely View. I then use MI6 occult magic to call up your body and Soul. An Archetype of a Vampire form from the list below is chosen. Walk In technology is then used to place this in you. So your energy body has fangs to bite victims. Your human body then gets a Vampire overlay to make you stronger, quicker – without the light Achilles Heel so daylight doe not harm you.”

  7. wow!!

    Bill Ryan a draco overlord & head of the southern hemisphere

    Always thought he was a rambling twat on P. Camelot

    Jus goes to show you cant judge a bloke by his hat…..

    Also AM, big congrats on your post as commander

    There is no other human with your experience & expertise, you have the empathy as well following the manner in which your previous minders disowned you…

    I hope fair weather & good seas grace your endeavours with the darkness

  8. I was very surprised to see John Moore on that list.

  9. Where do those names come from? What about Rothchild, Kissinger, Warburg, Bush, the Pope, Clinton, Merkel, Van Rumpoy, Barroso, Blair, Cameron, Sarkozy, Soros, etc? Who cares for simple “agents” or FBI informants?

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