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O Canada! Yikes Volcanos! Yay Arcturians!
October 30, 2012

The recent big quake off the Canadian coast and the Queen Charlotte Islands are the rumblings of a series of volcanos , caused by the graviton pull of Nemesis.  Soon the volcanoes will rise, mostly off the Oregon coast, and it will be a horrible disaster but an earth change that is inevitable.

Some strange in-fighting among these nasty ETs going on too. We could just kick back and watch them wipe each other out but they will take out innocent people in the process. An Annunaki-Dracos battle occurred in Central Mexico that could have taken many lives, but The Arcturians protected the region. It was seen two days as a ring of power. Yay Arcturians! A shot of tequila and a burrito for them! 🙂

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Sandy is Full of Wind
October 30, 2012

No doubt about it, Sandy is the Cabal’s October Surprise. Do not be surprised if this thwarts or delays the election.


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The Arcturians Are Here!
October 29, 2012

We have no idea what The Arcturians have planned, but it’s gonna be a BFD, to quote Joe Biden.


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Operation Gizeh Smack
October 25, 2012

Last Thursday thru Sunday, The Idylwild Group was pretty busy hunting and smacking around the Gizeh Intelligence. We took out three of their main bases in Argentina, Austria and Egypt. Many were taken into custody and now on the Andromeda biospheres, or were killed in battle. We salute their valor but not their agenda. For several thousands of years, they have worked behind the scenes to move mankind in a negative direction, influencing the minds of leaders like Xerses, Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler, and George Bush Sr. and Jr.

Thanks to info provided by Sigrun, we were able to coordinate Operation Gizeh Smack, my pet name, as an October Surprise on these nasty ETs.

The Gizeh Intelligence consist of two separate factions of Lyran decent, the Bafath and the Aldebarans. The Altairians had some play in it all too, including the creation of the Third and Fourth Reiches and world domination in separate timelines. I myself have been in alternate realities/timelines where Germany and Japan split the USA in half after the Nazis nuked London and New York.

But in this timeline we had to take them out because they were planned to hijack some nukes to take out Iran and Pakistan and have it blamed in Israel and the US, causing a nuclear exchange with China and Russia.

All Gizeh strongholds on earth are wiped out. There are some renegades on earth, and half a dozen deep underground on the Jupiter moon, Ganymede.

I will personally hunt them all down.

Mr. Former White Hat, Semjase, Asket and a number of Andromedans joined us on these missions. Once again I got to see the FHW in action. The man is fast, strong and has the military mind and muscle for this bloody shit, but he has been at it a while and deserves to retire to somewhere peaceful.

I always see remorse on a Pleiadiean (or Plejaran) face when they have to destroy a life, but they know some things are necessary so that innocents will not die. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one,” like the Vulcans speechify. Yeah yeah Star Trek is fiction but you know what I mean.

Anyway, some of those battles last weekend got hairy and bloody. We didn’t lose anyone, thankfully, and I got bruised and cut up but hey that goes with the job.

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Former US Space Command Officer, John Barkley, Says Gary McKinnon Did No Harm
October 25, 2012

(censored story from the servers at the UK Daily Mail).

John Barkley, a former off world officer with US/Naval Space Command, and Commander on board the USSS Hillenkoetter, whose existence was  revealed by Gary McKinnon, came forth and said McKinnon did no wrong or harm, “to neither Space Command or the US government,” he said.

Barkley claims to have been assigned t both the USSS Le May and Hillenkoetter, as well as the USSS Aaron Burr, all off-world anti-Dracos fleet ships, over a career of 25 years off and on world.

“It is time for the truth about Space Command to come forth,” said Barkley in a secret meeting, where he asked no photographs to be taken. “The time has come for the people of this planet to know about the threat of the Dracos-Hydra Empire and their minions, the greys of the Orion Belt. We have been in a ‘cold ewar’ type situation with them since the late 1950s, after a pretty negative meeting with the Eisenhower administration and the Pentagon mucky mucks at the time.”

“Our superiors kept saying disclosure would be soon,” claimed Barkley. “First in 1997, which the Air Force tried to put the kibosh on, and then in Oct. 2001, an October surprise, and ten 9/11 happened, which put disclosure on the back burner. The next disclosure was supposed to happen in early 2009, with Pres Obama giving the press conference of the century, but the Dracos-Hydras had him killed and replaced Obama with a clone. Look at the photo differences of the Obama from 2008 and the Obama of 2009 and now: it is not the same man.”

Barkley, whose duties on board Space Command vessels was far range satellite monitoring, weapons platform psychic control, and telepathic liaison with secret earth operatives for “The Grid,” has been pushing for disclosure since 2001. “We created ‘The Grid’ in case the Dracos-Hydras knocked the earth telecom into darkness, and by using a network of psychics and remote viewers, we would have a back-up network of linked human minds — a sort of DNA internet with people as servers and hubs.”

Barkley says he has no idea if and when disclosure will happen. “I am out of the loop since retiring two years ago,” he said. “We should look at McKinnon not being extradited as a good thing, but you have to admit, had he gone on trial in the US, the story would have been big and information would have leaked. I doubt McKinnon would have survived the extraction, or he would have disappeared. He is being protected by those in the UK government who want to see disclosure.”

Barkley added, “On the Hillenkoetter, we saw McKinnon as a hero for the truth, not some sort of hacker terrorist.”



NOTE: “John Barkley” is not a real name but a code rank used in Naval Space Command, similar to a Command rank, but for psychic officers. The Grid does exist. 

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Clones Suck
October 22, 2012

A lot of clones running around, of Max Spiers, James Casbolt, Aaron McCollum,  James Rink and Eva Moore.  Do not trust them. Listen only to the originals. Those clones are up to no good. I sure hope I have no clones.  –DN
I do not live in Ohio. I dunno who the fuck that is there, but it ain’t me. A dupe, a copy, a fake! –AM


Accept no clones, drones or garden gnomes with flip phones. –Mongoose

Clone Confusion
October 19, 2012

We expected this from the Cabal. They have released two clones of Cmdr McCollum to cause confusion and put a black mark on the team. The McCollum clones in Ohio and Alaska are not the real deal but programmed doubles. We must keep in mind what Mr. FW Hat said: Accept no clones.

And we do not.


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Introduction: Chenhua
October 18, 2012

Chenhua is from the Tau Ceti system, what planet he has not said. He is what we call a “super mind,” that is: he is over 3,000 earth years old and is a group soul/mind being taking physical form in the 3rd and 5th densities. He states his body houses 25 souls and his mind has the power of a millions years of incarnations. His people, before becoming super mind beings, were once enslaved by the Draco-Hydra for 100,000 years before rebelling, becoming group minds and freeing themselves from the old order of Dracos.  Only three Tau Ceti ambassadors have come to the current effort to see that all worlds under Dracos influence in this part of the galaxy be freed.

Chenhua is an ethereal being who can move in and out of our reality in a blink of an eye, and his super mind is conscious of all timelines and dimensions up to the 9th density. He can, by sheer will, open portals to alternate realities and different timelines, which the team uses when necessary to fix timeline attacks. While he can destroy a Dracos ship by thought, he prefers less violent means and has been working closely with the reptilian faction that has turned to the light and is rebelling within.

Chenhua has also been working with certain Annunaki factions also turning to the light.

He has no gender but we just refer to him as a “he.” The physical form we see is for our benefit.  The portrait you see was painted by Nellet.


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Introduction: Nellet
October 18, 2012

Nellet’s grandfather was half  Timmeran and half Plejaran, so she has Timmer DNA that gives her a heightened telepathic ability twice that of most Plejarans.  Her soul is Lyran that goes back to Lemuria and transcended from the karmic confines of earth and returned to the Pleiades system. She is 510 earth years old and was assigned to the diplomatic core to Arcturia for 80 years (living among the 7th density Arcturians!) and DAL-Universe relations for 100 years before joining the effort to free earth humans from Dracos rule. She holds advanced degrees in galactic political theory, trans-dimensional architecture, and DAL-Universe sociology. She belongs to a family unit of four husbands and ten wives and has two children who live on Erra. Her combat experience is extensive in the DERN and DAL. In her spare time she enjoys oil painting while listening to Arcturian symphonies.


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Sigrun Joins as Advisor
October 17, 2012

Sigrun Astara Donnmartin,renown Vril-Damen of the Thule Society, who recently traveled forward in time as reported. has signed on as advisor to The Idylwild Group on all matters regarding time travel, timelines, the Laher People, the Fourth Reicht, and Alestair Crowley. She is 170 years old. It’s that Vril energy that keeps her so young-looking! Vril rejuvenates the DNA and fixes all breakdowns, halting the aging process significantly, as well as heightening the Kundalini.


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