Women Around the World Form Lines to Have Baby from Reptilian Hunter, The HiJacker

December 19, 2013 - 11 Responses


After killing hundreds of reptilians from the Bloodline of Cain, Dracos royalty albinos and dozens of soul eaters, The HiJacker has become earth’s hero and the love machine of large hordes of female groupies who all want the DNA of the Chief Among Mammalians in their children.



A Friday the 13th Illuminati Blood Sacrifice, Brought to you By Crowley & Son

December 13, 2013 - 3 Responses

Take heed, today’s Friday the 13th shooting in Denver was ordered by Alestair Crowley and carried out by his dark progeny, Duncan O’Finioan.

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The HiJacker Hunts Down Reptoids and Clones in the White House

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Reptilian Hunter The HiJacker Clears the Moon of All Dracos

December 13, 2013 - 5 Responses


Mop up ops are underway. By his own hand, The Hijacker slaughtered 140 reptoids.

Duncan O’Simioan Beast Clones

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Deep from the bowels of Dulce and the Getty, we have discovered a number of hybrid clones have been unleased. Half ape and half the DNA of Duncan O’Finioan, these simian-sapien clones are called “Duncan O’Simioans.”

duncan osimian

nite the facial similarities:


These wild hostile O’Simioan beasts will rape anything, feast on any flesh, and fart a deadly gas that will suffocate anyone within ten feet.

Just another by-product of the evil cabal scientists deep underground.

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Duncan O’Finioan’s Clone, Internet Porn Freakazoid

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A reader of this blog named “Derrick” sent us this spy cam photo of one of the clones of Duncan O’Bobby Joe masturbating naked to web porn. Apparently he was awake for three days on crystal meth, which is why he looks worn out, older and…dehydrated.dunc-NAKED-COMPUTER-THIEF-large570

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Duncan O’Finioan Murdered Khristine Neal. Period.

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As reported, Khrstine tried to break free from the mind control and the cult of O’Finioan/BobbyJoe/Alestair Crowley, was going to whistleblow on what really happens at Duncan/Bobby Joe’s seminars, and was T’ed for it.

The killer:dunc cartoon

The victim:

khristine transvestite


The Idylwild Group Finds the True Connections About Truth Connections and Kevin/Kate Buckalew the Bucket Loo

December 2, 2013 - 4 Responses

We have concluded our investigation of this CIA shill and have the following findings to present:

1. As F.W. Hat states, Katherine Buckalew refined the Honey Trap methodology used by Project Monarch and has been, and still is, an active member of the Process Church, the CIA, as well as loaned out to MI6 to handle certain sex kitten monarchs and super solders. Her code name is “Madame Honey Pot.”

2. Prior to her M2F gender change, her/his real name was Kevin “Buck” Lewis Cates. “Katherine” was an alter created when he was sent through the programs of the Process Church. The Katherine alter took over and demanded a agency over the body. The voice and Adam’s apple gives her/his true identity away. Here is a photo of Kevin before Kate:


Notice the similarities:

kate kevin

3. The true connections of Truth Connections is Langley and a Process Church psyop program similar to Alex Jones: disinfo. But Kate is also a handler, who was behind the Dallas agency asset call girl who abducted Max Spiers in 2012. She also trained Duncan O’Finioan in Monarch handling techniques and was his lover when she was Kevin.

4. At MI6, her code nae is “Bucket Loo,” for her involvement with the nefarious Rakmeister.

Trust No One

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Reptilian Hunter, The HiJacker, Joins the Idylwild Group

November 30, 2013 - 17 Responses

jacker3With the invasion of reptilian soldiers from ISON hungrily eating people around the world, and soul eaters devouring souls in southeast Asia and Russia, the Idylwild Group has been joined by the former radio host and infamous reptilian hunter, The HiJacker.

“I, the Chief Among Mammalians, have come out of exile to hunt down these scaly vermin and long-legged soul eaters to clean the world of their filth,” says the HiJacker, who uses a number of specially modified weapons endowed with Christ-energy, such as a machete forged from fragments of Excalibur and Odin’s Spear, a divine staff given to him directly by Moses, a sword made from cold fusion iron ore from the rings of Saturn (the same some super solders have skeleton replacements made of) and bullets with hollowed-out tips and the blood of Jesus in them.

Semjase and the Plejaran fleet has assigned him a special beamship that crosses all reptoid2dimensions and timelines, the infamous wedding cake saucer, fortifying his title as the changer of reality. The HiJacker joins Cmmdr McCollumn, Roan the Mongoose, and Olein on earth missions of extreme danger and violence. “We are big beans for action here,” says The HiJacker, “and, GOOD LORD! who knew the Chief Among Mammalians would one day join a team of blonde aliens and renegade super soldier humans to engage Biblical prophecy — HAA!. Behold, I come quickly: blessed are those that keep the sayings of the prophecy.”

A former political muckraker in D.C. whose white papers changed government polices and put him on CIA/NSA hit lists, mention of The HiJacker can be found in 2 Corinthians and the Book of Revelations: “Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him” (Rev 1:7) is ref. of the HiJakcer coming to earth in a beamship to slay the serpent dragons aka the Dracos reptoids. “And…I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth” (Rev 7:17) is a ref. to McCollumn, Mongoose, HiJacker and Semjase (or Olein), four angels who come to battle the Dracos and soul eaters.

“With God on our side, the shape-shifting reptilian overlords and their bloodline of Caine soldiers do not stand a chance,” says the HiJacker, whose final mission will be to destroy Alestair Crowley and all his evil progeny, like the Bush brothers and Duncan O’Finioan.

Let’s hope he succeeds.


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A Reptilian Thanksgiving

November 28, 2013 - 12 Responses

While Lesus, commander of the ISON planetoid ship, is dead, his reptilian minions, plus a dozen soul eaters, departed before swinging around the sun and its binary twin, and have landed on earth on Thanksgiving to feast on humans in the following nations:





South Africa





We hope that no one out there winds up on a reptoid dinner plate today. Think how the turkeys feel!

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